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Six Chimneys*

This sub-site is a tribute to the six million – possibly many more but not one less – who were diabolically and vicariously murdered between January 1942 and January 1945. May it never be forgotten that those brave souls – who died to save the world from a recurrence of this great evil – were only a sixth, a fraction of the prisoners the Evil Ones captured and put to death, illustrating the extent of the cold-blooded slaughter and sheer scale of the menace which threatened the world at that time. Fortunately, a small number – a very small number – survived to give testimony to the events of those dark days, when the sun was obscured by the belching clouds of smoke emanating from the crematory chimneys: blue smoke for Hungarians, green for Poles, and yellow for Ukranians, according to the origin of the innocents that day being consumed in the death factories.

The fine dust of their mortal bodies, ascending to heaven, is but one tribute to their suffering.

Here we particularly commemorate those of no fixed abode, or peculiar composition or especial talents, who were denied their impress upon eyewitnesses like Arnold Friedman. So, by G-d’s grace, we acknowledge and pledge our eternal vigilance, lest we ever momentarily forget...




* The title of this sub-site derives from Olga Lengyel’s implausible autobiography, Five Chimneys. Since it is known that one of the Auschwitz chimneys is a dummy, constructed after the war, we thought we’d go one better.

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With acknowledgements to A. Wyatt Mann and Michael A. Hoffman II