Bergstraat 18, Sheppard’s home in Amsterdam when the book was written     The house in Amsterdam which was the author’s home during the events documented in The Tyranny of Ambiguity

An Introduction to

The Tyranny of Ambiguity

being an account of the development of the system of behaviour analysis called

Procedural Analysis


The Tyranny of Ambiguity consists of three book-length parts:

  1. Sugar and Spice, Sections 1 – 12
  2. The Fall, Sections 13 – 24
  3. Big Sister, Sections 25 – 38

It is a documentary account of the experiments I did on the streets of Amsterdam, which led to the development of the Procedural Analysis system.

Simon G. Sheppard


The Tyranny of Ambiguity is a narrative account of an in-depth study of Amsterdam society by an independent researcher. It is an at times amusing, at times searching adventure of discovery into human sexuality.

Amsterdam has a population of 725,000 and few of its two million visitors per year gain insight into real Amsterdam culture as it is experienced by those living in the city. The book includes perceptions into the social effects of tourism and the sex industry, amongst other things.

Applying knowledge of sex differences and evolutionary psychology, the author formalizes mating and other strategies and discovers in a series of experiments how, by the manipulation of sex, females influence society. Quoting examples in the extreme environment of Amsterdam, the form and nature of that influence is uncovered. Some contrasting accounts during visits to Britain are also documented.

As the narrative develops a series of formal propositions and theorems are presented. A number of population surveys were also undertaken to support the author’s observations. The result is a refreshingly direct and honest account detailing many basic mechanisms of human interaction.

About the Author

Simon Sheppard left a job as a music recording engineer to study at university. After obtaining a degree in Mathematics, and having already by this stage written several articles about computing for the Guardian newspaper, he ran the Issue computer company. He has published two scientific papers in medical journals and a psychology paper. He is still engaged in science.

A Note from the Author

On re-reading the accounts some of the encounters seemed to me to be incredible, and many I would have had difficulty believing myself had I not actually been there. The book, which runs to five hundred pages, promises to be a good read. During editing much later, often even I didn’t know what was going to happen next!

I was the Hunter, familiar now to the street entertainers and stall-holders and observed in reflection in shop windows with conspicuous regularity. My frequent appearances would be interpreted either as profound inability or exceptional promiscuity.

Magritte, The Giantess II, La géante II

The Tyranny of Ambiguity


Part 1: Sugar and Spice

1. Preliminaries. Experiment Zero

Background to the Study. The Primary Subject. Sex Differences and MESS. Value of Difference. Study of Extremes. Protocol and Notation. Experiment Zero. Considerations in the Unfeminated State. First Theory: Proposition 1

2. Experiment 1. The Environment of Amsterdam

Experiment 1, Sit and Wait. The Environment of Amsterdam. Displacement of Cost. Pussy (and Other) Displays. Trophyism. Proposition 2. Distribution of Guilt. Proposition 3

3. Experiment 2. Strategies. Dynamic Systems

Experiment 2, Random Approaches. Breaking. Television Vision. Early Considerations of Approaches and Bonding. Direct and Indirect Proposals. Strategies. Instincts. Paths of Resistance. Invalidity of Instinct. Sexual Definition Cycle. Homosexuality. Parkinson’s Law. The Dynamic System

4. Sexual Anarchy. The Tyranny of Ambiguity

Costs. The Local Form. Mistakes. Female Masturbation. The Tyranny of Ambiguity. The Canadian Tourist. The Dubious Statement of Unavailability. The Emphasizer. The Finnish Tourists. The First Move. Inverted Transmission of Diminishment

5. Projection. Paragonism. Costs and Benefits of Sex. Experiment 3

Projection. Diversionary and Disguised Purposes. Paragonism. Male Targeting Templates. Template Set. Proposition 4. The Costs and Benefits of Sex. Experiment 3

6. UK Trip. Other Studies. Notable Encounters

Control of Information. Divulgence and Referral. Female Miasma. Interview with a Bitch. Male and Female Postures. Erroneous Signalling. Dysfunctional Signalling. Some Conclusions

7. Big Sister

Mistargets. Creative Transduction. Big Sister. Relational Initiatives. Sex With Female Friends. Disclosure. Shop Dives. Things Said. Leaving Politics. Happy Shoppers

8. Experiment 4, Part 1

The Coffee Experiment, Part 1. Pair Zero. Psychology Experiments. Provisional Pram Survey. Template Set. Template Stack. Do You Have A Light? Assessment of Relationships. The Basic Problem

9. Experiment 4, Part 2

Trading Up. The Coffee Experiment, Part 2. Fast Walking. Status Relationships. Dynamics of Male Selectivity. Proposition 5. Pair 1. Thanatos. Complicatedness of Multiple Relationships. Normalizations. Size

10. The Signals Day

Origin of Signals. Signals Day. The Multiplex Case. S14/F13. Proclamation of Enhancement. Signals as Fashion. Formalization of Hunting. Virgins. Intentions and Objectives. Jeremy Bentham

11. The Theory and Practice of Signals

Integrity of Communications. Basic Categories of Signals. Signals List. Exaggerated Behaviour in Alien Culture. Female Preference for Signals. Conspiracy Mechanisms. The Indulgence of Romance

12. The Induction of Neurosis

The Fundamental Human Neurosis. Effect of Signals. Mechanisms of Intensification of Neurosis. Integrity and Role of Signals. Aberrant Relationships. Acute Neurosis. Societal Neurosis. Ambiguity of Intention. Dominance by Divergence

Figure 8 of TOA. The Bonding Curves: Male/Female Bonding versus Time

Part 2: The Fall

13. Womanstown

Mistakes. More Intentions and Objectives. Tell Don’t Ask. More Approach Responses. Reason To Live. First Transduction. Tear Day. The Ugly Girl Incident. Our Cosy Circle. Happy Weed

14. Basic Sex Differences

Nature versus Nurture. Normality or Usuality? Some Essential Sex Differences. Proposition 6. Human Characteristics at Three Levels. Peer Group Loading. Tendency of Females to Conform. Artificial Media Role Models. Basic Instincts. Substitutes. Intensification of Male Breeding Competition

15. Pair 2 and Pair 3

Body Pouting. Name Games. Bar Games. Pair 2. Acute Empathy. One Big Café. Pair 3. Pair 4

16. Analysis and Comment

Removal of Male Pride. Exaggerated Behaviour In Alien Role. Rules of Engagement. Bonding. The Bonding Curves. Sex Problems. Miscellaneous Approaches. Squat Folklore

17. The Pram Count. Glimpses of Normality

Survey 1, The Pram Survey. Vicarious Generosity. Unlimited Female Appetite. Use of Children. Normal Sequence. Darkrooms and Dykes. Frustration. The Dream. Stonewalling. Condom Use. Lying by Females. Denial. Traditional Roles. Tit For Tat. Inferiority of Females. Rape. The Plain Truth

18. The Fall

Introduction. The Fall. Neurotic Suspension. Weakening of Distress Signals. Freedom to Follow Instincts. The Instinct Park. Speculative Fixes. Perceptions. Females Signalling Pleasure. Affectionate Farewells. Eloquence Advantage. Transduction. Bureaucracies. Bevies. First BIGBAR3 Note

19. Signals, Markers, Tokens and Handles

The Basic Mechanisms of Human Interaction. Appetent and Inappetent Markers. Local Tokens. Female Love of Telephone. Glimpses of Normality

20. Second UK Trip. IoR

Reverse Strategy. Approach Response Repertoire. Intentions and Objectives. Proposition 7. F22D First Game. Positive Transduction. Expediency versus Justice. The Indulgence of Romance. Normal Dishonesty

21. BIGBAR3 Note. ‘Telepathic’ and Assent Signals

The Induction of Psychosis. Cycle of Reinforcement. ‘Telepathic’ and Assent Signals. Response to BIGBAR3 Notes. First Matriarchy

22. Christmas and the New Year. F25G

Domestic Pets. An Experiment with Amphetamine. Female Perception of Single Males. Emotional Fascism. The Fundamental Female Neurosis: The Second Switch

23. Female Stereotypes. Spoiling

Able Woman. Bad Girls. The Bimbo. The Bitch. Defective Female. The Lady. Liability Girl. Personality Girl. Scatterbrained Female. Thug Woman. Unstable Female. Tit For Tat/Take Back. Spoiling. Written and Unwritten Rules

24. Two Evenings in BAR6

Loud Verbal Utterance Signal. Male Priority. Second Evening. Spite and Jealousy. Epilogue

Figure 9 of TOA. The Bonding Curves: Male/Female Bonding versus Time

Part 3: Big Sister

25. The Fire. North and South of England

Basic Dishonesty. Transsexuals. South of England. North of England. Telephone Relationships

26. The Dynamical Laws of Female Behaviour

The Silent Kalverstraat Incident. Basic Relational Transaction. Theorem 1, The Dynamical Laws of Female Behaviour. Creative Transduction. Limit Corollary. Advancement of Selection. The Trial. Menstrual Synchronization. Lemma 1 for Theorem 2

27. A Neurotic Incident. Queen’s Day

Neurotic Emotions. Origin of IoR. Queen’s Day. Approach Displacement. Response Displacement. Advanced Level

28. Matriarchy

Female Longevity. Substitutes. Hypothesis of Matriarchy. Signals Above Speech. General Transformation of Markers. Female Response Instincts. Matriarchy

29. Forms and Indicators of Female Influence

Femination and Masculination. Forms and Indicators of Female Influence. Compulsive Smiling. Survey 2, The Preference Survey. The Clearance Instinct. Lemma 2 for Theorem 2. False Accusations

30. The Feminization of Society. BSF

Ideal Female Employment. Bureaucracies. The Feminization of Society. Progress. First Nice Then Nasty. Base and Spoiled Female. Lemma 3 for Theorem 2. Tenuous Female Grasp on Reality. Stonewalling. Theorem 2. A Prospective Fix. Traditional Roles

31. The Mindfuck Experiment, Part 1

The Psycho-Darlings. The Dice Game. The Mindfuck Experiment. Female Conspiracy Mechanisms. Typical Female Quotes. Boasting. The Induction of Psychosis. Prostitutes

32. The Mindfuck Experiment, Part 2

Proposition 8. Intolerance of Ambiguity. Serial Killer. Pair 6. Role of Humour. Formal Definition of the Mindfuck, the Mental Assault. Little Johnnie’s Law. Proposition 9

33. Power. The Dishonest Submergence of Difference

The Accumulation and Exercise of Power. Female Terrorism. Behavioural Establishment. Matriarchal Consolidation. Population Level as a Measure of Female Influence. The Police as an Arm of the Matriarchal State. Rape. Music Business. Affection Beneath. Theorem 3, The DSoD Theory. Theorem 4, Super Masculine and Super Feminine States

34. Transduction

Distraction of Signals. Routine Abnormal Behaviour. Induction and Transduction. Origin of Female Influence. Typical Transduction. Monotonic Female Voice. Need to Rebel. Spoiling by Males

35. Female Preference for Alien Males

Trends. Kies Kleurig. One Spring Evening in BIGBAR5. Second Queen’s Day. Origins of Female Preference. First and Second Level Mental Assaults. Male Instincts Regarding Mixed Race Couples

36. Race

Double Reinforcement of Female Characteristics. Imitation. Conspiracy. Spoiling. Attention-Seeking. Sublimation. Dynamical Laws. Musical Challenges. More SLM’s. Balance of Opposites. Debasement

37. Children. Survey 3

Exultation. Wilful Defiance. Absence of Limit. Survey 3, The Race Survey. Relationship Inception Sequence. Alternative Money Systems

38. The Fulcra. City of Broken Dreams

Reinforcing Cycle of Fear. Conclusion. Tolerance and Liberality. The Fulcra. Collective Advantage, Individual Detriment. Tokenism. Institutional Incompetence


Figure 10 of TOA. Affection Beneath


1. Mainly Female, Mainly Sexual Signals (Summary)

2. ‘The Orders of Big Sister’

3. Propositions and Theorems

4. Glossary of Terms


  1. Rules of a Sex Business Meeting
  2. The Masculinization Process
  3. The Template Set
  4. Proposed Operation of the Adaptive Template
  5. Distribution 1: Male and Female Variation
  6. Distribution 2: Complete Sex Dependence
  7. Distribution 3: Partial Sex Dependence
  8. The Bonding Curves: Male/Female Bonding versus Time
  9. Portrayal of the Data in Table 9: Population Growth
  10. Affection Beneath


  1. Speculative Ratings of Different Kinds of Sex
  2. The Costs and Benefits of Sex
  3. Examples of Costs and Benefits
  4. Categories of Influence
  5. Results of Survey 1, The Pram Survey
  6. Handle States
  7. Male Categorizations and Stereotypes
  8. Results of Survey 2, The Preference Survey
  9. Population Growth, Amsterdam and Hull
  10. Results of Survey 3, The Race Survey
  11. Policy Choices for a Protagonist

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