“Hello Mrs Brown, glad to hear your sister is better. Like that new gnome with the fishing rod. I see that new lot at number 17 have a Union Jack sticker on their car. Fascists are they?”

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Self-sacrificing souls

Multicultural Britain is littered with sensory delights, according to many of our editorialists and commentators. That being so, it is passing strange that many of these selfsame editorialists and commentators voluntarily absent themselves from those places where these delights can be experienced the most keenly, but instead banish themselves to the benighted countryside. Perhaps they feel duty-bound to do missionary work among the bigoted, bland, conservative, fox-hunting ‘Little Englanders’ and ‘anti-Europeans.’ Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s publication is at the forefront of ‘rich mix’ rhapsodising – yet the unlucky man feels he has to live in Hay-on-Wye, in the decidedly monocultural Welsh marches.

But he may take comfort from the fact that he is not alone in his disinterested mission – the brave Francis Wheen, sometime Guardian columnist and Marx hagiographer, has likewise left behind him the ‘vibrant’ hotspots, to heal society’s ills from his smallholding in rural Essex. Billy Bragg, the Bob Dylan of Bethnal Green, has deliberately exiled himself from the charms of his native London, to scrape out an unenriched existence among the unenlightened heathens of Dorset. Another Dorset-based idealist is the egregious Hanef Kureishi, known and feared for his ‘controversial’ diatribes against racism and homophobia. And Sir William Macpherson, of Macpherson Report fame, is compelled to monitor the day-to-day activities of the Metropolitan Police from his castle in remotest Perthshire. Surely society owes it to these saintly people to allow them to live in the areas that most closely approximate to their ideals – like Tottenham, Moss Side, Sparkbrook or Toxteth. It might even be possible to find some people presently living in these areas who are willing to swap places with them.

Charity balls

It sometimes seems as if both the Community Fund and their near-relations in the Charity Commission have political views of their own. In a perplexing example of what might be regarded by cynics as blatant bias, the Charity Commission announced recently that it had expelled from the Charity Register a Christian-oriented group called Concern for Family and Womanhood. 16 years ago, the Commission helped to draw up CFW’s trust deed; now, it says that the organisation is non-educational (because it fails to give the feminist point of view, as well as its own). No doubt every one of the other 180,000 charities on the Charity Register – such as the 112 Buddhist charities, and the Searchlight Educational Trust – are punctilious in representing opposing points of view in their publications.

From Right Now! magazine, October-December 2002

The top six Labour Party donors for 2001:

  1. Alan Sugar (Jew) £200,000
  2. Lakshmi Mittal (Asian) £125,000
  3. Christopher Ondaatje (Dutch/Indonesian) £102,500
  4. Gulan Noon (Asian) £100,000
  5. Ronald Cohen (Jew) £100,000
  6. Sigmund Steinburg (Jew) £100,000

Not one Briton!

A partial listing of the Hebrew millionaires financing the party of the puppet Blair: Ronald Cohen of Apax Partners, donated £100,000; Isaac Kaye of Norton Healthcare, £100,000; Joel Joffe of Allied Dunbar; “Sir” Sigmund Sternberg, £100,000; “Lord” Sainsbury of Sainsburys the supermarket chain; Alan Sugar of Amstrad, £200,000; Tony Tabatznik of Amerpharm pharmaceuticals, whose family is worth over £250 million; “Sir” Trevor Chinn, the chairman of Lex Service, the UK’s biggest motor dealer; “Sir” Emmanuel Kaye of the forklift truck firm Lansing Bagnall; “Sir” David Putnam the film producer; Alex Bernstein the former chairman of Granada, whose personal fortune is around £20 million and who regularly contributes in the order of £200,000; Robert Gavron the chairman of the Guardian Media Group which now produces 100 million books a year and numerous magazines, and who has handed out £500,000 at a time; “Lord” Levy the multi-millionaire music publisher probably worth £20 million with marble-lined house in Israel; “Sir” Maurice Hatter the electronics tycoon, donated £1 million; David Goldman the chairman of a telecommunications equipment supplier, donated £1 million; John Ritblatt the property tycoon, £100,000; “Lord” Hamlyn the publisher, reported to have given £600,000; Leslie Silver, the Leeds-based millionaire; Norman Hyams the property developer; “Lord” Diamond, £100,000.

Source: Colin Jordan’s Gothic Ripples No. 44, Sept. 2001

A Swansea football fan is sentenced to a year’s imprisonment for shouting ‘nigger’ at a player. Meanwhile, a black man, Andrew Wilson, is fined £50 by Ipswitch magistrates for shouting at police officers: “You’re white trash. You’re only doing this because I’m a nigger. Leave me alone, you white trash...”

From Spearhead, September 1999

Wee, Cowering, Dangerous Underwater Beasties

Harry Mullin

A few years ago an Israeli submarine surfaced off the west coast of Scotland during the midnight hours. A rubber boat landed several Israeli agents on the shore. They were met by an unknown person, who drove them down the long, lonely, winding road that leads to Glasgow. There the car was stopped by a police patrol, the agents were arrested and subsequently they were deported to Israel as “illegal immigrants.”

The entire incident was given about one column inch of space in the controlled media in Scotland. Surely such a story deserved a two or three-page spread, with photos of the agents and their chauffeur, perhaps even his car? Leader writers might have speculated over the reason they came here, and waxed indignant over the Israelis’ blatant breach of British law.

Imagine if the situation had been reversed and a British submarine had landed a team of British agents on the shores of Palestine, to be met and driven to Tel Aviv by a Briton claiming Israeli citizenship. It would have been news all over the world. Jewish-orchestrated street demos would have been held outside British embassies in a dozen countries, all wailing about “anti-Semitism” and waving placards saying “Never Again.”

The Masters of Hollywood would have sprung into action with a blockbuster showing Mossad and Shin Beth heroes foiling a dastardly plot by the wicked Brits to inflict a “second” Holocaust on the peace-loving Jews of Israel. The Israeli government would have demanded a grovelling apology from the Wimps of Westminster and, naturally, monetary compensation.

But in reality, since it was British, not Israeli, sovereignty which was breached, there was a deafening silence. What we must ask is this: Who decided that the story of the submarine and the agents should only be given one inch of coverage on the inside pages of the Scottish press? Was it the same people who quashed the exposure of how Eretz Israel sold Exocet missiles to Argentina, the same missiles which were launched against British ships to kill our lads during the Falklands campaign?

And we must also ask: Why did the Israeli agents come here? Obviously they were up to no good. You don’t land from a submarine in the wee sma’ hours off the west coast of Scotland if you’re only going to the Edinburgh Festival. And who was the driver who met them? Was he a Jew born and bred in Scotland, with an impeccable background, even speaking with a pronounced Scottish accent? Where did he live? Did he plan to take his illegal guests to some safe house in part of Glasgow (Hillhead or Newton Mearns, maybe) until they had completed their mission? Where was that house? Did it have any of the paraphernalia of the spy: radio communications equipment, code books, arms, special poisons, explosive and detonators, a list of potential targets for assassination?


Why were none of these questions asked in our Parliament down in Westminster? Where were the Scottish representatives at the time? Were they too busy bevvying up on the night train which carries them from their secretaries in London to their wives in Glasgow of a weekend, to bother themselves about such mundane affairs as the defence of the realm? Or is it perhaps recognised amongst MP’s that it is fatal to one’s future career to criticise Jewish interference in other nations?

I knew personally three staunch anti-Zionists who met untimely ends:

  1. Said Hammami, the PLO representative in London, who was also active with the British Anti-Zionist Organisation – Palestine Solidarity group;
  2. Robert Coleman, an organiser of BAZO-PS;
  3. George Mitchell, also a BAZO-PS organiser.

Said Hammami was murdered down in the London bureau of the PLO. In his study ‘To the Ends of the Earth,’ well-known author David Yallop tells us that the Mossad was responsible. A man named Robert Coleman was murdered in the Parkhead district of Glasgow’s East End. The Robert Coleman in BAZO-PS lived in nearby Shettleston and I haven’t seen or heard of him since. George Mitchell, who could swim like a seal (he had used the Townhead Baths, a hundred yards from his home, regularly since he was a small lad) drowned off the west coast. The police announced that there was no foul play, but they said the same about Willie McRae, the Scottish lawyer with Zionist connections. McRae was found shot twice in a car, with the gun about 25 yards away, yet the police said he committed suicide!

Is there an Israeli hit-team wandering about the country? In his book By Way of Deception former Mossad agent Victor Ostrowsky tells us that the agency does not hesitate to use criminal actions in other countries if they think it will help Israel. He explains in detail how literally thousands of Jews in Britain alone are organised to help them. Known as sayanim, they provide cars, safe houses and the like to Mossad.

Something of the sort was clearly afoot that night on our wild coast. We will probably never know what, but the curtain of silence which descended over the incident provides a long-term lesson for British Nationalists. It will not be enough one day to replace a few hundred stuffed shirts in Westminster. Thousands of highly trained and motivated journalists and intelligence operatives will also be needed to fill the gaps when we clear out the vermin who have betrayed our birthright.

From issue 11 of The Rune, 1995

Jewish Bomb-Makers Got Community Service

On 8th August 1994, in what the Wokingham Times described as “a massive security operation,” two skull-cap wearing Jews were caught by security guards at the derelict mansion of Keep Hatch Manor, Berkshire, in the process of making a bomb: a milk churn containing an explosive mixture of sugar and weed-killer, surrounded by a can of gas, batteries and firework ‘bangers.’

The two Jews were Immanuel Moshe Burton of Golders Green and Burl Solomon of Hendon. One was wrestled to the ground and held by a security guard until the police arrived, the other was found, with the aid of a police helicopter, hiding in a nearby street.

An Army bomb-disposal team, the Special Branch, the Anti-Terrorist Squad and sniffer dogs were immediately drafted in and thirty households were evacuated to a nearby community centre. One area was sealed off for seven hours.

Shortly afterwards the two men were granted bail and at their trial at Reading Crown Court in December 1994 each man received a sentence of 100 hours Community Service and a fine of £750.

With acknowledgements to Choice issue 25 and BN August 1995

Another flock of helicopters...

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999

OK, so the heading is a slight exaggeration, as there was only one, which I understand, went round and round A’s house in Croydon for half an hour yesterday afternoon at so low an altitude that plants were blown about. The ‘visitation’ followed a telephone call from the anti-terorrist squad (ATS/SO13) yesterday morning asking for an interview with A. at his home – he agreed a time of 6 p.m. – the delay was so that he could arrange to have a solicitor present and make arrangements to tape the interview (he also taped the helicopter a few hours before).

His life in multi-racial West Croydon has become much more unpleasant since the event of Copeland, the mad (state asset) bomber. A., it seems, was put in the frame by one of his neighbours, a race-mixing girl, who thought he could be a terrorist. I assume the ATS have hit on this idea of talking to neighbours as an additional means of harrassment; it also provides an extra excuse to visit nationalists’ homes when they run out of ‘leads,’ such as names in diaries and referrals by people they have previously interviewed.









Stephen Lawrence, fabricated icon of the race relations industry, was probably killed because he was a drug-runner who had made off with the cash. He was one of two blacks standing at the bus-stop, the other wasn’t harmed. An informant who claims to have a source close to the affair maintains that Lawrence had £10,000 in his pockets (not in the bank as previously reported) at the time of his death. At the time of his death he was carrying a knife, and had been questioned by police concerning the stabbing of a white youth some weeks earlier. The following, however, were murdered by immigrants simply because they were white, in crimes which have been all but ignored by the media propagandists:

  • David Ackley
  • Catherine Ayling
  • PC Keith Blakelock
  • Paul Carter
  • Michael Dooher
  • PC Patrick Dunne
  • Richard Everitt
  • Christopher Farrel
  • Phillip Gosling
  • Brian Harvey
  • Peter Harvey
  • Terry May
  • Albert Marriner
  • Hugh McCallum
  • James McParland
  • Mark Sharp
  • Janie Shepherd
  • Andrew Steventon
  • Louie Wade
  • Danny Westmacott
  • Gary Wilmer
  • Wade Hewitt

A reliable source says that Sir Paul Condon, Top Cop, and Deputy Commissioner John Grieve, who is determined to persecute anyone who is honest about race, both have Jewish wives.


From British Nationalist, February 1998, p. 5 (edited)

A road incident led to a boy being attacked by a mob of Asians, one of whom slashed at him with a machete and cut off his finger. The incident on the Isle of Dogs, Tower Hamlets, early in 1998 infuriated local residents to such an extent that 300 people surrounded the mosque into which the culprits had fled for safety.

The police, ever anxious to please ‘ethnic sensitivities,’ sealed off the main road and dispersed the angry crowd. The people inside the mosque were then allowed to leave. No arrests were made and no statements were taken.

The father of the attacked boy was arrested shortly afterwards when, frustrated by police inaction, he attempted to confront his son’s assailants himself. The people of Millwall are rapidly learning that they can expect no help from the police, who apparently go out of their way to protect Asian criminals.

None of the many attacks on white people in the area has resulted in an arrest. The mob which left a Poplar man in a coma are still free as are the group that inflicted horrific injuries on some small boys playing football in Bethnal Green. In West London, the thugs that left Daniel Moore in a coma have not been apprehended and neither have those who set fire to a child aged 7 in Halifax.

All of these attacks had native Britons as victims and were racially motivated. None of these incidents seem to have been reported by the orthodox media.

A week after the Asian machete attack, a meeting was organized by residents of Tower Hamlets. Between 200 and 300 local people attended to condemn both police and local councillors for doing nothing to protect them from immigrant crime. The attacks against whites were mentioned as was the growing trend of immigrant criminality in the borough. A lot of the residents’ anger was directed at Asians.

When one of the councillors for Millwall tried to put a gloss on the issue, one woman stood up to say “I won’t be voting for you at the next election, I’ll be voting BNP.” The highly charged mood of the meeting was reminiscent of the period before Derek Beackon’s election victory in September 1993.

On that very night local Asians inflamed the situation still further. A bucket of urine was thrown from within the local mosque at a group of passing girls.

As the meeting finished, BNP members outside were surrounded by local people wanting to know what the party was doing and what it had to say about the latest attack. More than 150 copies of British Nationalist were given out. The issue featured the party’s new ‘Stop the Race Attacks’ leaflet on its front page.

Of the six blacks present, four came forward to shake the hands of BNP members. One declared “I hate the f#*@ing Paki’s. I’ll be voting BNP.” Another wanted to know if he could join! Perhaps they remember the unpunished, racially motivated murder of Trevor Coveley, a Negro youth who was murdered by an Asian gang. Similar incidents against whites include:

We agree wholeheartedly with the theme of the Isle of Dogs meeting: “It’s got to stop!”

A report of Denis Nilsen’s prison habits has resulted in ‘Around the House’ being updated.

‘I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that we had lost the Second World War! Everyone was driving Japanese cars and riding Japanese motorcycles.
     ‘Germany had even taken control of Rolls Royce! Harrods and the Dorchester were in Arab hands. British Airways were no longer flying the flag. Even the Midland Bank had been taken over by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Europe was about to take control of our monetary system, and were refusing to allow the Queen’s head to appear on our banknotes.
     ‘Then I woke up and realised that it was not a dream. Can someone please tell me what our soldiers died for?’

Louis Blank, letters, Manchester Evening News (BN Dec. 1998)

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