Media control and censorship!

The mind-bending power of the masters of the media

The media-power in Great Britain and elsewhere

The Mind-Benders is an analysis of the media power in Great Britain. Written in 1997, it details how (and why) the information we receive via the media is censored and distorted. If we are to avoid insidious totalitarianism we must be aware of the enormous control over every form of mass media the Jews possess and – in any democratic society under such powerful influences – who are the real manipulators of political power.

Who controls our entertainment?

While TV and radio dominate our perception of current affairs, the cinema and pop music also play a very strong role in changing cultural values. A film in which a heart-throb actor portrays a character with a traditionally frowned upon behavioural or character defect – such as drug abuse or homosexuality – will help to persuade large numbers of viewers that such behaviour is, after all, acceptable, even fashionable.

Such a message put out in a political debate or by a campaigning group, would be rejected by all normal people; but conveyed as a subtle message in a host of films or pop songs, it is accepted at a subliminal level by many viewers.

Cinema, Music & Entertainment

As with the broadcasting media, the ‘British’ film industry includes a vastly disproportionate number of Jews, both among the major producers and in its regulatory bodies. The creator and head of the British Film Commission is Sidney Samuelson, who is also a trustee of BAFTA (British Film and Television Arts) and Chairman of its management committee. Knighted by John Major in June 1995, he is a great admirer of Steven Spielberg and his mendacious propaganda film Schindler’s List. Sir Sidney is also the President of the Samuelson Group plc, which, according to the Jewish Chronicle of 23.6.95, is the world’s largest film, TV and audio-visual equipment organisation.

As Chief Executive and Director of the British Board of Film Classification, James Ferman holds the key regulatory position in the British film industry. As such he has been widely criticised for the board’s ultra-liberal judgments. In 1995, for example, only two of the 364 films considered by the BBFC were cut to reduce sexual violence. Elected local councillors and members of the public, who accused Ferman and his board of being irresponsible, were attacked as culturally illiterate and “provincial.”

Meanwhile, former Channel Four boss Jeremy Isaacs has been very influential as a Governor of the British Film Institute since 1979. Keeping an eye out for rising stars and potential dissidents in the next generation of production staff is the Chairman of the National Film and TV School, David Puttnam.

Also in a position to give a helping hand to deserving would-be movie moguls is Baron Joel Barnett, the former Labour Cabinet minister who has been the Chairman of British Screen Finance Ltd since 1980, as well as having served as Vice Chairman of the BBC Board of Governors from 1986 to 1993.

Chrysalis Group

The Chief Executive of Crysalis Visual Entertainment is Michael Pilsworth. CVE’s portfolio of ‘independent’ film producers includes Red Rooster Film & TV and Watchmaker Productions. Chrysalis is close to overtaking Thames TV as the top UK independent producer.

In addition to his other powerful positions noted earlier, David Puttnam is a Chrysalis director. He is also Chairman of the Enigma film company, which has close ties with Gerald Levin’s Time Warner conglomerate and BSkyB. Puttnam is a close friend of Edgar Bronfman Jr. – owner of the massive MCA entertainment group and Universal Studios – and spent three years as Chairman and Chief Executive at Columbia Pictures. In addition to all this, Puttnam is Chairman of International Television Enterprises Ltd. He produced the Labour Party’s 1992 election broadcast and is a regular at Labour fund-raising events, as well as being at the forefront of Labour’s thinking on the information superhighway.


The President and Chief Executive of the £5.5 billion Polygram global entertainment group is Alain Levy, former head of CBS France, who boasts of “getting away from provincial values.” Judging by the fare, we can safely assume that decency and integrity are among the values he and people like him regard as “provincial.”

In January 1995, Polygram paid £100 million for Lord Grade’s old company ITC Entertainment. The expanded Polygram Films entertainment subsidiary is headed by Michael Kuhn under whose guidance it produced the highly successful, pro-homosexual Four Weddings and a Funeral, and multiracial propaganda such as Priscilla – Queen of the Desert.

Alain Levy
Alain Levy,
Polygram boss

Polygram International Music is also expanding, with its boss David Hockman recently snapping up leading rap label Def Jam.

Rank Organisation plc.

Chairman of the Rank Organisation, with major worldwide interests in leisure and entertainment and UK assets including the Odeon cinema chain, Mecca Leisure, the Hard Rock Cafe chain and Pinewood Studios, is Sir Leslie Fletcher. Managing Director of Rank Amusements Ltd. is J. Cohen.

Rank has close ties with MCA, with which it jointly owns Universal Studios. MCA is in turn part of Edgar J. Bronfman Jr’s Seagram empire. Bronfman, President of the World Jewish Congress, is one of the world’s most powerful Zionists and backs a number of shadowy, but influential, organisations which are constantly on the lookout for possible threats to Jewish identity and cohesion. Yet the material churned out by his companies for consumption by the ordinary youngsters of Europe and North America is consistently and deliberately designed to undermine our national and ethnic identities. It is this double-standard which thoughtful students of Zionist influence find particularly worrying.

The London-based MCA Records is managed by Steve Wolfe while MCA Music Entertainment International has Senior Executives such as Meir Malinsky.

RCA Records

The same phenomenon may be seen at RCA Records, whose artists include the much-hyped ‘supergroup’ Take That. RCA’s Managing Director is Hugh Goldsmith; the company’s Head of Artistic Development is David Joseph and the International Director is Nancy Farbman.

Sony Corporation

While Sony would no doubt be regarded by most people as a Japanese company, the truth is that the decisions – which acts it signs or doesn’t sign, who is to be hyped to the top of the charts and what messages they should put across to the owners of their Japanese-made electrical goods – are made by Jews. Paul Burger is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Sony Entertainment (UK), which includes the Sony record label. Burger, whose major artists include Michael Jackson, is also Chairman of ‘The Brit Awards’ which is produced by Michael Gerrie. Senior Vice Presidents and Executives at Sony UK include Jonathan Sternberg, Gerhard Blum and Sara Silver.


Thorn-EMI is another member of the interlocked global media corporations with heavy Jewish involvement. Its Directors include Sir Graham Day and H. Einsmann. The Senior Vice President of EMI Music Worldwide is Charles Diamont and the Managing Director is Michelle Burger. Vice President of EMl’s International Media Division is Jeremy Silver.

Warner Chappel Music Ltd.

The London-based music subsidiary of the Time-Warner Corporation, this operation too has a Jewish Managing Director – R. Godfrey-Kess.

Less well-known companies

Many smaller companies with less well-known names also play an important part in determining the flavour of popular music and film entertainment. The Managing Directors of the One World Entertainment music company, of Vision Music Entertainment and of record distributor Entertainment UK are, respectively, Alan Bellman, Dan Reedman and Richard Cowan.

Robert Earl is founder of President Entertainments and owner of the movie-theme restaurant Planet Hollywood. For five years, Earl was President of Hard Rock Cafe International, and he also helped produce the semi-pornographic film Dirty Weekend with his close friend film producer Michael Winner and authoress Helen Zahavi.
Robert Earl

Robert Earl – junk food, junk films

Marshall’s Communications Group is chaired by Mike Isaacson, who is also Executive Producer of its subsidiary company, Film Crest. Mentorn Films is run by Tom Gutteridge, Blue Heaven Productions is headed by Neil Zeiger, and the very English-sounding Stonehenge Productions is in fact controlled by Peter Kosminsky, who has close ties with MAI Productions.

Media Productions was launched in 1993 as the first film and television financing and sales outfit to be created under the Business Expansion Scheme, and quickly achieved success with its low-budget hit, Leon the Pig Farmer – Leon being an orthodox Jew. Its Directors are Stephen Margolis and David Altschuler, who is also Director of feature film production company Cavalier Features, and co-founder of National Leasing and Finance, a company which arranges finance for deals involving past film titles.

The power to decide which films are bought or put back into circulation has a very significant behind-the-scenes influence on the kind of films which get made in the first place. The UK’s largest privately owned media buying concern, TMB, is headed by Chairman and Chief Executive Alan Rich, and has four Jewish directors.

James Palumbo

James Palumbo – junk music, junk politics

The Ministry of Sound ‘rave’ nightclub empire is run by James Palumbo. His Managing Director is Mark Rodol. In the months before the 1997 general election, James Palumbo helped to organise the Labour Party campaign to young people. He also gave the unlimited free use of a chauffeur-driven silver Rover to Labour’s media staff at Millbank Tower. It was promptly commandeered by Peter Mandelson, the party’s chief election planner and Tony Blair’s eminence grise, although the disco-dancing bachelor’s ‘aide,’ Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, maintained that “Peter is not the only person who uses it.”
Michael G. Levy

M&G Records boss, Michael Levy. Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser