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A commentary by ‘Dirty Harry’

Sustaining a police force which is politically impartial but also accountable to Parliament is a balancing act fraught with danger. The job of the police is to maintain the Queen’s Peace, uphold the law and protect life and property. But the way in which these tasks are carried out may conflict with the self-serving priorities of governments who have a vested interest in using policemen to defend themselves from the consequences of their mistakes.

Politicians will always be tempted to try and create a police force congenial to them. They are adept at spotting ambitious careerists, throwing bones of preferment to them and, if they show themselves to be responsive, advancing their careers.

There can be no doubt that this was the process which led to the placement of Paul Condon as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. A study of Condon’s career since he assumed the top job indicates that he has been charged with the paramount task: preventing the collapse of the ‘Multi-Racial Society.’

We would need a book to detail every incident in which Condon has grovelled before corrupt, irresponsible and malicious ‘leaders’ of minority ethnic groups in the hope of putting off more Black riots. For the same reason Condon has cancelled operations against vicious Black criminals and prevented the prosecution of Black agitators who openly incited mob violence. In contrast, he has been quick to approve prosecutions against decent police officers who carried out their duties properly but in ways which accidentally compromised his multi-racial charm offensive.


Sir Paul Condon at yet another Jewish function – an AJEX meeting, Autumn 1995. Note his nervous smile and the scowl on the face of the chief Jew trying to drum up a round of applause. The reason for the tension was because Sir Paul had tried to explain why he had not locked up all “racists” (especially “anti-semites”!). “The police must operate within the law as it is, not as we would like it to be” he whined. His audience was unimpressed.

That London has as its Chief Constable such a man is a symptom of the structural corruption and decadence which is rotting away British society – starting at its head. The decay has come about as a result of a combination of the following elements:

1. Loss of Natural Leaders

In two futile World Wars this century Britain lost the cream of its youth. The young men who should have been alive to lead Britain’s political, industrial, commercial, cultural and spiritual life were slaughtered. No nation could expect to be unaffected by the loss of so much of its best stock – and Britain was not unaffected.

Just look at the ‘achievements’ of those who ‘led’ this nation since 1918. It is a sickening catalogue of scuttle, sell-out, cowardice, corruption and bungling, leading to the virtual collapse of our nationhood. Our situation is now analogous to classical Greece or Rome after, respectively, the Peloponnesian and Punic wars, in which the original creative peoples decimated themselves and were replaced by the descendants of their slaves.1

2. Twits, Yobs and Spivs

The leadership vacuum created by the two World Wars was filled by a City of London alliance of the ‘runts of the litter’ of once great families (a.k.a. “public school twits” and “chinless wonders”); barrow-boy yobs and Jewish spivs. These elements (but especially the Jews, who are driven by a secret racial agenda2 in addition to the greed they have in common with their allies) have built a network of international banking and other monopolistic enterprises which constitute the basis of a World Government.

These gigantic financial organisations have a huge power of patronage which they use to finance political parties, causes of which they approve and reward faithful servants – politicians, senior civil servants and, yes, chief police officers – with directorships and ‘consultancies’ on their retirement.

The Money Power is now engaged in the de-industrialisation of Britain. Our economy is being stripped of investment for the benefit of exploiting the quick profits to be made from the “tiger economies” of the Pacific rim.3 High levels of unemployment are now a permanent part of Britain’s economic landscape, with only the ‘service economy’ offering insecure jobs at coolie wage levels. The welfare system and the NHS are being destroyed and within a decade state pensions will be worthless.

3. The Mass Media

Patronage (i.e. bribery) directed at public servants is not, of course, the only way in which the Money Power imposes its will. The politicians, parties and ideas which those who own the media want us to know about and support will be promoted. Oblivion or systematic denigration is bestowed on the rest. Through the media, the Money Power is able not only to give ‘stick and carrot’ treatment to individual leaders in society, but to condition and direct the mind of the public at large.

Media ‘apparatchniks’ are generally middle-class graduates who fret about the “rights” of every race under the sun except their own and who feel guilty about everything except the fact that the organisations which pay them so well exert enormous power over society without the slightest democratic mandate. In future times, historians will speculate about how today’s (white gentile) media creeps could oppose so fervently any ‘racism’ by members of their own race, yet ignore – or even praise – the blatantly racialist conduct of Zionist Jewry. Great minds will ponder whether such double-think was merely the ‘cupboard love’ loyalty to be expected of pampered lap-dogs or the product of a profound mental and moral sickness engendered by in-depth brainwashing.4

There are no prizes for guessing what would happen if a similar poster was displayed featuring a Negro

    61 Haworth St., Hull, 17 November 1998

4. Zionist Jewry

We have already mentioned Jews in connection with the leadership of the international Money Power. Most gentiles think of Jews as “just a religion.” What they seem to be unaware of is that the Jews consider themselves to be a race (and “The Chosen Race” at that!) whose destiny is to rule the world.

These ideas are contained within the Jewish religion, Judaism, and they are replicated within Zionism, the political creed of Jewish nationalism which has Israel as its totem pole. Judaism, Zionism and Israel all recognise as “Jews” people of Jewish ancestry, regardless of whether they profess Judaism or had a Jewish upbringing.2 It is evident, therefore, that the Jews are a racially motivated people who act as a group and determine their policy in accordance with a simple principle: “Is it good or bad for Jews?”

But while the Jews promote a racialist discipline among their own people, they actively promote multi-racialism to non-Jews, and use all their money and media power to do this. The Board of Deputies of British Jews drafted the Race Relations Act and its subsequent revisions, yet spends millions each year on organisations like Jewish Community whose purpose is to fix within Jewish minds a determination to mate only with fellow Jews. Their reasons for this ‘Don’t do as I do – do as I say’ policy are two-fold.

Firstly, the majority of Jews do not live in Israel. Israel needs to have strong and rich Jewish communities in other peoples’ lands throughout the world, providing Israel with economic and political sustenance.4 This parasitism might attract the hostile attention of their hosts were they the only minority ethnic group in situ. To avoid such attention, Jews promote immigration, multi-racialism and race-mixing as policies for the host nation to follow. So while the British people are distracted by the chaos caused by the influx of millions of Afro-Asians, the numerically smaller but much more powerful Jewish community assumes a much lower public profile, and is able to burrow, scheme and manipulate away, (almost) unnoticed.

Secondly, the Jews, despite their racialist conduct, are not a particularly ‘racially pure’ people nor are they very numerous. So it is to the Jews’ advantage to encourage other nations to mongrelize and deconstruct themselves while they concentrate on ethnic reconstruction.2 “In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King!”

Condon visiting a Sikh temple, as part of a recruitment drive, on 30 May 1999

5. The Multi-Racial Society

The situation which the Money Power is creating in Britain is disastrous enough, but to make matters ten times worse, as Britain’s economic lifeblood has been systematically drained out, the country has been flooded by an endless stream of Afro-Asian immigrants – still running at 40,000 a year ‘legals’ and at least that number again of illegals.

Multi-racial societies – even where supposedly good economic conditions prevail – are unstable no matter where you look on the globe.4 But the imposition of a multi-racial society on a nation experiencing economic and industrial death-rattles can only be described as an act of madness carried out in stealth. No mandate for a multi-racial society has even been sought from or given by the Brtish electorate. Its imposition, therefore, has been devoid of democratic legitimacy. We fear that Enoch Powell’s predictions will, eventually, come to ghastly fruition.

It may be that prostituting his high office and corrupting the role of the police to uphold multi-racialism will serve Paul Condon well in terms of wages, titles and honours – and a fat pension plus sundry ‘consultancies’ and directorships when he retires. The rotten system we are enduring may see his time out. But should young and ambitious police officers necessarily model their careers on his? Not any who value their honour and love their country – and certainly not those who seek to live out their days in a stable society capable of funding its pension commitments.

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All races naturally regard themselves as superior to all others. We think Congoids unintelligent, but they feel only contempt for a race so stupid or craven that it fawns on them, gives them votes, lavishly subsidizes them with its own earnings, and even oppresses its own people to curry their favour. We are a race as are the others. If we attribute to ourselves a superiority, intellectual, moral or other, in terms of our own standards, we are simply indulging in a tautology. The only objective criterion of superiority, among human races as among all other species, is biological: the strong survive, the weak perish. The superior race of mankind today is the one that will emerge victorious – whether by its technology or its fecundity – from the proximate struggle for life on an over-crowded planet.

Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, America’s Decline.

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