Another Sealed Train: British troops guard a train-load of Jews at Hamburg docks in 1947. The British authorities were attempting to enforce their mandate by limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, in the interests of the indigenous population. These Jews had been refused entry and were en route to a camp at Poppendorf.Wherever they go, whoever they deal with, Jews cause discord and disaster.

‘It was with a sense of awe that they turned upon Russia the most grisly of all weapons. They transported Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus into Russia.’ Churchill, The World Crisis: The Aftermath (London, 1929) p. 73

Record of Persecution by the British Political Police of Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell at the Behest of the Kikocracy

Introductory Note: The laws under which these actions have been undertaken were written, pushed through parliament, and later amended to make convictions easier to obtain, by Jews and Jews alone. See ZOG v. Sheppard on the British Heretical site and The Longest Hatred (available online here) for specific details of the origins of these iniquitous and alien laws. The Longest Hatred, by the way, is deemed illegal and police appear to be confiscating any copy they find.

30 March 2005: Raid on Simon Sheppard’s flat. Police broke down the door early in the morning and, sitting up in bed, I was placed under arrest. Then I was taken away in handcuffs and detained for several hours, during which I was interviewed three times by two separate police forces. The arrest was on “Suspicion of Incitement to Racial Hatred,” particularly in respect of the Tales of the Holohoax comic book. Three computers, spare (blank) hard drives, 500 Musigyny CD’s, a large amount of book stock (including the ‘Suppressed Science’ scientific papers and Walendy’s Forged War Crimes), my single reference copy of The Longest Hatred and various other single copies of books and paper records were removed. In fact practically all the Heretical Press book stock was impounded, the only exception being The Tyranny of Ambiguity, probably because it is known to be considerably harder to obtain convictions for hardback books. Most of the Heretical Press publications have been published without a hint of difficulty for several years. Police had begun to label the “exhibits” for impounding “Metropolitan Police.” The Metropolitan Police is the force responsible for policing the London area, 200 miles away. Thus it became even more obvious that the raid was orchestrated by and under the direct orders of London. During the interviews I was friendly and cooperative, and was bailed to appear on 20 July 2005.

20 July 2005: Attended at solicitor’s office early in the morning hoping to be given lift to answer bail only to be told that my attendance was not required. Later received a “Bail Cancellation Notice” by mail: “Enquiries are ongoing and it is anticipated that they will take some time to completion. You may be asked to attend the police station at a later date.”

12 April 2006: Second raid on Simon Sheppard and first raid on Luke O’Farrell. I was very angry this time at waking up to see almost a dozen riot-clad police at the foot of my bed. My first reaction was to say “I don’t know how you lot can live with yourselves, your heads are so far up the Jews’ arses.” Again all computers, hard drives and floppies were impounded, including three empty rack-style computer cases which were destined to be sold. Particularly damaging was the removal of a summary file of electronic researches, about two months’ work, which is by no stretch of the imagination illegal and the loss of which is highly detrimental to my current source of income. The search warrant was a joke, and demonstrates that magistrates are so supine they will sign anything the police put under their noses. There is no legal justification, to my knowledge, for raiding the premises of persons associated with a political (i.e. informative) website and that a justification exists in law for such actions in relation to publishing – i.e. putting ink on paper in a disapproved pattern – is evidence of a corrupt and utterly immoral tyranny. In two interviews I refused to admit to anything, but railed against their puppet-masters when I couldn’t help myself. The rule when being interviewed by the political police is Tell them only what you want them to know. Unfortunately Luke O’Farrell, being naive and inexperienced in these matters, told them rather too much. We were released after several hours and bailed to reappear on 24 May 2006. My parting comment to the police was “Being imprisoned for fighting for your country against evil forces – there’s no shame in that.”

24 May 2006: Attended for bail and was met by two officers from Lincolnshire Police who wanted my “assistance” in stitching up someone who had put a message on an internet guestbook I had programmed. When I refused to cooperate, I was rearrested. The interview was “No commented” (excepting the inevitable railing when I couldn’t stop myself). Both of us re-bailed to appear on 14 June 2006. The term “Abuse of Process” was used.

14 June 2006: Attended, re-bailed to appear on 3 July 2006. We are beginning to suspect that in being subject to raids we are being used for practice. There are credible reports that nationalists in the Home Counties (i.e. around London) are used by the security services (MI5 and whatever) as “training opportunities” for agents, practicing surreptitious entry, lock-picking, psychological manipulation by obviously disturbing the contents of the premises, and other pleasant tactics. Since the establishment journalists are unlikely to thunder in righteous indignation at such behaviour, members of patriotic parties are an easy target.

3 July 2006: Attended bail again. Given the impression that we would be informed beforehand that we would not have to attend the next bail date and that the matter would be dropped. Re-bailed for 7 August 2006. By this time we are becoming connoisseurs of the greasy spoon cafes in the vicinity of the police station. The first cracks in the defence team appear: O’Farrell prefers the All-Day (post-attendance) Breakfast available near the police station, while Sheppard prefers the slightly more expensive cafe at the market.

7 August 2006: Charged. On enquiry, told the decision to press charges was made “recently.” The Special Branch officer in charge of the case refused to elaborate. For myself, there is a total of ten charges of “Incitement to Racial Hatred,” and for Luke O’Farrell two charges, relating to the following:

1. Tales of the Holohoax

2. When The Goddamn Jews Take Over America

3. Boat Ticket 2

4. When Niggers Take Over America

5. The Swastika

6. Auschwitz The Holiday Camp For Kikes

7. Evil Zionist Kikes

8. Kike Windchimes

9. (Jointly with Luke O’Farrell): Three Parasites and a Funeral

10. (Jointly with Luke O’Farrell): Diversity = Death

Luke O’Farrell was separately charged with the latter two thought-crimes. We were bailed to appear at magistrates court on 11 August 2006.

One thing is certain: as with the their battle with Hezbollah, the Israelites have picked a battle they cannot win. True to form, they have gone too far and are tactically floundering. Even if the worst came to the very worst, and Luke and I are imprisoned, it will only demonstrate their vindictive and intolerant nature for all to see. And it’s not as if we’re threatened with being jailed in an American prison, where we could be the prey of Aids-infected savages. The biggest problem in British prisons is stark boredom – although the large numbers of Muslims in British prisons nowadays means segregation for nationalists is mandatory.

But I don’t think it will come to that. For obvious reasons, specifically, not revealing our defence strategies, I do not wish to go into details, but it is patently clear that if the prosecution had a good case against us I would have been charged a year ago and Luke would have been charged months ago. They are struggling, and the sheer number of charges illustrates their desperation.

It is said that the internet has provided the first opportunity for decades that white man has been able to speak to white man without a Jew in the middle. That is why they hate it. This is the first time, to my knowledge, that a British prosecution has been attempted for a political, informational and humorous website.

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