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Bergstraat 18, Amsterdam circa 1992, where Simon Sheppard lived

There has never been a book like this before. Not only is The Tyranny of Ambiguity an engaging story, the author proposes a system which forms a basis for the complete understanding of human behaviour. It is a major advance in human understanding.

The book begins with accounts of a series of experiments into basic mating strategies which took place on the streets of Amsterdam. The narrative is alternated by theoretical sections as the theories, such as a breakdown of the costs and benefits of sex, develop from the experimental evidence.

Many psychological phenomena are detailed but one given particular attention is neurosis, defined as the condition which arises when one stimulus evokes two or more responses. The analysis displays a refreshing clarity, enhancing our understanding of many essential human mechanisms.

A number of ‘procedures’ are defined, encapsulating many of the behaviours we see in everyday life. During one notable sequence of encounters the author glimpsed the mind of the serial killer. This experiment might be remembered alongside Pavlov’s famous bell. Indeed Sheppard remarks that he was the dog! Simon Sheppard, The Tyranny of Ambiguity, paperback edition, with new preface, 528 pages, £21, ISBN 978-1-901240-35-1, 2019. Further details of The Tyranny of Ambiguity

Improved features of the second hardback edition (2013) include:
  • Footnotes incorporated into the main text;
  • Indexes (Unnamed Individuals Index and General Index);
  • Fuller descriptions of some of the major characters;
  • A few additional events recounted.
The spine of the hardback edition of The Tyranny of Ambiguity

Sex & Power

When they are honest, women will admit that men are putty in their hands. Yet in all the millions of words that have been written on psychology, there has never been an explanation of how women are able to manipulate men so successfully. Finally, this question is answered.
       Human males provide their mates with resources to an extent that is unprecedented in the natural world. Furthermore, contemporary man not only works to support his wife and children but, through current welfare systems, he sustains prospective mates he will never meet and even his rivals. This book goes a long way in explaining how this extraordinary situation has come about.
       While shuttling between Amsterdam and London the author conducted a series of investigations in a ‘back to basics’ assault on illogicality and obfuscation. The result of those investigations is Procedural Analysis, a new way of looking at human behaviour. Numerous strategies people employ in everyday life are identified and there are some novel perspectives on familiar concepts.
       This manual includes many anecdotes of the extraordinary things people get up to when they are allowed free rein of their instincts.

Simon Sheppard, Sex & Power: A Manual on Male-Female Relations, large format, 200 pages, £21, ISBN 978-1-901240-24-5, 2013 (both hardback and softback editions currently available). Further details of Sex & Power

The front cover of Sex and Power by Simon Sheppard

The front cover of The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens comic book. Text by George Lincoln Rockwell.    

The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens

George Lincoln Rockwell

This is a superbly illustrated comic-book edition of George Lincoln Rockwell’s famous poem. Older children and adults alike will be captivated by this tale, with illustrations by ‘Leonardo’ which wonderfully capture the facial expressions of the characters. Not only is it an allegory of modern times, it is valuable educationally, for its depth and wide vocabulary. It can be read over and over again.

George Lincoln Rockwell, The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens, comic book with 21 pages and 42 colour panels, ISBN 978-1-901240-32-0, 2015. Further details of The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens


In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell


A fake atrocity photograph as featured in Udo Walendy’s Forged War Crimes    Many of the Holocaust and other WWII atrocity photographs shown in this astonishing book can be found in our libraries. Walendy has painstakingly collated different versions, analyzed them and exposed them as forgeries. Many are merely photographed drawings, products of Stalin’s Cold War propaganda offensive. Udo Walendy, Forged War Crimes, 80 pages, 58 b/w photographs, £8.00, ISBN 978-1-901240-00-9 (1-901240-00-2), 1996. Further details of Forged War Crimes


A fake atrocity photograph as featured in Udo Walendy’s Forged War Crimes
‘Thousands of shoes of murdered prisoners in Auschwitz.’ R. Schnabel, Macht ohne Moral p.244. Compare the shoes in the foreground.   Constantin Simonov, The Lublin Extermination Camp, Moscow 1944 p. 12. The same shoes, but now with soldiers and a new background.

The front cover of Anna Frank’s Novel by Simon Sheppard   

Annelies Marie Frank never kept a diary. What she called her ‘diary’ was a collection of sketches, fictional stories and fantasy letters to the eight members of her imaginary “club.” In 1944 she rewrote the lot, calling it a novel (“een roman”), but this was translated in the Diary to “a romance.” AMF “changed, rearranged, sometimes combined entries of various dates, expanded and abbreviated.” Otto Frank prepared at least four successive typescripts of the book then lied when he insisted he had not intended to publish it. This is the most rigorous debunking of the Anne Frank Diary ever published. Fifty pages, £7.50, ISBN 978-1-901240-07-8 (1-901240-07-X), 1998, revised. Further details of Anna Frank’s Novel

‘After Otto moved to Switzerland in 1952-3, the Gies family visited him regularly. Miep still cannot understand why, considering that Otto lived in their small apartment in Amsterdam for seven years, they were never invited to stay in Otto’s spacious house in Birsfelden but always had to stay in hotels. The cost of these visits was a significant burden.’


        A generation from now it may be too late to find an answer and perhaps impossible, in the stifling collective climate of that future time, even to ask the question.        
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited


‘Being prohibited aliens by the Edict of Expulsion Jews have no right to sit in our houses of parliament, nor on our local government councils. They have no right to be in the judiciary nor to hold office in the executive of government nor in the police force. All purported laws and purported acts of parliament in which Jews have taken part in the voting are illegal, unconstitutional: null and void.’

Sixteen pages, ISBN 978-1-901240-15-3 (1-901240-15-0), 2000. The complete text of High Treason


   The front cover of High Treason by Kenneth McKilliam

The front cover of All About Women by Simon Sheppard   


Second Edition

‘In Disguised Defection the female imitates the male, adopting roles and exploiting technologies which males have defined and developed once they become sufficiently facile, in order to disguise her defection from her natural functions.’

All About Women wasn’t meant to be a fun book, but by being so unblushingly forthright – in order to cram as much information as possible in – it became so. This outrageously politically incorrect book is essential reading for men, and feminists looking for a hate figure will also find it useful. In ‘dip into’ format with quotes by Darwin, Rousseau etc. about the nature and inferiority of women. “I wish I’d had this in my pocket as a youth” remarked one reader. Masses of solid information with no punches pulled. Now in its second edition with a few amendments and some additional material. Fifty-two pages, £7.50, ISBN 978-1-901240-30-6, 2015. Further details of All About Women

Did Six Million Really Die?   The front cover of 'Did Six Million Really Die?'
Further details of Did Six Million Really Die? with a downloadable PDF version.


Without doubting there can be no progress
Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man, 1874

The front cover of a phony Soviet forensic report about the Katyn Forest massacre   

These tales of high drama and a forensic report (!) claimed that “German Fascist invaders” were responsible for the Katyn Massacre, in which 4,500 Polish officers were shot in the back of the neck and buried in the Katyn Forest. According to Porter, it is the only forensic report ever submitted to the Nuremberg Tribunals, and following the belated Russian admission of culpability, it is indubitably “false from beginning to end.” Although the Russians were responsible, Stalin’s insistence on prosecuting the Germans for this war crime at Nuremberg caused acute embarrassment to the other post-WWII Allies. This is a verbatim re-publication of the original Nuremberg document, the only version available in English, translated and with a Foreword by Carlos Porter. Forty-six pages, ISBN 978-1-901240-19-1 (1-901240-19-3), 2005. Further details of Soviet Evidence at Katyn



A uniquely authoritative commentary on the Nuremberg Trials; Porter is one of the very few to have inspected the original Nuremberg documents. The evidence against Göring, Hess and many of the other military and civilian personnel who were tried in the aftermath of WWII is examined. The Japanese War Crimes Trials are also summarized: those defendants were convicted of making human soup. Now in its second Heretical Press edition with a new Appendix on Telford Taylor, from which the above quotation of Manstein is taken. Forty-six pages, ISBN 978-1-901240-02-3 (1-901240-02-9), 1998. Further details of Not Guilty at Nuremberg

   The front cover of Not Guilty at Nuremberg by Carlos Porter

Where doubt, there truth is – ’tis her shadow
P. J. Bailey: Festus: A Country Town


Wild, wacky, wayward: an entertaining music CD from the Heretical Press, a compilation of vintage material combining absurdity with truth. Here you will be warned, in song and speech, about the perils of being pursued by packs of roving desperate women and of imbibing illicit substances. Everyone will have their favourites, be it ‘Cannibal Girls,’ ‘Kinko the Clown’ or ‘The Psychedelic Circus.’ Sixty-one minutes of entertaining madness. The CD is marked as a ‘test disc’ because it is a test of a healthy sense of humour! Hilarious but not for children. Further details of the Musigyny CD



The front cover of the Tales of the Holohoax comic book   

Tales of the Holohoax is a hilarious, large-format comic book which using a combination of parody and pictures succeeds in demolishing the ‘Holohoax’ in 16 pages flat, an achievement, comparable to the four-minute mile, which should be recognized as a world record. This comic is essential to have on hand for giving to ‘Holocaust believers’ – instead of spending hours answering each point, just hand them a copy of this. ISBN 1-901240-17-7, 2004. An expert opinion of Tales of the Holohoax which, however, was not allowed to be submitted at court.




Nazi Terror: A Short Autobiography of a Jewish National Socialist is a myth-shattering account of what it was really like for a Jew in Hitler’s Germany. Weichardt’s father was Editor of the Berliner Morgenpost and his mother was a Jewess. His story, which is rich in detail, is a gripping read and a real eye-opener. Fifty-four pages, ISBN 978-1-901240-18-4 (1-901240-18-5), 2004. Further details of Nazi Terror

   The front cover of Nazi Terror by Heinz Weichardt


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