You Can Still

Say No To Tesco

We didn’t want them, we didn’t need them,
We tried our hardest to impede them,
But our voice was taken, and our petitions ignored,
By a company and council who have no regard.

Not only have we lost the land,
And all its varied uses,
We’ve lost the life of local trade,
And all that it produces.

Walkergate School stands in silence,
The cattle market is no more,
And all that we have to replace our heritage,
Is a Tesco super eye-sore.

Call this progress, surely not?
Surely people haven’t forgot,
We still have a voice, still have a choice,
And plenty of other places to shop.

Why pay more? Why indeed,
We already know the extent of their greed,
So don’t support them, shop elsewhere,
Come on Beverley, show that you care!

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–– The Heretical Press ––