An Exchange of Correspondence with Hull City Council


Chief Executive’s Department
The Guildhall,
Alfred Gelder Street,
Kingston upon Hull
Mr. S. Sheppard
The Heretical Press
P.O. Box 1004,
17th November 1998
Dear Sir,

Access to Libraries

I refer to your letter of 29th October, 1998 regarding the above matter.

On the 26th April, bye-laws were introduced regulating the use of public libraries within the City. Under the bye-laws a library officer may exclude any person who contravenes any of the bye-laws from any library maintained by the Council. Bye-law no. 9 states as follows:

“No person shall behave in a disorderly manner in the library, use violent, abusive or obscene language therein, or intentionally or recklessly cause or do anything likely to cause injury to any other person or property.”

I have on record numerous incidents involving yourself when you have been abusive and aggressive towards staff. Further you have sought to distribute literature which in the view of library staff would be offensive and likely to cause injury to other persons.

Accordingly you are excluded from all libraries maintained by the Council.

Yours faithfully,


for Civic Law


PO Box 1004
Yorkshire, HU3 2YT
Mr. P. Dearing
Chief Executive’s Department
Kingston Upon Hull City Council
Alfred Gelder Street
10 December 1998

Your ref. CIV/PD/HMB

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 17 November about my being banned from Hull’s Public Libraries. I do not deny using blunt language, in the Yorkshire tradition of plain speaking, but it is far better that anger provoked by blatant totalitarian censorship be directed at the culprits rather than misdirected. I shall not be planning any bombing campaign of public buildings, nor will I encourage anyone else to do so, but I can well understand the motivation of someone that did. It is my opinion, and I am certain that it will be the verdict of history, that our “public servants” are guilty of criminal fraud.

  1. The selection of journals in the Central Library is just one area where employees of the Council abuse the public trust by selecting publications to promote their own political agenda. It is their duty to serve all the people of Hull, not just ethnic minorities who were brought into this country against the wishes of the British people, a policy for which no democratic mandate was ever obtained.
  2. The staff at the Central Library have been informed on several occasions that many of the “photographs” in their books are forgeries. They continue to issue those books knowing them to be fraudulent. Anyone who knowingly perpetuates a lie is a liar.
  3. Numerous displays have been allowed in the Central Library which I find extremely offensive. Recent examples include the promotion of homosexuality and “Why British women are turning to Islam.” At the same time, my own library display, particularly about the Anne Frank Diary, was banned, when my only objective was to present the truth. In fact I have spent many hours studying the original Dutch text of the Anne Frank Diary and my conclusions are not unfounded.

The truth is only suppressed by State officials when criminals are in power. In summary, I stand by the text of my leaflet, 13,000* of which have now been distributed in the Hull area and beyond, that the Central Library, and practically every other source of information, has been taken over by liars, cheats and traitors.

Yours faithfully,


Simon Sheppard


* The final total was 25,000

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