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Six Chimneys

There once was a jewboy named Solly,
Who spent all his life making lolly,
But we turned the gas on,
Old Solly did pass on
And now he’s a lampshade and brolly!

With the dissolution of the former Soviet Union in 1991, the captured German records of the Auschwitz industrial complex were released by the Russians. Included were the ‘Death Books,’ some 73 or 74 bound volumes, containing the death certificates and examining doctors’ reports on all deaths in the industrial complex. The following figures should be of interest: The camp closed in January of 1945. The total death count was 73,137. Of these 47,539 died from typhus (which the Jewish partisans bragged that they had a hand in the introduction into the camps as part of their war effort). 25,598 died of ‘natural’ causes (including suicide, execution for sabotage, murder, theft of food and the like). 38,031 were listed as Jews on the death rolls.

[The Holocaust] “is not simply one example of genocide but a nearly successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.” Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, writing in the ADL’s Frontline, January 1994. These vermicious knids really do believe they are a cut above everyone else. What are Jews? A racial crime syndicate. A nation of whiners-through-time, the human form of lampreys, leeches and ticks. If a Jew cuts his finger, the galaxy is guilty. What did you do to prevent it? What a loathsome race of racketeers, the Jews. Eternally extorting, eternally whining, eternally ugly, eternally disliked. The “Holocaust” was the best thing that ever happened to them. If it hadn’t happened, they would have had to make it up. Oh, wait...

For Wiesel... the Holocaust is effectively a “mystery” religion. Thus Wiesel intones that the Holocaust “leads into darkness,” “negates all answers,” “lies outside, if not beyond, history,” “defies both knowledge and description,” “cannot be explained nor visualized,” is “never to be comprehended or transmitted,” marks a “destruction of history” and a “mutation on a cosmic scale.” Only the survivor-priest (read: only Wiesel) is qualified to divine its mystery. And yet, the Holocaust’s mystery, Wiesel avows, is “noncommunicable”; “we cannot even talk about it.” Thus, for his standard fee of $25,000 (plus chauffeured limousine), Wiesel lectures that the “secret” of Auschwitz’s “truth lies in silence.” (Finkelstein on Elie Wiesel.)

“The prisoners in the camp at Osen used to sleep in their shirts without any underpants. The prisoners who were caught sleeping in their underpants were killed on the spot by SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dolps. In the same manner he killed all those who appeared on parade, which he reviewed personally, in soiled underwear.” – International Military Tribunal (IMT) vol. VII, page 435

The nauseous, flickering Yid-glare of five – count ‘em! – five non-stop nights of “Holocaust television!” Greasy smoke rolled from the chimneys as the SS hammered nails into my head and lashed me six million times, buried me alive, took my expensive wristwatch, and brutally packed my bullet-torn ashes upside-down into a flaming boxcar which filled slowly with poison gas as it rolled hundreds of miles to the excrement-smeared ovens, which were lined with barbed wire to rip the starved flesh from my bones as I slaved naked in the soap vats while pale hands clawed from the quivering, blood-soaked earth as the Diesel motors roared, my fat melting and running like water from the fake shower heads when the laughing machine-gunners kicked me with their red-hot jackboots, then pulled my mouth open with a steel hook and jammed the eyeglasses of the dead down my throat and set drunken police dogs on me to make me climb the electric fence to the gallows, where they hanged me with a whip atop a huge pile of blazing toys which were torn from the hands of the hollow-eyed, skeletal children who screamed and screamed and screamed, “CHANGE THE CHANNEL!”

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