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Six Chimneys

The unique nature of the Holocaust – unprecedented in human history, and unparalleled in its use of the machinery of a state for the destruction and genocide of an entire people – leaves the survivors of that genocide and their descendants especially qualified to advise on how we are to combat attempts by modern groups to repeat those awful events. Even now, so-called “Revisionists” attempt to deny the unspeakably horrific frenzy of evil the Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazi mass murderers. That cruel persecution and ineffable suffering must never be allowed to recur.

Implicit in our remembrance of the Holocaust is the striving for a world of peace, equality, and love for all mankind. The legacy of those hardy survivors is our commitment to toil for a world where all men can come together with warmth as brethren, and we must not fail them. Our objective is a world without borders, where no one is denied access or opportunity because of the colour of their skin, an accident of heredity, or their religion. The eyes of the world can look upon the Holy Land and see these fine ideals in practice today.

Peace and tolerance have been taught us by our prophets and sages throughout the ages, and we should not reject their wisdom. We must be ceaseless in our struggle against the paramount crimes of bigotry, hate, and racism, lest the Original Sin of the Holocaust ever be repeated. If we are to achieve that better world we must pursue intolerance relentlessly and exterminate the Nazi devil for all time. For who knows what fate might befall mankind if the Chosen People were completely removed from the world once again.



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