“We went wanging down there, jumped out of the van and just started fighting... it was a great day out, fighting the Paki’s. It ought to be an annual fixture. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” London Police Constable recalling the Southall riots in July 1981.


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Fancy an Indian?

Zainab Begum, likely eaten by kebab shop customers A mother-of-six was murdered by a son-in-law and her body then cut up at her Lancashire home, it has been claimed. The remains of Zainab Begum were then transferred to takeaway shop premises, but have never been discovered... Mrs Begum’s blood was found at the Millennium takeaway premises on Church Street, Accrington. When the shop was examined by scientists it was suggested that body parts had been stored behind the bar on the first floor, before being taken down to the kitchen. Mr Turner told the jury “In the kitchen the blood trail stops. What happened to the body afterwards is known only by the two defendants, who together disposed of her body to ensure that no traces of that woman would ever be found.” Accrington Observer, 29 November 2004

British World Records The outstanding achievements of British Womanhood.
Treason Today The notion of our politicians being criminals is slowly moving into the public mainstream. Robert Henderson, writing in Right Now! magazine, details how modern treason is executed.
Shame your local council! Post this ‘open letter’ on council office doors, and other council sites.
A Short Legal History of the Jews in England The source of the laws that are used to suppress dissent by native Britons.
The Race Riots of 1919 An account of the race riots which were widespread following the introduction of Negroes to Britain during WWI.
The Fascist, October 1934 An astonishing series of excerpts from issue 65 of The Fascist, edited by Arnold Leese. Details of Aleister Crowley’s involvement with Freemasonry, the origins of The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion (‘Freemasonry’), a contemporaneous account of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ (‘Anarchy Nipped in the Bud’) and Stalin’s criminal past (‘Russia for Geneva’).

Click for printable version, A4, centred on page, ready to print and distribute, especially to your local council offices.
Click for printable version, A4, centred on page, ready to print out and distribute, especially to your local council offices. If scaling is required to fit on the page, set at 25%. Amended and updated 3 October 2005.

Your Queenie The Royal family hit new lows. A parody of the Queen’s Christmas Day Speech, with a news report of Lady Davina’s 2004 marriage to a Maori builder which fully justifies the ridicule.
Tesco in Beverley, Yorkshire A protest about the new Tesco in Beverley, Yorkshire, in the form of a poem. The author probably doesn’t know about the long history of Jewish monopolies and that Tesco is a Jewish concern.
Arthur Flinders Fights Back Arthur Flinder’s civil action for compensation against the Chief of the Metropolitan Police.
Threat to Freedom The old campaigner Colin Jordan hits some more nails on the head.
Colin Jordan Though 77 and in failing health, in 2001 Colin Jordan showed us the true nature of ZOG and thus has become its target. They are seeking to hound him to his grave, and it will be hardly surprising therefore that some will not be eager to show the members of this criminal government mercy when our time comes. The penalty for treason is death by hanging.
The Demon of Diabaig Jordan on top form following a spate of characteristically improbable fantasies by the media.
Grease is the Word In praise of British Breakfasts and Greasy Spoon Cafes. Features unprecedented inside photographs!

Number 2 at the BBC: Alan Yentob, Director of Drama, Entertainment and Children’s (programmes) from April 2000.   Alan Yentob, Iraqi Jew, controller of children’s television at the BBC.     The BBC’s Chairman was Michael Grade, described as “Britain’s Pornographer in Chief” and member of the same tribe.

Incredible but True The nature of the criminal conspiracy in Britain.
Petition to the Queen A petition made to the Queen, according to Magna Carta, on 7 February 2001 .
Mosley and the Blackshirts Mosley in Scotland with a Short History of the Blackshirts.
Blackshirts in Hull and Southport Excerpts from John Charnley’s Blackshirts and Roses, particularly about the Blackshirts in Hull immediately before World War II.
Mosley Speaks An account of Mosley’s famous 1939 rally in Earl’s Court opposing the war. Mosley’s voice was officially censored in Britain from 1934.
Lord Haw-Haw The life of William Joyce, alias Lord Haw-Haw.
Censored News and Gossip This page contains news, gossip and rumour of British concerns, and will be updated irregularly.
The Men of Whitby A stirring tale of the bravery shown by the men of Whitby, North Yorkshire in January 1881.
The Gododdin Commentary on The Gododdin, the earliest surviving British poem.
The Painful Birth of Hull BNP The Avenues area of Hull is the centre of the universe. When something happens there, everyone knows about it!
BNP Fun Reports and parodies of goings-on in the BNP 2003-2008, including cartoons, from an anonymous source, poking fun at Nick Griffin. He won’t like them but politicians of any complexion are fair game for parody – and hasn’t he made it just so easy?
BNP Religion A psychological and political assessment of Nick Griffin and the BNP (2008).
ZOG v. Sheppard (2000) The leaflet that landed Simon Sheppard in prison for 4½ months (the sentence was 9 months). Details of the ‘crime’ | the committal case | the committal defence | committal | pleas and directions | pre-trial messages | defence documents | defence speech 1 | defence speech 2 | defence speech 3 | news from prison and release, with summary comments. Other Nationalists, prosecuted for expressing their beliefs, may find these useful.
ZOG v. Sheppard and O’Farrell: Raids Record of persecution by the British political police of Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell, 2005-2006.
ZOG v. Sheppard and O’Farrell: Hearings 1 Details of ongoing 2006 hearings – The whole thing was instigated by Michael Whine.
ZOG v. Sheppard and O’Farrell: Hearings 2 Account of the appearance at Beverley Magistrates Court on 29 September 2006.
ZOG v. Sheppard and O’Farrell: Hearings 3 Appearances at Hull Crown Court on 17 November and 13 December 2006.
ZOG v. Sheppard and O’Farrell: Hearings 4 Appearances at Leeds Crown Court 3-6 September 2007, news of the progress of the second edition of The Don’t Be Sheeple, and institutional misandry.
ZOG v. Sheppard and O’Farrell: Hearings 5 Legal update from Leeds Crown Court 20 September 2007, with further commentary on Big Sister, aka the Nanny State.
Appeal to the ECHR An appeal to the European Court of Human Rights made in 2010, which was ultimately rejected in 2013. Some interesting legal points.
Legal troubles, 2018 Summary of the legal assault on Sheppard in 2018, not yet updated. The ‘Witness Statement of Simon Sheppard’ was thought good enough to be the feature of a podcast. The arguments can be re-used.

Jew to policeman: Hit him harder next time!

The Statute of Jewry 1275 A law concerning Jews made by Edward I.
The Edict of Expulsion of 1290 The Jews were expelled from England by Edward I. The Act has never been repealed, thus Jews in parliament are here illegally and their laws, like the Race Relations Act (now called the Public Order Act), are really void. By Geoffrey H. Smith and Arnold S. Leese.
The Jews in England I Insights from NSV Report on the Jews in England, quoting Magna Carta.
The Jews in England II A review of the video Jude Suss, details of the historical inaccuracies in the film Braveheart, a history of the reign of King Edward I and original Latin records of the Jews in England, with translation.
William Prynne, 1655 An important article with bearing on the legal position of Jews in England today.

In January 1994, soon after he had been anointed as the New World Order’s British head boy at the 1993 Bilderberg conference, Tony Blair took a little trip. This journey, to Israel – ignored in both the Jon Sopel and David Rentoul biographies – was at Israeli Government expense. Just two weeks after his return, Blair was introduced to Michael Levy by Gideon Meir of the Israeli Embassy, and the ‘New Labour’ project began to get moving.

Ian Buckley in Spearhead, June 2002

The Mind-Benders The shocking truth about Jewish control of the British media. Published in 1997 by the Historical Review Press, there were plans for an updated edition and this version has been updated in small degree.
The Other Side of Slavery William Wilberforce wasn’t such a hero. This article, from a Leeds magazine, puts him in his true historical context.
“Zero Tolerance” The reciprocal of zero is infinity. A parody of Hull City Council’s “Zero Tolerance” advertising campaign, paid for with our money.
In Your Garden Gardening tips from Fred West.
Around the House DIY tips from Dennis Nilsen.

White man’s tug of war

Traitor’s Laws The laws by which we are forced to stand by and watch while Negroes take our women, Asians flood our country and Jews lie to our kinsfolk daily.
Modern English History English freedom before the First World War, and how the war was started, by A.J.P. Taylor.
Police A commentary for British Police Officers by ‘Dirty Harry.’
Public Order Act Some people will complain about anything – it’s time we did.
Nothing is Free Confessions of a Scottish prankster, on the TINSTAAFL theme: ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch.’
Bransholme Girls Shameful jokes about Bransholme Girls (0.20° W., 53.47° N.).
Hull: A Local Matter An exchange of correspondence with Hull City Council in 1998.
Refresh Page A utility page for people with untimed internet access.
Older Splash page A flashback to the earliest days of the Heretical website.

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