Defence Documents

Around half of the material served on the “CPS” on 6 and 7 June 2000 was inadmissible as evidence, and the remainder the judge found it expedient to ignore. The material below is, I believe, admissible as evidence.
The first item, the statement, was made by someone who was unwilling to attend court as a defence witness. In this case the prosecution are able to object to its admission into evidence, which they did. It is useful here as a model statement because I am told it is just the sort of thing that impresses juries.

Group 1. A statement by an Avenues resident as follows:

‘To whom it may concern,

‘I know Mr. Sheppard... and I believe he was a resident in the area. I have no trouble with Mr. Sheppard and have always found him a polite, inoffensive young man.

‘I did see this leaflet distributed during June of 1999 and I did not find it offensive, depending on ones view and mood of the day, one could even say it was quite amusing in parts.

‘We get all kinds of leaflets and newsletters pushed through our letterboxes around here and I believe it is down to the individual to decide the material he or she wishes to read or discard.

‘No-one can agree with everything printed and it would be a sad world if everyone thought the same way. But if Mr. Sheppard is responsible for upsetting someone with this leaflet then there’s no accounting for another person’s level of insecurity.

‘I do not agree with some of the content in the local labour party newsletters so it goes straight in the bin, its hardly a case for calling in the local police who surely have far more important things to look into.’

Group 3. Miscellaneous evidence of Treason

Group 4. Evidence of the treasonous Imperium in Imperio and other illegal activities of Jewish organisations

Group 5. Evidence of complicity in the treasonous conspiracy by the Court Service and its acting against the wishes and interests of the British people

Group 6. A summary of evidence of the illicit nature of the Jewish-made laws

Group 7. The legal basis of my claim to freedom from attainder arising from revealing the take-over of our nation

[ 2000 ]

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