Colin Jordan

‘The Demon of Diabaig’ writes from Thor Nook

An open letter dated 24 May 2002 to the people of Diabaig, answering various newspaper attacks


In recent weeks, in my absence from Diabaig while staying at my other home in Yorkshire, there has been a bit of a buzz about me, caused by various venomous onslaughts by various newspapers exhibiting the characteristics of a gutter press. These opulent and despotic instruments of public influence – a virtual government of the public mind – have, as part and parcel of their hate campaign against me, refused to allow me a right of reply, zealously excluding my letters of correction sent to their editors for publication.

Seemingly, in their one-sided conception of their vaunted ‘freedom of the press’ – conceived as the freedom to malign without a freedom for those maligned to answer them – they are frightened of you hearing what I have to say. Well, you are entitled to hear something from my side, and to be able to consider it, and not to be obliged to rely only on what these partisan papers thrust on you. Hence this open letter to you, now that I am back at Diabaig.


The very first point to be recorded is that, previously, in the fifty years and more in which I have been associated with Loch Torridon – since I first walked into the area in 1949, after obtaining an Honours Degree in History at Cambridge University – I have never at any time sought to introduce my politics into the community. This you all know to be true beyond dispute. The reason for this abstention has certainly not been any timidity regarding my beliefs, or feeling of embarrassment because of the action against me for them by the opposing authorities, far from it, but simply and solely that I have kept my political activities elsewhere, and came to Wester Ross for relaxation.

Nevertheless, something of my politics became known in the locality in the 1960s, when my political opponents then in power acted to suppress my freedom of expression at a time when I had a croft at Wester Alligin for some twenty years. So my political background is really no new news to local people and to newspapers local and national. So why all the uproar just now?


The answer to the question I have just posed is quite simple and obvious to any sensible and fair-minded person. It is my perfectly legitimate, reasonably presented objection to the planning application for a multi-faith ‘sanctuary’ to be erected at Diabaig (the pretentious project of a couple of arty-crafty left-wing cranks presenting themselves as ‘earthway designer’ and ‘minister’) which has been seized on as providing the unscrupulous scribes of a feel-free press with a pretext for having a go at me. Nothing else existed to serve the malignant purpose of the political forces behind these organs of public indoctrination. The fact that all the stuff about Colin Jordan some forty years ago was completely irrelevant to the issue of a planning application of today did not bother them in the slightest. The only important thing was to uphold and benefit the ‘sanctuary,’ which has brought all the disturbance to Diabaig, by blackguarding me, one but only one of the objectors, the rest of whom are treated contemptuously as non-existent or of no account.

My objection was not presented as any presumptuous pretence to speak for Diabaig collectively. I most certainly do not have the right so to speak, and most certainly never thought to pretend I have. Equally certainly I have the right as a resident to say what I, as one person, believe to be injurious to the Diabaig, past, present and future, which I cherish.


I have had my say in opposition to the ‘sanctuary’ in a document put on the village noticeboard a while back, and I do not propose to inflict any repetition on you here. Suffice it to say that this project has been forced on the people of Diabaig by a Planning Officer and a Planning Committee which have disregarded the opposition of the majority of the residents who wrote to those authorities about the planning application, including the laird, and, additionally, the opposition of the local Community Council in its concern for local interests, and furthermore in disregard of the Highland Council’s own guidelines as set out in its textbook, ‘The Highland Structure Plan Written Statement’ a copy of which I have recently been able to obtain and which is before me now.

I hold the conduct of the Planning Officer and the Planning Committee in this respect to amount to malpractice, and I will be accusing them of this in a complaint I shall shortly be submitting to the Local Government Ombudsman. The Planning Officer, while asked to inform me regarding avenues of appeal, failed to do so within the allotted time for a ‘Notice of Amendment’ and ‘Notice of Motion’ via a local Councillor, and failed to inform me of the possibility of recourse to the Court of Session.


While five newspapers in all chose to adorn the matter of the ‘sanctuary’ with extensive exploitation of events in my political past some forty years ago, two of them – the ‘Press and Journal’ and the ‘North Star’ have had the decency to publish letters of mine, although in the case of the first of these with a substantial cut. The remaining three have indulged in their vicious falsification while refusing to publish letters of correction. A sixth newspaper, ‘The Ross-shire Journal,’ to its credit did not indulge in such smearing, and has published a letter of mine.

‘THE GUARDIAN’ in the course of its bitterly biased and inaccurate recitation of my past as supposedly relevant to a planning application in the present, told its readers that the ‘serenity’ of Diabaig had been ‘shattered’ by my activities here, which must solely amount to my objection to that application, since there have been none other. It went on in respect of that application to accuse me of ‘a one man war against it’ something you know to be so blatantly untrue as to cause you to view with suspicion anything else it says against me.

It then proceeded to print another falsehood, namely that I was last November by Leeds Crown Court ‘ordered to take no part in politics’ which, if true, would have been an unheard of excess of jurisdiction beyond the right of any court in the country. The fact as opposed to the fiction is that a while back a collection of political opponents, almost entirely Jewish, brought about a prosecution against literature of mine produced at my Yorkshire address over the past ten years, including a book of mine, ‘Merrie England 2,000’ which they wanted banned because of its exposure of what Britain has been brought to by its misleaders and the dominant minorities they serve. They wanted to take away my freedom of expression while always so eager to uphold their own.

Three cardiac specialists reported that my condition of congestive heart failure, on top of other disabilities at 78, rendered me unfit to conduct my own defence, as is always my practice, as well as my legal right, in a trial expected to last a whole month. Accordingly the prosecution was stopped, the ‘stay’ to be permanent unless it became apparent at some future date that my health had sufficiently improved to render me fit for trial. Thus no political ban was imposed, apart from the fact that I would never at any time accept and conform to such an illegitimate ruling of repression.

‘SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY,’ while repeating the silly lie that I have been ordered ‘to take no part in politics’ specially spiced its extensive piece of vilification with the purported discovery of ‘One resident, who asked not to be named’ who gave vent to a singular animosity by declaring that I should not be allowed to enjoy retirement in Diabaig because of the deaths of Jews at a typhus-stricken camp in Germany at the end of the war over half a century ago, when conditions were chaotic and medical and food supplies interrupted. What this has to do with the planning application out of which all the fuss has arisen, he made no ef fort whatsoever to indicate, just as he spared not a thought or word for the hundreds of British soldiers and policemen murdered by the Jews in Palestine in the remaining years of the British Mandate immediately following that war.

So it seems we need to be on the lookout for a secretive trouble-maker in our midst, skulking in the shadows of anonymity, eager to defame in the bitterness of his mysterious animosity, but lacking the courage to identify himself. Truly a redoubtable warrior!

‘WEST HIGHLAND FREE PRESS’ has been the most malignant of the bunch. It has indulged in no less than three lengthy attacks on me, two of them on its front page, all arising simply and solely out of my expressed objection to the projected ‘sanctuary,’ while refusing to publish a letter of reply from me. Its first lie lay in the headline of its first report which accused me of ‘Spreading poison in Wester Ross.’ Precisely what this poison spreading is held to be, it did not choose to disclose. It then went on to lie a second time by alleging that I have transferred ‘propagandising activities’ to Diabaig, and next sought to impugn my statement to another newspaper that I ceased to be a leader or even a member of any political organisation over 25 years ago, which is a provable truth, by twisting it to be a statement that I had forsaken all political activities in the 1970s which is quite a different matter and something I have never suggested.

It next falsely alleged to fit its image of violence that my house in Diabaig, Thor Nook, had been so named ‘after the pagan Aryan god of war ’ whereas Thor in Norse mythology was the patron of crofters and farmers after whom Thursday was named, Tyr being the war god. Since Diabaig as a place name is of Norse origin and its An Torr next to my home may well have a Norse relevance, it is quite appropriate and nothing bellicose to give that home that name.

In its second frontpage attack it trotted out the same lie as that of ‘The Guardian’ that the Leeds court had ordered me ‘to take no part in politics, even socially.’ I have reported this lie to the court as constituting a ‘contempt of court.’

Another example of ‘Free Press’ misinformation was to the effect that I was involved in the erection of a memorial in Scotland to Rudolf Hess’s wartime peace flight. This happens to have been the work of others. However, I must readily assert that I have always had the utmost respect for Hess’s most gallant attempt to end the fratricidal conflict between Britain and Germany. Had he succeeded in his most brave and benevolent mission, a great number of British and German and other lives would have been saved. It is also untrue that this memorial was destroyed by ‘a group of young local men’ as this paper alleges. The truth is that it was vandalised by an Asian from Glasgow called Aamer Anwar, the leader of a communist-front group.

This ‘Free Press,’ whose freedom shows itself in vilification regardless of truth and without right of reply, significantly has placed itself outside the ambit of the newspaper regulatory body, the Press Complaints Commission, refusing to abide by its Code of Practice laying down a right to have published a reply to inaccurate and misleading and distorted reports such as this paper has printed against me in pursuit of the unsavoury vested interests it serves. Other complaints have been sent by me to the Press Complaints Commission against ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Scotland on Sunday’ which are currently being investigated and considered by the Commission.


These newspapers, not I, have chosen to drag Hitler into Diabaig in their desire to exploit the wartime propaganda of half a century ago, although you and I may well wonder what he has to do with the rights and wrongs of a planning application here today. As they have brought him into the picture, as something against me, I am prompted thereby to make just one remark on the subject which is this. It was not this supreme ogre of theirs who brought about an invasion of Britain: an invasion of millions of Africans and Asians over the past fifty or so years which with their fecundity has now brought us to the position where demographers estimate that Coloureds will become the majority in our population well within the present century.

This foreign invasion has been brought about by our own misleaders, the sort of people who want to silence Colin Jordan from exposing them, deeming gaol the answer to argument they cannot meet in fair and open debate. I cannot conceive a greater crime than theirs, making these traitors and renegades the greatest criminals in our history. I say this mindful of the fact that, if you had told servicemen in the 1939-45 war that, in its aftermath, Britain would be made predominantly Coloured, first of all they would not have believed you, and, secondly, if they had, they would have turned their guns against the enemy in our midst intent on allowing and promoting and catering for this ghastly invasion, leading to racial ruination by interbreeding, and the destruction of our ancient heritage. It is my pride that I have fought against this Coloured Invasion from its start and throughout my life.


This is a point you may well come to ponder. Well, the arch culprit in the campaign of denigration, the so-called ‘West Highland Free Press’ gave the game away when it let slip that its source and inspiration has been none other than the monthly magazine of smear called ‘Searchlight’ published by a Jew of the name of Gerry Gable. Who is this Gable and what has he been up to?

Gerry Gable is, first of all, a man of false pretences, having been convicted of stealing a post office warrant card and using it to pose as a post office engineer in order thereby to break into the home of a writer he disliked so that he could make off with his private papers. An accomplice on this occasion was another Jew, Manny Carpel, convicted and imprisoned for burning down the premises of a printer of my sort of literature, causing more than £50, 000 damages in the value of the time. Other criminal offences of Carpel, Gable’s crony, included breaking into the premises of another printer with intent to commit a felony, and assaulting a police officer with a metal hook.

Gable was a close associate of the deceased Jewish gangster Harold Bidney, who was acclaimed by Gable on his death because of his ‘anti-fascist’ activities. Bidney’s illustrious activities included living off the earnings of prostitutes, for which he was convicted, and his co-defendant, who was gaoled, admitted in court that he had sought to procure a youth for the homosexual indulgences of sexual pervert Harold Bidney. See the ‘Daily Telegraph’ 6/8/77 and the ‘Evening Standard’ 5/8/77 for the details.

Mr John Milward, Birmingham Stipendiary Magistrate, described Gable’s ‘Searchlight,’ the luminary of the ‘Free Press,’ ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Scotland on Sunday,’ as ‘scurrilous and disreputable’ when years ago I brought a case of criminal libel against ‘Searchlight.’ Some years later, the BRMB radio station, which broadcast defamation against me by one of Gable’s associates, was obliged to pay me substantial damages and broadcast a retraction. Gable and his associates have organised physical attacks on their political opponents, including myself, and sought to intimidate them, and deprive them of their employment, and are in fact a bunch of vicious thugs and terrorists.


This Gerry Gable, friend of the ‘Free Press,’ ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Scotland on Sunday’ and ultimately responsible for the press attacks on me, is a friend and supporter of communist tyranny. He started out as a member of the Young Communist League. He became a reporter for the Communist Party newspaper, and then a Communist Party trade union organiser. He stood as a Communist Party candidate for the Northfield Ward in Hackney in 1962. He thereby displayed his acceptance of and support for the greatest tyranny the world has ever seen, that of Stalin’s Soviet Russia with the greatest ever network of concentration camps, and the biggest ever death toll of victims. Informed and detailed estimates of this Red Holocaust range between 2l½ and 80 million dead for the USSR alone, and thus excluding all the other victims in Eastern Europe and elsewhere in the world. This Red Holocaust massively overshadows all the allegations against Nazi Germany, true or fictitious. Yet those supposed champions of democracy, Churchill and Roosevelt, enthusiastically allied themselves and the misled people of Britain and America with this monstrous tyranny, genially terming the bloodthirsty Stalin their ‘Uncle Joe.’

Stalin’s disciple, the communist Gerry Gable, has never once condemned this greatest and most murderous of tyrannies. To this day he has never criticised the communist cause he continues to serve under now the banner of ‘anti-fascism,’ Moscow’s wartime window-dressing.


It so happens that my good companion, Julia Safrany, whom you all know, has had personal experience of the tyranny I have been talking about, and which Gable has upheld and the ‘West Highland Free Press’ does nothing to denounce. In 1956, and prior to then, when Gable was openly working for the Communist Party of Great Britain, instead of as now serving communism in the guise of ‘anti-fascism,’ Julia was living in communist Hungary under Stalin’s satellite regime. In that year Hungarian patriots rose up in a most courageous fight for freedom despite the odds, and her then husband was active in that fight. At first the Hungarian freedom fighters managed to force the Red Army to withdraw, but later Soviet tanks and soldiers in overwhelming strength came in and crushed the resistance. So the young couple had to flee the country like so many others to avoid being caught and killed either by the Red Army or the Jews of the communist secret police serving Stalin’s satellite regime, largely composed of Jews. Secretly fording an icy river at the frontier in mid-winter, they managed to escape. So Julia eventually ended up at Diabaig, only to be caught up in the hate campaign now of Stalin’s supporter, Gerry Gable, and his mouthpiece the misnamed ‘Free Press.’

So do not talk to us about the alleged evils of Hitler ‘s Germany while, like Gable and these newspapers, saying not a word against the far greater horrors of communism and its Red Holocaust! And do not tell us that communism has disappeared! Contrary to superficial assessment, communism has certainly not gone from the West. It has only slyly and successfully gone underground in order insidiously and in anonymity to progress and succeed more easily in implanting its ideas and achieving its purposes. The multiracial, multi-cultural and multi-faith causes – now commonly called political correctness – are authentic aspects of the drive piecemeal and by stealth towards the ultimate goal of a revolutionary world fusion and integration, a globalism which is tantamount to world communism.

The curtailment of free speech by legislation against the expression of racial patriotism, and the employment of what amounts to a Thought Police to that end, which I have plentifully experienced both in the past and the present, are characteristic features of a communism in fact without the name.


Thank you for your attention, assuming you have given it, to what I have had to say. Having only now, and for the very first time, discussed my politics in Diabaig, and only doing so now because the hostile press, prompted by Gable, has brought them in, obliging me to do so, I have no desire or intention to put them before you further, providing my opponents do not oblige me to say more.

If those who were friendly with us before the press uproar wish to continue as before, fine! We will indeed be very pleased to have the best possible relations with all who themselves want this and show this. But for any who, in sheep-like response to that press uproar, prefer in any way and to the slightest degree to look unfavourably on us, let them be assured that this will be equally fine with us too, and we will not be upset in the very slightest for their reaction will simply and usefully show us those who are not really worth knowing.

Colin Jordan

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