The first page of the Court Document

Claimant: Arthur Flinders

Defendant(s): Chief of Police for Metropolis

Brief details of claim:

That the C of P aided abetted corrupt politicians to deny me a fair trial on false allegation


I seek ten million pounds £10,000,000 for terrorization.

23rd of May 2003

I Arthur Flinders (see Address Attached) my next of kin Nina Flinders should I be harmed or murdered seek damages plus compensation from the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis of Ten million pounds £10,000,000 for Aiding Abetting a conspiracy of corrupted Anti British politicians known as “neo cons” or Zionists in Government and at the “Hall” Queen Street SE17 to abuse this power over us without mandate or Authority to invent arrest, terrorize charge me with a crime, then deliberately deny me my right to answer that accusation before a Jury of my Peers, my only right as a loyal Subject of the Queen and under her protection against foreigners and usurpers of Her Majesty’s Peace see Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, that he the Commissioner aided abetted in that conspiracy to imprison, intern, or harm me because I am aware of their (neo cons) evil gangster plans and am not afraid to speak.

Further that he incited his impressionable young officers to pervert the course of justice by tamper[ing] with a tape recording of evidence, used obscure and meaningless words [“anti-Semite,” “racist,” “racism” etc.] with no relevance to English law failed to investigate crimes exposed on a postcard, politicized his force to aid the neo con Zionists to fit me up into prison.

I further seek compensation for my friends and associates whose names and address have been maliciously included in this case the reason for this act is beyond any sane British persons comprehension.

I claim the Political System in my country is out of control.

I am not standing for this nonsense any more.

Arthur Flinders

God Save the Queen

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