A Crime, as Defined by Criminals


About 1,500 copies of the following leaflet were distributed in the Avenues area of Hull, England in June 1999. Intended as both a European election leaflet and a humorous gimmick to launch a new, local branch of the British National Party, it resulted in the arrest of David Hannam and myself and injunctions being obtained in the London High Court by the National Executive of the Labour Party, with several members of the BNP leadership as Defendants, banning distribution of the leaflet anywhere in the country.

David Hannam submitted to trial in the Magistrates Court and, pleading guilty to all charges on 6th January 2000, received a 3-month prison sentence. He had no prior convictions and, in fact, had never been arrested before.

Since I do not accept that there is a valid case to answer, an “oral” or “old-style” committal will take place at Hull Magistrates Court at 10 o’clock on Tuesday 22nd February. This is a public hearing and anyone can attend.

These proceedings is intended to be a precursor to my trial in the “Crown” Court. The maximum sentence there, if I am found guilty, is two years imprisonment. As will be seen from the associated page, on 22nd February I shall be challenging the legality of the legislation under which I am accused.

Simon Sheppard

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