“Harassment, Alarm, Distress”

[ 2001 ]

Section 5(1) of the Public Order Act 1986 makes it an offence to use “threatening abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.” This ridiculous law, which makes it illegal to speak the truth if it happens to offend someone’s delicate sensibilities, is increasingly being used against Nationalists merely for expressing their point of view. Like many laws drafted in general terms, it cuts both ways. The following form can be printed out and used for complaints to the Police, which may be made as often or routinely as desired. Strike through or leave blank any sections which do not apply.

A) At ______ [insert time] on _____ [insert day of month] _____________ [insert month] _____ [insert year] at ____________________ ____________________ [insert place] I saw _________ [insert number] people who were not of British origin. It was plain that they were not merely temporary visitors to this country. That our land has been invaded by large numbers of immigrants from the Third World, without any democratic mandate from the British people, causes me great alarm and distress.

B) At ______ [insert time] on _____ [insert day of month] _____________ [insert month] _____ [insert year] on ___________ [insert television channel], I was distressed not only to see a mixed-race relationship, but this being portrayed as normal. As a native British male, whose forebears have fought, suffered and died to preserve our genetic integrity, I find this deeply offensive. Such portrayals are not broadcast naively, are intended to encourage others to do likewise, and constitute wilful harassment of me and my kind.

C) At ______ [insert time] on _____ [insert day of month] _____________ [insert month] _____ [insert year] at ________________ _________________ [insert place], I saw a woman with (an) immigrant partner/mixed race children [delete as appropriate]. This woman has knowingly made this selection in preference to a man of her own race, many of whom have neither partner nor children, and this is deeply insulting to me. It constitutes harassment, not merely in speech but in action.

D) At ______ [insert time] on _____ [insert day of month] _____________ [insert month] _____ [insert year] at ___________________ _____________________ [insert place], while attempting to ___________________ ____________________ [insert details, e.g. purchase an item] in my own country, I was denied the opportunity to transact with a member of my own race. That immigrants are permitted to take our jobs, our women and our livelihoods, while millions of British men are unemployed, causes me great alarm and distress.

E) At ______ [insert time] on _____ [insert day of month] _____________ [insert month] _____ [insert year] at ____________________ ____________________ [insert place], I saw immigrants being promoted in public advertising for _________________ _________________ [insert subject of advertisment]. Such images are designed to inculcate into the British people the false view that aliens’ presence in this country is normal, and such blatant dishonesty causes me alarm and distress.

It also causes me alarm and distress that Jews such as Frank Soskice, Neville Nagler, Leon Brittan, Michael Howard and Jack Straw are allowed to make laws (e.g. the Race Relations Act) in pursuit of their own racial agenda, to the severe social and economic detriment of the British people. These laws are being used to officially harass people for expressing their point of view, contrary to all notions of a free and democratic society.

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