The real power in Britain is represented on the right, wearing a silly hat


There is a group of people in England who are above the law, because while they are in this country illegally, they make the law. Who are they?

They have their own private, armed militia and keep extensive records on anyone who opposes them, both contrary to law, but with the blessing of the police at the highest level. Who are they?

They ritually slaughter animals using methods so abhorrent that any ordinary person would be prosecuted. They completely control, through ownership and infiltration, publishing and TV. Who are they?

By their control of the media they promote enormous falsehoods and have managed to convince many good English folk that they are incapable of wrong. Who are they?

They declared war on Germany on 24th March 1933. By manipulation, war-mongering and propaganda about foreign disputes which are of no British concern, they have been instrumental in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Who are they?

They claim to be pacifists but finance both sides in war. They claim to be philanthropists but destroy nations. Who are they? You should know.



[ SGS 2003 ]

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