The General Infirmary, Prospect St, Hull circa 1905. It survived the heavy bombing of Hull during WWII only to be torn down in 1973 to make way for a shopping centre.

Much of the dirty work of State vandalism is done by local councils. Staffed by overpaid women in over-heated offices, their idea of progress is gleaming, sterile shops and miscegenation.

The reality is the dismantling of our civilisation, piece by piece. Among the council’s crimes are: chopping down perfectly healthy trees; demolishing good, sturdy old buildings to build grotesque shopping centres and, most destructive of all, pandering to and housing invaders. While it is chiefly Westminster, under Jewish influence, that is responsible for inflicting millions of foreigners on the British people, it is often the council that moves them in next door.

Remember Martin Luther. In 1517 he is supposed to have pinned his ‘theses’ to the door of a church, with great effect. This letter is meant for posting on council doors. It can be placed on the doors of council offices, council headquarters, work depots, refuse and recycling stations etc. If it is placed at the weekend, plenty of people will see it before council workers arrive for work on Monday morning. A sporadic campaign at random council sites will be most effective. As has been pointed out, the opponent has no conscience but is susceptible to shaming.

If this page is printed out only the letter below should appear; use Print Preview to check this. Any headers and footers should be trimmed off, but this RTF file is most appropriate for editing and printing. It is recommended that nothing stronger than Blu-tack be used to affix the letter to a door, otherwise a prosecution for criminal damage may be attempted. The State excels at hypocrisy, and projects its own crimes onto its political opponents.

Treason never prospers
Because when it does
None dare call it

Aiding and abetting
A foreign invasion
Is High Treason

Dear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Council

You are vandals and traitors and practically every change you make is for the worse.

In truth

A. Resident

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–– The Heretical Press ––