Luke O’Farrell earlier today     16th April 2006

Luke Before You Leap

True Confessions of a Thought-Criminal

Nigger, kike, paki. I have just committed a “major incident.” For my previous transgressions – articles like “Make Niggers History”, “Whodunnit? Jewdunnit!” and “Diversity = Death” – my home was invaded by a squad of police in body armor, I was arrested for “Incitement to Racial Hatred”, handcuffed and driven away for questioning as my home was ransacked behind me and my computer, data disks and solitary copy of Tales of the Holohoax taken into custody. Finally, after waiting five hours in a bare cell with a lidless lavatory and a copy of The Sun for company, I was questioned for a further hour by a silver-haired member of the Major Incident Unit of Humberside Police about the columns I’ve written for Heretical since February 2005.

In the main, the police were perfectly pleasant and professional, though some of the search-squad seemed to be enjoying themselves – invading a stranger’s private life must be fun when your own life isn’t as interesting as it could be. Either way, I have questions for all those police and all those members of the Crown Prosecution Service and Special Branch (Britain’s political heavies) who have spent countless hours and unknown sums of taxpayers’ money spying on and preparing a criminal case against Simon Sheppard and myself:

  • If multi-racial societies are so clearly wonderful, why do you need laws to silence those who protest against them? (Suggested answer: In fact, multi-racial societies are doomed to disaster and the protesters are being silenced for speaking the truth.)
  • Why are you so scared of two minor writers and a website whose audience is only a tiny fraction of that enjoyed by pro-“diversity” behemoths like the BBC and Commission for Racial Equality, with huge staffs and multi-million-dollar budgets? (Because we are speaking the truth and the behemoths are not.)
  • With Britain under growing terrorist threat and dangerous criminals flocking here from all over the world, are there infinitely better uses for police time and public money? (Is Tony Blair lying when his lips move?)

Yep, the real criminals and the real threats to this country are not Simon Sheppard and I but the Jews and traitorous white politicians and senior officials who have created mass immigration and passed freedom-of-speech-destroying laws to silence those who speak the truth about its consequences. Simon and I did not lie our way to a disastrous war on Israel’s behalf in Iraq, causing a huge and ever-growing civilian death-toll, and inciting terrorism and mass murder by our own Muslim fifth column. We are not destroying this country and its White inhabitants, we are trying to defend them. That’s precisely why, in the eyes of the traitors and their Jewish puppet-masters, we have to be shut up. As another dangerous thought-criminal, John “Birdman” Bryant, has written:

To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore.


Appendix A: The Columns that Constituted the Crime (as quoted in the search warrant)

Appendix B: Essay Competition

Heretical Press announce a prize of £100 for the most entertaining essay of any length by a serving member of the British police or Crown Prosecution Service on the theme of:

“I was only following orders.”

Note: We are a non-equal opportunities prize-giver and actively discourage entries by members of the minority ethnic, disabled, LGBT and XX-chromosome communities.

Appendix C: An Open Letter to Lord Goldsmith

Lord Goldsmith is the Attorney General, Britain’s chief lawyer. He will have to authorize a court case if Simon Sheppard and I are brought to trial.

Shalom Lord Goldsmith!

You have been described as “the slipperiest lawyer in a government of slippery lawyers” by Danny Kruger of The Daily Telegraph. Well done! However, something slipped your net during the legalized theft of my computer equipment: a 3.5” data disc labeled “iWheelWorks – 1-Wheel 3-Button.” It contains instructions for a home-made nuclear weapon and the full text of all truthful speeches made by Tony Blair since he entered politics. If you send me the postage, I’ll get it to you ASAP.

Yours sincerely,

Luke O’Farrell.

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