‘The Fascist’ newspaper, October 1934, edited by Arnold Leese


Soon it will be a Crime

THE term “anti-semitism” is of course a misnomer, since “Semite” is a general term embracing Arabs and other peoples as well as Sephardic Jewry, but, since it is loosely regarded as synonymous with “anti-Jew” it may stand for the purpose of this article.

The need for a definition is becoming urgent in view of a decision in Holland that it is an offence against the law to make public statements or possess literature in which “anti-Semitic” sentiments are included: it can easily be imagined how a Jew-ridden judiciary may interpret the offence, and this move must be regarded as a fore-runner for similar legislation elsewhere possibly in Britain.

Certainly it would be an offence to repeat a statement made in the Jewish Chronicle a few years ago, to the effect that the White Slave Traffic would shrink to comparatively small dimensions if the Jews could be eliminated, or (in the Jewish World of 3rd March, 1911) that Jewish procurers of women and brothel keepers in Buenos Ayres had a synagogue all to themselves; any lawyer could prove that such statements, even if they were true, were likely to engender ‘race-hatred.’

But one need hardly go so far. In Antwerp, for instance, trading with Germany is apparently looked on as “anti-Semitic,” and individuals doing so have actually been deported; a fact which – doubt1ess to the detriment of native Belgians – has led to the transfer of one factory, employing 400 hands, to German soil.

Again World Jewry has condemned Lithuania, among other countries, for establishing co-operative agricultural trading organisations, on the ground that 80 per cent of this trade was previously in the hands of Jews, who have now been “deprived of their living;” it is clear that the move was actuated by a desire to help the native peasantry, who were being fleeced by the middlemen, and to increase the foreign trade, but these must be looked on as unworthy objects if, in achieving them, a single Jew is to lose anything.

Newspapers must never refer to Financiers, international or otherwise, as “Jews” until, towards the end of their careers and usually to found their right to a title, they become “philanthropists.” It certainly is never politic to call unsuccessful financiers like Hatry, Insull or Loewenstein by the appellation “Jew” – they are “Englishmen,” “American,” or at worst, “Cosmopolitan.”

Should a Charlatan like Einstein propound a second-hand theory which nobody can understand, or a boxer like Kid Berg command an ephemeral supremacy, then of course one may stretch a point, and hail them respectively as the World’s Greatest Scientist and a Wonder Boxer, accompanied by laudatory descriptions of their Jewish origin; one wonders in passing, how differently would have fared Ronald Ross, the scientist, or Joe Beckett, had they been of The Chosen People.

There are other facets to the question. One must not disclose that “Jaffa Oranges” are no longer produced in the neighbourhood of Jaffa, but the term is now applied to oranges grown anywhere in Palestine – which is why the fruit is inferior to the old Jaffa type, a matter in which the nature of the soil and the species of tree plays a considerable part. Pro-Jewish plays, films and literature must be boosted, and anything depicting Jews unfavourably either condemned or boycotted; even a great play like “The Merchant of Venice” is going to be banned from School curriculums, and Christian Sunday School text-books are being scrutinised and offending paragraphs expurgated.

So you see that if “Anti-Semitism” is to be banned here also, an effective muzzle is to be put on almost everything we do. Yet readers need not concern themselves about the future of “The Fascist.” We should carry on just as before, using, instead of “Jew,” the word “Pork.”

H. H. L.


MR. M. NEUMAN, ex-member of the Zionist Executive, has founded a credit Establishment called the “Palestine Corporation for Industry & Finance, Ltd.” The object of the Bank will be the emission of long-term loans for industrial and other works. The Capital will be funded by shares and the first subscribers are:– Anglo-Palestine Bank (Tel Aviv); E. Neuman (Jerusalem); M. Heske (Johannesburg); Lord Melchett (London); Dr. Angelo Giron (Turin); N. L. Goldstein (New York); Joseph Ada (Alexandria); R. Harari (Cairo).

The “Revue Internationale des Sociétés Secretes,” 15th July, says:– “This bank will cover the financial operations of, and will no doubt be the backing for, Prospecting for Oil. That is, it will be the guarantee for the Jews who will get Oil Concessions from the Palestine Government. A family affair in fact. The ‘open’ tenders thus become a farce. Only Lord Reading’s name is needed to complete the affair, and he may well be there under someone else’s name.”

New readers of “The Fascist” should obtain the April 1934 issue which describes how the British are being treacherously “done out” of the Oil which exists in great quantity in the conquered territory of Palestine.


Our New Criminal Friends

HERR Hitler, being a man of unblemished personal character has been held up before the whole world as a kind of monster. The same thing happened of old to Adam-Thor, the maker of civilisation! In both cases, the Jew was the mud-slinger. History repeats itself!

Let us compare Russia’s “leaders” with Herr Hitler:–

Stalin is married to a Jewess. On l3th June, 1907, STALIN (then known as Koba) threw bombs at a horse-drawn treasure-waggon in Tiflis, killing or wounding fifty people; then he made off with 340,000 roubles from the waggon. These rouble notes were altered through the agency of KASSIN so as to be untraceable. LITVINOFF tried to pass a number of these notes in Paris, but was apprehended and jailed; he was living under the name of Wallach.

That is one episode in the life-histories of three of the Bolshevik chiefs. If you want more, read Essad Bey’s book, “Stalin.” These are the people whom the Powers that be are going to welcome to Geneva. A long way from the Aryan idea of decency, isn’t it? Rather like eating dirt?

Advertisment in ‘The Fascist’ newspaper, October 1934, edited by Arnold Leese


THREE important matters concerning the nation have been very much to the fore during the past few weeks. These are House of Lords Reform, Emigration and “Youth out of Hand.” In this issue, we give our solution to all these problems. The careful reader will find that the true solution to them all is to be found in realising what is meant by the word Jew.


ONE of the leading daily papers has been conducting a correspondence about the alleged degeneration in social conduct of British Youth. Some of the writers blame the War, some blame the Old, others blame Unemployment, Urbanisation, and so on; none have been allowed to publish the true and simple facts.

We hold no brief for “Youth,” that new false God erected on the Armenoid foundation of the “British Union of Fascists.” The Pioneers of Fascism in this country have selected themselves without reference to the matter of age. The steadily declining standard of honesty in thought and in action among the people of this country is too obvious to be disputed, but it is not so much a fault of Youth as one of Race. Youth is at a certain disadvantage in that it has experience only of a completely Jew-ridden Britain, whilst Age has once seen something different.

Everyone will admit that when a white man in Africa “goes native,” he speedily goes downhill so that his race-brethren can no longer hold intercourse with him. For that reason, a hard and fast line is drawn between the white and the black communities: “Equality and Fraternity” go by the board in the face of racial realities.

In this country, we have “emancipated” the Jew. The Jew is of mixed blood, neither Eurasian nor Eurafrican, but a mixture of both, sometimes nearly “white” but seldom breeding true to “white” owing to his mongrelised origin, the mongrelisation being from some of the world’s lowest stocks. The Jews’ instincts are not ours; there is no Equality.

Not only have we given the Jew a free hand in Britain and the Empire, but also we have, as a natural consequence of his lower social standards, been foolish enough to let him dominate us by the power of Money. He rules our economics and our politics.

Money Talks. By control over newspapers, films, wireless, and all the multitudinous agencies which create “public opinion,” not the least of which is “education,” it affects social conduct as well; we are not “going native;” young and old, we are “going Jew.”

That is the explanation of “Youth out of Hand.”


THE Conservative Conference has this in hand. Its findings will make no difference to anybody nor to the efficiency of the Parliamentary machine. The Jew Money Power is as strong in the Lords as it is in the Commons.

It is not only the House of Lords that needs reform but the Lords themselves. Many of these titled people have the base blood of the Jew in their veins and are in reality anything but Lordly. It is a slur on our great Nation that men and women who have intermarried with mongoloid, negroid and armenoid Jews should bear titles indicating superiority to the rank-and-file Aryan. There are also Lords of Aryan origin who are individually base; they are the ones who act as touts and pimps in the interests of Jew Finance and Internationalism.

The Marshall of the German Nobles’ Association has given instructions that all nobles must produce their family trees back to the year 1750. Those who cannot show that they are of pure Aryan blood will be excluded from the Association.

A similar investigation is overdue in this country; but we hope to go one better than the Germans have yet done, and get these titles abolished in all cases where Britons cannot look up to the individual as a true racial aristocrat, fit to take his place in the future Fascist Second House.


THE post of Professor of Philosophy and Social Science at the Southern Training College for Salvation Army Officers in London has been accepted by Mr. E. M. Kahn, Director of the Jewish Association of Friendly Societies. (From World Service).

* * * *

For vicious effrontery the following from a letter from Mr. P. Silverston in the Jewish Chronicle, of 14th September beats most previous records.

“Great English statesmen have recognised that it is essential for Palestine to be populated by a people to whom the word Treachery is unknown, an industrious people who hold the highest ideals.”

The Jew is well known among Gentiles to be Treachery in Human Disguise, hence the phenomenon known as “anti-semitism.” As to “industrious,” the Jew knows less about real work than an ape, and that is why, apelike, he walks about with his hands dangling palms backward. You can see this for yourself in any part of London.

* * * *

La Libre Parole, the organ of Les Francistes, has become violently Anglophobe; this is to be regretted and we have no alternative than to cross it off our exchange list.

* * * *

The Publicity Club of London has Mr. Beverley Baxter, Public Relations officer of Gaumont-British (“Gaumont-Yiddish”) for its Chairman in the ensuing season, and the first meeting is to be addressed by Mr. Hore-Belisha whilst a subsequent meeting is to be addressed by Mr J. S. Elias, Chairman and Managing Director of Odhams Press, Ltd. So “publicity” is thoroughly Jew-controlled, like everything else.

* * * *

Advertisment in ‘The Fascist’ newspaper, October 1934, edited by Arnold Leese  

The Independent Tobacco Trade Association, Ltd., has the following officers:–

Chairman, B. Guissin; Vice-Chairman, M. Bendel; Treasurer, R. L. Guissin; Committee of Management, S. Bendel, M. Guissin, M. Horwitz, A. G. Hughes, H. Korel, A. Morris, J. Rabin, A. C. Turner. Northern Delegates, H. Dransfield and I. Straskin; Secretary, M. Orbach.

Whatever else the Association is independent of, it isn’t Jews.

At Shanklin, the Eastmount Private Hotel is advertised as Non-Jewish and it announces, “Jews not catered for.” No doubt, our readers will do what they can to patronise it. This is not an advertisement.

* * * *

In opening a fair at Bari on 6th September, Signor Mussolini said, “We can afford to look with disdain upon these doctrines which are coming from the North. In the South we had Virgil, Cicero, and Augustus before the Germanic Race could either read or write.” But the Duce seems to have forgotten that the Rome of old was of the same Racial Aryan type as the people he calls “Germanic,” and it is to the old Aryan Roman ideals he has appealed in his successful attempt to rouse his countrymen from apathy. The great altar dedicated to the “Peace of Augustus” by the Roman Senate in 13 B.C. tells the true story; the Ayran men and women depicted thereon in sculpture are typical of the great race, the later decline of which, through intermixture, lost Rome her Empire. The bust of Cicero illustrated in the Classical Dictionary of Smith and Marindin, p. 228 and the mosaic of Vergil found at Hadrumentum show the same Aryan features so rare in Italy of to-day; and the fair-haired Augustus whose statue is in the Vatican Museum, might stand as a model of a pure-bred Aryan. Mussolini can never hope to make Italy really great, because even the Jew Money Power with which he is now allied, cannot bring back the Aryan blood which has almost deserted his country; Rome was not made by men of the races which preponderate in Modern Italy.

One more sobering thought for the Duce:– The Aryan ancestors of the British, German and old Roman peoples were reading and writing before Rome was on the map!

* * * *

From the “Jewish Chronicle” 14th September: (speaking of Alfred Rothschild), “It was under his roof that Joseph Chamberlain met the German Ambassador to discuss matters of common interest. Subsequently, Sir Ernest Cassel on the one side and Albert Ballin on the other” (both Jews, A.S.L.), “carried on the negotiations so far as to render possible the Haldane official visit to Berlin.”

* * * *

At Belfast Police Court on 13th September, a garage proprietor was charged with permitting one Louis Cohen to use a car without a policy of insurance against third-party risk. The policy in this case definitely excluded Jews. The solicitor for the defence pointed out that if the prosecution succeeded motor agents would have in future to get particulars of the religious faith of a person to whom a car was hired. The Magistrate asked, “What is a Jew?” The Clerk, faced with the necessity for giving promptly a definition, said, “A member of a race or religion.” The case was then dismissed because the Magistrate decided that it had not been proved that Louis Cohen was a Jew!

We intend no contempt of court in pointing out that the decision is based on a fallacious definition of the word Jew. The Jews do not constitute either a Religion or a Race; they are a Nation without a domicile; there are Jewish “Christians” and Jewish atheists, and they are of exceptionally mixed racial origins. The absurdity of the decision in this case is part of the failure of the British people in general to realise that a man cannot belong to two nations at once; if Louis Cohen had been a Sikh, instead of a Jew, the Magistrate would have had no difficulty in recognising him as a Sikh. The Sikh belongs to a Nation with a religion of its own, but he has not yet been “emancipated” in Britain although he is a British subject. But the Jew has; and that emancipation is fundamentally a falsehood, contrary to reality.

* * * *

When the “experts” have finished proving that there is no Aryan Race, we confidently expect they will proceed to show us that there are no such things as Niggers or Chinks. Those who wish to see with their own eyes the Aryan uncontaminated, should visit, as the Editor has done, the isolated ports on the East coast of Iceland, where the type is fixed; and he will find these 100 per cent Aryans exactly of the same race-type as say, 65 per cent of Britons and Germans.

* * * *

Germany will shortly be adopting a new and scientific monetary system. We think there is every indication that France will soon adopt the idea of the Corporate State; but as for the latter, the main thing is “Who is going to run it?” Frenchmen or Jews?

* * * *

A sickly sentimental article in the Daily Herald of 19th September, describes the scenes at a Synagogue on the Jewish Day of Atonement, and says that at the service on that occasion, “Kol Nidrei,” binds the hearts of 16 million Jews across all the world. (“Kol Nidrei” means “All vows.”)

Here is this foul prayer:–

“All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement until the next day of atonement.. we repent aforehand of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths.”

Do you wonder that there are “anti-semites?” And what about the Daily Herald which gives us sob-stuff about beastly thing like that?

Anarchy Nipped in the Bud


(This article is extracted from “The Star of India,” 14th July, a Calcutta Muslim paper, and was written by Dr. Abdur Rauf Malik, their special correspondent).

BERLIN, July 7th:– Ever since the Revolution of January, 1933, although the National Socialist Party had the entire country in its hands and had come into power, a small group of the party, a group which had immensely helped in creating and organising the Nazi movement, secretly grudged the sudden and dramatic rise of an obscure man of Austria, Herr Hitler, the present Chancellor of the German “Republic.”

This group of ex-soldiers and ex-Generals by no means agreed to the arrangement that Herr Hitler with some of his lieutenants (comparative upstarts and as obscure as Hitler himself) should control the entire apparatus of the Government and that they themselves should be relegated to the thankless task of keeping the Storm Troop force, an instrument created to make the Revolution, in form, while Hitler and his lieutenants should gain laurels on their visits to Venice and to Warsaw.... At the head of such a group stood Rohm, a man who had served with credit in the War. Being dissatisfied with the state of affairs at home, he had gone to some South American States to organise their forces, but in 1925 was called back by Hitler to the Fatherland to organise the Storm Troops and had in fact organised the S.A. as they are called in Germany and helped to create the revolution of 1933 and since then was entrusted with the difficult task of keeping the S.A. in permanent activity.

As the months rolled on, Capt. Rohm carefully prepared the plan of creating a Second Revolution and took some of his leading lieutenants into his confidence. Munich, which was the venue of the first Revolution, was also to be the centre of a Second Revolution. Storm troops of the S.A. were to be the chief instruments in delivering the blow.

General von Schleicher, “the mystery man of Germany,” or the “Shadow Kaiser,” as he is sometimes called here, an able General and an intriguing statesman, who had already tasted the sweets of power (for he was the Chancellor of the German Republic before Hitler) although living in a closely guarded villa in Potsdam, was in closest communication with Rohm and his confidants in Berlin. He was also connected with some diplomatic and financial circles in Paris and London. Von Schleicher was the ablest of the group; coming of an old family of German nobility, he had gone a step further and as is now revealed, was closely connected with some French statesmen such as Barthou, the Minister for Foreign Affairs at Paris, and with some mysterious personality in London. Von Schleicher’s ‘coup d’etat’ was to be supported by foreign money, especially from Paris, although he had sounded some men in London too; but the people there were not very enthusiastic about his plans. Anyhow, he was kept posted of all developments of affairs in London and Paris.

Among many rumours which are passing around here is one which states that French politicians plotted with the Brown Shirts and von Schleicher. Those who advance this theory point to the mysterious activities of the former Khedive of Egypt, Abba Hilmy, who spent last month in Germany and who is considered by many of his acquaintances to be the agent of France. He is mentioned as likely to become King of Syria and the rumours have it that he wished to help France in the hope of being rewarded with the Syrian throne.

The ex-Khedive is reported in some quarters to have helped French agents to get into contact with the Brown Shirt chiefs when they were dissatisfied because they were refused prominent jobs in the German Government. The ex-Khedive gave sumptuous banquets and had a yacht built in Germany as an excuse for his presence there, and he actually asked Von Papen’s wife to christen the ship for him, which she did.

Although Hitler was to some extent aware of some of the doubtful activities during the last 6 months of Capt Rohm, von Schleicher, Heines and Count Spreti, he never dreamed that nothing less than a complete overthrow of the present regime, with all the terrorist means available, was planned by these leaders from his own ranks. Of this sinister plan, he came to know only about the middle of June. Since then, some of the members of the German Cabinet, such as Dr. Goebbels, General Goering and Capt. Hess had indirectly warned those who were planning a Second Revolution.

But no heed was taken and on the evening of 29th June, Storm Troopers actually appeared in the streets of Munich with the slogan “The Leader is against us, come, strike the blow!” And this movement would have spread through the entire length and breadth of Germany but for the sudden and crushing blow which Hitler personally delivered on 30th June in Munich. The onslaught of the Chancellor was so sudden and swift that the entire revolution was nipped in the bud.


LAST month we pointed out that Milstein, a Jew from the Polish Embassy, had attended the international Masonic meeting in 1933 which was planning the destruction of Germany in the Jewish interest. We note that this same Milstein, who is a son-in-law of one of the Rothschilds of France, has been in Lithuania lately, ostensibly on a mission regarding the possibilities of settling Jews from Germany there, but actually as Pilsudski’s representative to sound the Lithuanian Government regarding a Polish-Lithuanian Peace Treaty.

Here we have all the links in the chain: Rothschild, Masonry, Jew, Vital Alliance between two of Germany’s neighbours.

* * *

General O’Duffy, of the Irish Blue Shirts, is a Freemason.

* * *

We possess an official list of the members of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, London (Grand Lodge of England), issued on December 27th, 1913. Membership of the Lodge is limited to 40, but there is attached a “Correspondence Circle” of Lodges and “Brothers” numbering (in 1913) about 3,500. In the list of deceased members appears the name of John Yarker, in the living members, Dr. Wm. Wynn Westcott, and in the “brethren” of the Circle, Lord Ampthill, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England. We remind our readers that John Yarker was also Grand Master of the Rite of Mizraim, which in 1862 was absorbed by the Grand Orient of France, and from a lodge of which the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion were stolen in 1884; and that Wm. Westcott was associated with Theodore Reuss in the foundation of the Ordo Templi Orientis (see May issue of The Fascist), for which the notorious Aleister Crowley (“Beast 666”), was appointed Grand Master for Great Britain and Ireland. Yet, in the face of such facts, we are told that “English Freemasonry is purely philanthropic and non-political, and has no connection with the Grand Orient.”




An Organisation consecrated to the service of the British race and Empire in every sphere of national activity.

The aim of the League is to replace the present out-worn “democratic” method of Government by the adoption of a Fascist Constitution headed by the Monarchy, with an Executive of selected men of character and of service, aided and advised by an Industrial House of Commons representative of the organised productive forces of the Country.

The first principles of Statecraft demand the following policy, which cannot be obtained under a system of counting heads, regardless of their contents:–

1.– Provision of adequate protective forces to secure the safety of the Empire.

2.– Preservation of the National Character, particularly of the priceless and world-wide reputation of the BRITON for Honesty.

3.– Elimination of evil alien influences, especially that of the Jews.

4.– Deliverance from the fraud of the Gold Standard; adoption of a Scientific Monetary System.

5.– Upholding Agriculture, for the Nation’s sake.

6.– Federation of the Empire’s foreign policy.

7.– Protection of our Industries, as requisite.

8.– Compulsory Arbitration in industrial disputes and cessation of industrial civil war.

Write for information to the Secretary-General,



LONDON – – W.C.2.


IN view of the efforts now being made on the part of the Jew-subsidised archaeologists and anthropologists to make the public believe that mixture of races is advantageous to civilisation, the following extract from the Annals of Eugenics, 1925, the organ of a non-political body, the Galton Laboratory of Biometrics, is of topical interest:–

“Jewish immigrants do not assimilate but tend to form a nation within a nation. Taken in the average, and regarding both sexes, this alien population is inferior physically and mentally to the native population.” “The native level is not the product of the atmosphere but of centuries of racial history and selection. The Jews will not strengthen the native population; they will develop into a parasitic race. This does not tend to the welfare of the host nation.”

“In answer to the objection that in the past we have benefitted by the admission of aliens, such as Hugenots, Flemings, etc., for the arts they have given us, the argument for admission of such immigrants has, we fear, been misused in the past in order to obtain cheap labour.”

“The owner of a pure-bred herd would not consider it justifiable to run the risk of spoiling his stock by the mixing of it with an inferior breed for the sake of a few interesting specimens which might result from the experiment.

“In a crowded country, only the superior stocks should be allowed entry, not the inferior stocks, in the hope unjustified by any statistical enquiry that they will rise to the native level by living in a new atmosphere.... They will not be absorbed.”


The Blackshirt of 31st August says, “Under a Fascist Government in Britain Freemasons would enjoy exactly the same rights as they enjoy to-day,” and this statement was made by the Editor!

* * *

Mr. Joyce, a speaker of the “British Union of Fascists,” brought an action against the Daily Worker for alleged incitement. According to the Daily Herald of 25th August, his lawyer was to have been Mr. St. John Hutchinson, whose daughter recently married a Rothschild, but he was prevented from attending through illness. “Yes, we have no Jews.”


We often wondered why Professor J. B. S. Haldane is always to the fore in Jew-boosting, deriding the Aryan race and so forth. The Daily Herald of 24th September published a portrait of his wife, which led us to further enquiries: Then we found her maiden name was Frankel. So that’s that.

* * * *

Lecturing to the German Jewish Centre in New York on 29th August, the Jew, Kurt Rosenfeld said that the only solution to the Jewish question which would bring about the destruction of Germany would be a combination between Jewry, Communism and Socialism; the Communists and Socialists must form a common anti-Fascist front which must be supported financially by the Jews so that Marxist propaganda can be sent in larger quantities to Germany.

* * * *

The new Duke of St. Albans had a Jewish grandfather, Mr. Bernel Osborne.

* * * *

A huge Swastika has been laid out in whitewashed stones on the slopes of Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Advertisment in ‘The Fascist’ newspaper, October 1934, edited by Arnold Leese


The Engineering Supplement of The Times, dated 4th August states, “There is a marked tendency in certain areas for the native English and Scottish stock to be displaced by Jewish and Southern Irish elements, who multiply more quickly than the native population. If this movement goes on a radical alteration in the general character of the British people will take place during the next century or two.”

Our Jewish readers will find no difficulty in identifying the hand of Hitler behind this display of narrow-minded race-prejudice, but who are we to blame for this new injustice to Ireland?


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