Petition to the Queen

12 Noon, Wednesday 7th February 2001

Definite arrangements have now been made. We shall present the people’s Petition to the Queen (for onward transmission to Her Majesty), asking her to refuse her Royal Assent to the Treaty of Nice, to the House of Lords at 12 Noon on Wednesday 7 February. Our petition summarises that we, the British people, must do all we can to arrest and reverse the loss of our nation’s independence, whilst our MP’s continue to throw it away.

Magna Carta – which in this respect has never been amended – states that twenty-five Lords (or Peers, or Barons as they were then), may accept a people’s petition to the reigning monarch. They then appoint four to convey that petition to the Queen. She then has to respond personally to the people within 40 days.

This is an historic occasion. Only two other Petitions have been delivered to the Queen in this way: in May and December 1688.

10:30am, 7 February – Assemble at Churchill’s Statue, Parliament Square.


Subjects Against the NIce TreatY

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A Petition to

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

presented under clause 61 of Magna Carta, 1215

February 2001

To Defend British Rights and Freedoms


as our humble duty, we draw to Your Majesty’s attention:

  1. The loss of our national independence and the erosion of our ancient rights, freedoms and customs since the United Kingdom became a member of the European Economic Community (now European Union) in 1973;
  2. The terms of the Treaty of Nice, 2000, which, if ratified, will cause significant new losses of national independence, and further imperil the rights and freedoms of the British people, by surrendering powers to the European Union;

    a) To enter into international treaties binding on the United Kingdom, without the consent of your Government;

    b) To ban political parties, deny free association and restrict the free expression of political opinion;

    c) Which can be used to introduce an alien system of criminal justice, abolish the ancient British rights of habeas corpus and trial by jury, and allow onto British soil men-at-arms from other countries with powers of enforcement;

    d) To create a military force which will place British service personnel under the command of the European Union without reference to British interests, contrary to:

    i) The oath of personal loyalty to the Crown sworn by British forces,

    ii) The Queen’s Commission, and

    iii) The United Kingdom’s obligations to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation;

    e) Which remove the United Kingdom’s right to veto decisions not in British interests;

  3. The creation by the European Union of a Charter of Fundamental Rights, which purports to give it the power to abolish such “rights” at will;
  4. The unlawful use of the Royal Prerogative to:

    a) Suspend or offend against statutes in ways which are prejudicial and detrimental to your sovereignty, contrary to the Coronation Oath Act, 1688;

    b) Subvert the rights and liberties of your loyal subjects, contrary to the ruling in Nichols v. Nichols, 1576;

  5. Your Majesty’s power to withhold the Royal Assent, and the precedent set by Queen Anne under a similar threat to the security of the Realm in 1707.

WHEREFORE it is our humble duty TO PETITION Your Majesty

  • To withhold the Royal Assent from any Parliamentary Bill which attempts to ratify the Treaty of Nice unless and until the people of the United Kingdom have given clear and specific approval;
  • To uphold and preserve the rights, freedoms and customs of your loyal subjects as set out in Magna Carta and the Declaration of Rights, which you, our Sovereign, swore before the nation to uphold and preserve in your Coronation Oath of June 1953.

We have the honour to be Your Majesty’s loyal and obedient subjects.


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