According to the old laws of England, which are still in force, many current British politicians qualify for hanging and their laws are null and void
The Complete Text of Capt. K. R. McKilliam, M.A.

The British Nation is bedevilled today by alien organisations that have established themselves within our Christian Nation and aim to take us over, to destroy our Christian culture and force us to follow their preconceived designs. Unfortunately they have infiltrated themselves into our educational and religious systems and have educated many adepts among our people who unknowingly carry out their will. Many of them have been advanced to high places.

Gentile Home Secretary Roy Jenkins gets his latest set of instructions
“Gentile Home Secretary Roy Jenkins gets his latest set of instructions from Lord Fisher and Maurice Orbach.” Published with this caption in Let My People Go! c. 1976


In 1353 Edward III by his statute of Praemunire forbade appeals being made to foreign courts. Richard II who came to the throne in 1377 issued a Statute of Praemunire (16 Richard II II C5) which stated that anyone who procures from Rome or any other place any thing which touches the King, against him or his Crown or realm and all those aiding and abetting them shall be out of the King’s protection. Their goods and land would be forfeited and they would be made to answer to the King and his council and a process of Praemunire Facias made against them. The learned constitutional lawyer, Blackstone, in Book 4, C8, states that Praemunire is “introducing a foreign power into the land and creating an Imperium in Imperio [State within a State] by paying obedience to other processes which constitutionally belong to the King alone.” But although this is a general protection of the King, the constitutional lawyer Littleton states that Praemunire Facias also extends to the King’s loyal subjects and this particular protection is of two sorts, firstly it gives the subject immunity or freedom from action or suite and secondly to protect the safety of the subject and his goods, lands and possessions from violence, unlawful molestation and wrong. This the subject gains by right and by law. Subjects are protected by the King, by the law and by the King’s writ.

Praemunire doth fortify Jurisdictionem Jurium Coronae Suae of the Kingly laws of the Crown against foreign jurisdiction and against the usurpers upon them as by divers acts of parliament appears.... A man who by judgement given against him upon writ of Praemunire Facias etc. is out of the King’s protection. For such of these crimes for which any shall have this judgement, to be hanged by the neck until he be dead and shall forfeit all his lands and chattels.


Treason is the act of betraying; betrayal of a trust undertaken by or reposed in anyone; a breach of faith, treachery. High Treason or Treason Proper is the violation of a subject of his allegiance to his sovereign or to the state, levying war on the King’s dominions, adhering to the King’s enemies in his dominions, or aiding them in or out of the realm. In 1795 the offence was extended to include the contemplated use of force to make the King change his counsels.


Misprision of Treason is an offence or misdemeanor akin to treason or felony. It is the neglect of duty by a public official who conceals a knowledge of treasonable actions or designs. At an assize it may warrant the same penalty as High Treason. A subject of the Crown is also bound to inform the magistrates if he knows that High Treason is being contemplated.


The Jews had been in England in Anglo-Saxon times dealing in slaves. Jews however came into England with the Norman Conquest. They made themselves a threat to the people of this country by (1) clipping the gold coinage and turning the clippings into bullion for sale overseas (2) dispossessing good Christian Englishmen of their lands and property by high interest rates in usury (3) by the ritual murder of young Christian boys by crucifixion and drawing off the blood for ritual purposes; particularly Hugh of Lincoln in 1255; a child sacrificed in Nottingham in 1279; and the ritual murder of a boy in Oxford by the Jew Isaac de Pulet in 1290 (Patent Roll. Edward I, mem. 21 21st June, 1290; Public Records Office).

On the 18th of July 1290, by a royal decree, King Edward I in his council expelled all Jews forever from England. Writs were sent out to the sheriffs of the English shires informing them that by royal edict all Jews were to leave the English realm before November 1st 1290, anyone who remained were to be executed. The population and parliament reacted with relief and great joy (Calendar of Close Rolls, 18 Edward I, Public Records Office). In his book Edward I (London, 1988) page 343, Michael Prestwick states that at a Parliament summoned to Westminster in that July a subsidy was granted and was collected. This subsidy was a thank offering for the Jews’ expulsion.


Various Jews made begging petitions to Oliver Cromwell to get him to revoke the Edict of Expulsion; but Cromwell, being only a commoner, could not revoke a royal edict and knew this. In February 1658 Cromwell is said to have made an oral commitment to Antonio Fernandes Cavajal, the leader of the Jews (buried under the name of Abraham in the Jews’ cemetery, London 1659), assuring his protection. This was in defiance of the recommendations of the council that the Jews should only be permitted the standing of ordinary aliens. This is the situation today (lecture by Lucien Wolf to the Jews College Literary Society in 1877).

Joan Comay, wife of the Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James and to the United Nations wrote in her book Who’s Who in Jewish History After the Period of the Old Testament, published in 1974:

Manasseh [ben Israel] returned to Holland in October 1657, deeply distressed at what he considered to be the failure of his mission. Cromwell remained on friendly terms with him and granted him a pension of £100 a year. Although Edward I’s edict of expulsion was not formally revoked as Manasseh had hoped, the resumption of Jewish worship achieved the same practical result. The edict has actually not been revoked to this day.

Because of the expulsion of the Jews from Europe, the Jews sent an appeal for advice to the Sanhedrin on the 13th of January 1489. The reply came back from the Prince of the Jews in Constantinople. It advised the Jews of Europe to adopt the tactics of the Trojan Horse: to make their sons Christian priests, lawyers, doctors etc. and to destroy the Christian structure from within. Thus, by 1990, we have had one known Bah-Mitzvahed bishop in the Church of England, Bishop Hugh Montefiore, numerous Jewish Queen’s Counsels in the legal profession and at least seven foreign Jews in the House of Lords.

It may be disputed that these old edicts have fallen into disuse and are no longer applicable. At a celebration to commemorate the conquering of England by William Duke of Normandy in 1066 held at Caen, the Mayor of Bordeaux assured all those present that the town of Bordeaux had faithfully paid the levy on wine placed on the town throughout the whole period of 900 years. An attempt had been made to have the levy annulled but this could not be done since the Queen of England is still Duke of Normandy, and Count of Aquitaine.

Israel Moses Sieff with his Political and Economic Planning (P.E.P.) tried to get rid of ancient territorial boundaries for the new county councils. Although the new county councils are in operation, all law officers functioning in Lancashire are appointed by the Duchy and County Palatine of Lancaster and not by the Lord Chancellor of Parliament. The courts are Duchy courts and all offences are against the Duke’s peace. The County Palatine of the Duchy of Lancaster is outwith the jurisdiction of parliament under the wills of Henry II, Henry III and Henry IV, and certain acts of parliament are inapplicable within the Duchy. A similar position is found in the Principality and County Palatine of Durham.

Being prohibited aliens by the Edict of Expulsion Jews have no right to sit in our houses of parliament, nor on our local government councils. They have no right to be in the judiciary nor to hold office in the executive of government nor in the police force. All purported laws and purported acts of parliament in which Jews have taken part in the voting are illegal, unconstitutional: null and void.

Contrary to the Statutes of Praemunire traitors we elect to parliament have allowed the Jews to establish an Imperium in Imperio, the ‘Board of Jewish Deputies,’ which have gained to themselves powers to influence the policies of British governments to their own universal advantage. The Daily Telegraph of 19th January 1972 stated: “The Zionist Congress is the head of the world’s political movement.” World’s Works – Inner Mountain Jewish News on 1st March 1976 stated:

This world organization has a highly centralized form of government, this consists of an international committee including representatives from all countries that have a local organization. But the real control is vested in what is known as the Inner Actions Council. This is a compact body of only seven men and it is dominated by the Jews of Europe.


It is the function of the Attorney General to advise governments and government departments (see Whitaker’s Almanac). Succeeding Attorneys General have failed to advise governments of the implications of the contents of Magna Carta, the Petition of Rights, the Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus. This is a dereliction of duty. Another attempt to establish an Imperium in Imperio by aliens, a felony of Praemunire, was reported in the Daily Telegraph of 15th July 1990. It was stated that the Muslim leader Kalim Siddiqui called for a special relationship between Muslims here and the government of Iran. He launched a manifesto to politicize Britain’s Muslim community which aimed to establish an Islamic parliament, to persuade Muslims to discriminate in favour of other Muslims, to place the names of all Muslims in Britain on a computer database and to raise five million pounds to establish a Muslim parliament in Britain. To do this is to commit the felony of Praemunire punishable with death by hanging. The culprits are those subjects of the Crown who have allowed this situation to arise. It is up to the government to give all Muslims their marching orders out of this country or incur the penalties laid down for Praemunire, allowing aliens to establish an Imperium in Imperio.

In bringing this matter to the attention of fellow subjects of the Crown I am under the Queen’s protection for as Fitzherbert wrote (Vide 7 Co. 8, 9, Calvin’s Case ANT 130a, Sect 199) “Every loyal subject is in the Queen’s Protection.”


The so-called Race Relations Acts are conspiracies to use acts of parliament to enforce the racial integration of subjects of the Crown with Negroes and Asiatics especially brought here for the purpose. They are acts of racial hatred against us by prohibited immigrants. The Race Relations Act of 1965 was introduced to parliament by the Russian Jew Frank Soskice, purported Labour Attorney General. Further Race Relations Acts were devised by the Board of Jewish Deputies. The Jewish Chronicle stated that amendments must be made to the Race Relations Act since the 1965 Race Relations Act was not working the way they wanted it to. The 1976 Race Relations Act was passed in the Commons by default, with only 132 of the 635 members present; 124 Labour and Liberal traitors voted for the bill with eight Tories against.

To terrorize the masses it was required to establish a network of so-called human rights agencies, the ‘Race Relations Industry.’ Ivor Benson writes that:

the task was to penalize the instinctive responses of the local resident population in the presence of unassimilable neighbours who have been forced upon them... Hereto there are rich pickings for decadent, deracinated elements who help to impose the tyranny, like human dregs who rule the roost and spend millions of the tax-payers’ money in Britain’s innumerable inner-city ghettoes. Nor should we omit to mention the zealous active connivance of politicians and bureaucrats whose greed for personal advancement is rationalized with a spurious humanistic ideology.

There are three phases in this Jewish imposition of race mixing:


The massive immigration of Islamics and other coloured peoples is illegal and the British people, subjects of the Crown, were never consulted about whether they wanted their country to become a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. Mrs Margaret Thatcher deceived the nation in 1979 when she declared that Britain was becoming swamped with immigrants, using the fears of the subjects of the Crown to gain votes and giving the impression that she would stem the flow. Having got her party into government she did nothing about it, only allowed vast numbers more into the country. Multi-racialism and multi-culturalism has been illegally and unconstitutionally imposed on this nation and the Jewish power controlling the government will ensure that the nation will never be consulted.


The so-called Public Order Act of 1986 is a conspiracy to use an act of parliament to enable investigators to enter the homes of subjects of the Crown to gain evidence to initiate action in the law courts against those offending against the purported Race Relations Act. This Act was placed before parliament by the purported Conservative Home Secretary, the prohibited Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, Leon Brittanisky, also known as Leon Brittan, assisted by his cousin, another Lithuanian Jew, Malcolm Rivkind, also know as Malcolm Rifkind. This bill was primarily to prevent subjects of the Crown from discussing and revealing the Jewish take-over of our nation.


The so-called Nationality Act is a conspiracy to use an act of parliament to take away our rights as subjects of the Crown. This act makes the place of birth rather than the genetic and racial identity of the individual the criteria for nationality. Britons from Australia and Canada visiting the continent from Britain were surprised on their return to be presented with documents to sign marked “Alien” while Pakistanis and other Asians passed through with British passports as British nationals.

This Act purports to replace ancestry, that for generations has been the practical definition of the British subject, by the definition of an accidental place of birth. Thus it seeks to encourage the development of a nation of half-breeds and to swamp and destroy the British people and their customs.

In The Common Law of England, 198. N2, Sir Edward Coke states:

Persons born beyond the seas, if their fathers or paternal grandfathers were natural born subjects, are likewise made so, though with an exception of some unfavourable persons.... Liegeus is ever taken for a natural born subject... Liegeance, a liegando, being the highest and greatest obligation of duty and obedience that can be. Liegance is the true and faithful obedience of a liegman or subject to his liege lord or sovereign. Alliegeance is born of faith: alliegeance is the essential law.

Until William Whitelaw’s Nationality Act we have been subjects of the Crown and under the protection of the Crown. This Act purports to deprive us of this and make us merely British citizens. This Act together with the European Communities Act and the Treaty of Rome aims at destroying the British Monarchy as soon as possible. It is High Treason.

By signing the United Nations Charter in 1946 and passing an act before parliament so-called British politicians were obliged to carry out the terms of the Charter. This entails the mixing of the races of the world to form a degraded population and the eradication of the British and other White races. These the planners regard, together with Christianity, as the main obstacles to the establishment of a totalitarian one-world government.

The United Nations Charter was drafted by Alger Hiss, a convicted communist and Soviet agent together with Andrei Gromyko, a senior Soviet official. Alger Hiss occupied the directional chair at the organizational conference of the United Nations. These people are aiming at genocide of the White race.

According to this Nationality Act the Queen is no longer our Queen and we are no longer her subjects. If we are no longer the subjects of the Crown this Act deprives us of the protection of the Crown, for according to the patent rolls of the Statute of Northampton 1328 it is the duty of the Queen to protect her subjects despite parliament; thus we are protected from a possible anti-White anti-British parliament. This Act purports to deprive the Queen of her titles, lands and prerogatives. We no longer go to war for the Crown but for parliament. This is High Treason.

A letter from the Home Secretary dated 31st May 1988, which appeared in the Independent newspaper on Monday 17th June 1988, made it plain that Her Majesty the Queen is prepared to place at the disposal of parliament all her remaining prerogatives: the power to make war or peace, to ratify treaties, to grant honours; the list is formidable embracing just about all those powers which remained to the monarch after the glorious revolution of 1688. The signature at the bottom of the letter is that of Douglas Hurd. The person who drew the Home Secretary into weighty correspondence is the cryptic left-winger, Tony Benn. Benn laid before parliament his Crown Prerogatives Bill to deprive the Crown of all the remainder of her prerogatives.


The European Communities Act of 1972 and the Treaty of Rome aims at destroying the British monarchy as soon as possible.

This is High Treason the penalty for which is death by hanging and this is still on the statute books. Likewise any subject of the Crown who knows that High Treason is being carried on and fails to report it is guilty of Misprision of High Treason, the penalty may be death: to deprive the Queen of her Crown or any of her dominions.

Article 189 of the Treaty of Rome is irreconcilable with the Oath of Allegiance. There is an absolute constitutional case that there is no statute authority for the executive acts that have bound the UK to the EEC, nor for the British Nationality Act. Both are contrary to the interests of the Crown and people.

The High Court of Great Britain disallowed an Act which was passed by our House of Commons and House of Lords and received the Royal Assent. This Act was the Shipping Act of 1988. The High Court referred the case to the European Court. This was the first case in the history of parliament that an Act passed by both houses of parliament with the Royal Assent and the regulations under it have been set aside. A British Court has interfered with an act of parliament in the interests of a foreign court. This is High Treason.

We can claim that the Queen carry out her coronation oath and protect us from alien and foreign-made laws.

We are legally not in the Common Market nor are we constitutionally a multi-racial multi-cultural society. Traitor Edward Heath carried out the plans of international Jewish financiers and multinational companies, the Imperial Institute for International Affairs and the Rothschilds to deceive the Queen in her grants. Many of us have taken the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, her heirs and successors and demand protection from foreign-made laws made by aliens in Europe.

The Oath of Allegiance has been taken by members of parliament, Queen’s Councillors, members of the Judiciary, clergy of the Church of England and members of the executive yet many of them are working for our enemies, for a slave-state full of debt which our children will inherit. A charge of perjury of the Oath of Allegiance and High Treason must be laid against all those culprits who have allowed our government to be over-ruled by directives coming from beyond the seas – from foreigners in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Any attempt to take Scotland and England into the EEC is High Treason: “Depriving the Queen of her lands and titles.” All purported MEP’s are qualified for hanging. The basic statutes of the United Kingdom are still in force and are in conflict with growing foreign supremacy.

The full sovereignty of the United Kingdom is not now in the hands of the Queen; her powers have been handed over by a despicable traitor Edward Heath on the instructions of his Jewish mentors. Edicts and laws can be sent out from Brussels and Strasbourg which are enforced by traitors in the United Kingdom. European Law and Community Law is now destroying the respective laws and customs of the British realm and the very birthright of the British people.

High Treason: Laws Against Establishing a Foreign Power in England is published by the Heretical Press, ISBN 1-901240-15-0, 14pp.

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