Make sure our enemies know this!

Nothing in life is free, how true that is. Things that seem free to you and me, often cost someone else dear. This is a situation which we can exploit to hamper our enemies.

Years ago if someone offered me some free literature or an information pack or whatever, I would often refuse it, if at first glance I wasn’t interested. Nowadays I take the lot if I am against what they are promoting.

A recent example occurred down at my local supermarket. At the entrance was a stall appealing for people to financially adopt orphan children. Normally I would deem this a noble cause but not in this case. The backdrop was covered in pictures of little negroes all in need of a good scrub. The surrounding propaganda was full of the usual crap about how £20 would feed this child for a year, £40 will educate it and so forth. Well, to be honest, I couldn’t give a shit about anyone who is not white. If their own government or people are too stupid, incompetent or uncaring to help them, tough luck. We have enough homeless people, enough hungry pensioners, enough sick children in our own country we should be caring for instead of throwing our money at aliens whose own rulers or government officials will most probably intercept anyway and use to continue a civil war or live in luxury while their people starve. We have to remember charity begins at home. We should remember too that Africa is the richest continent in the world but only the white man ever made her flourish. Since the whites have left the blacks to their own devices, Africa has slid further into chaos and savagery. It is not our fault or responsibility if they cannot take advantage of the riches that abound there to feed their own children. Our duty is to our own people and today there are plenty of them that need our help.

I’m getting a bit carried away now but this really does anger me. Some people in Britain today actually care more for some Black in Africa that they have only ever seen in photographs and not met in the flesh, than the old woman next door who can’t afford to eat everyday or heat her house in winter, because even though she worked all her life her pension is a pittance. This is a bloody disgrace. I hope the same fate befalls every traitor who floods aid abroad while their own people suffer.

Right, now I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll get back to the supermarket. So you have the scene, stall and backdrop full of ni@@er-loving propaganda with two prim and proper-looking women behind the stall. Your typical middle-class Christian soldier-type. One of them gave me one of those irritating Tory Blair grins as I stopped to survey the stall.

“Do take one” she said, motioning toward a large bundle of leaflets before cupping her hands round a collection tin in the hope I’d help fill it. “Are they free?” I enquired. “Of course, take one.” “Oh great” said I, “I’ll have the lot” and promptly picked up the whole bundle and walked off. As I made my way through the car park I heard her running after me shouting at me to stop, so I did. When she reached me I asked her if there was a problem, to which she replied that there was and that I could only take one leaflet. “Are they free to anyone and everyone?” I asked. She told me they were, so I told her: “I’m just anyone and I’m taking every one.”

This left her stuck for words so I continued on my way, only for her to lose her cool and start shouting rudely once I was almost out of earshot. I stopped again just to piss her off and give her a wee wave of thanks. When I got home I burnt the lot. This might seem like just a childish prank but believe me, if we all did things like this to our opponents it would cost them dear and stop others receiving their propaganda. It costs them to get the material printed. So if we go off with it all in one clean sweep, it would be a lot of expense wasted.

Also if we take their propaganda off them and destroy it, it stops some other unfortunate soul being taken in by their drivel and so won’t give their time and money to them. This again will cost them dear and hopefully cause them problems funding the production of more propaganda. Therefore you can see this is not just a good way of having a laugh at our opponents’ expense, it is also a fun way of doing your duty by hindering the flow of filth and alien propaganda being spread.

This action can be used on all sorts of groups we oppose quite legally. Just make sure everything you take is free and not for sale. It can even be used on local and central government and their agencies if you are keen to help bring down the system. It won’t hinder them much but every little helps. Another little trick to turn on our opponents, particularly big business and local government, is to use their own freepost envelopes to send some of our own propaganda. There are more than a few folk now involved in the movement because they received a leaflet in the mail while at work. So enjoy shopping for freebies but don’t read too much of the bile in case you become ill. Destroy it right away to ensure your peace of mind. Burn the books... and leaflets and papers. Burn the lot!

Cum Alba Geal
Coinneach Mac a Ghobhainn

With acknowledgements to Highlander magazine, ‘Voice of Blood and Honour Scotland.’

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