Luke O’Farrell earlier today     5 AUGUST 2005

Precious Blacks, Worthless Whites

How White Liberals Betray Their Own Race

To understand liberals, you have to understand this: they don’t want to do good for others, they want to feel good about themselves. Faced with a choice between a bitter truth and a sugar-coated lie, liberals don’t hesitate a second. It’s the sugar-coated lie every time. Meanwhile, the bitter truth is often killing their pet minorities. One example: the liberal weeping and wailing over the failure to solve the murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993. British police were thoroughly whipped for their “institutional racism” and forced to be more “sensitive” in their dealings with London’s nigger infestations – I’m sorry, with London’s rich, vibrant black communities.

The result was that blacks had a free hand in London, and when you give blacks a free hand, guess what? They find novel ways of keeping women and kids quiet and delivering fresh meat:

Police are appealing for help in tracking down men who have murdered two mothers and a 34-year-old man in just over a month. All the victims are black and the gang is thought to comprise three or four black men. Avril Johnson, 34, was tied up and shot in the head in her home in Brixton, south London, as her two young daughters and partner watched. The second murder came when in Stratford, east London, on June 29 when they tied up Michelle Carby, 30 and shot her twice in the head as her children slept in the flat. (BBC News, 24th July 1998)

A man is being held over the shootings of a father and his seven-year-old daughter in an apparent gangland feud. Toni-Ann Byfield and her father Bertram, 41, died at a bedsit in Kensal Green, north west London, on Sunday. Police believe Toni-Ann, who was shot in the back, saw her father being shot and was killed as she was running away, to stop her identifying the gunman. (BBC News, 16th September 2003)

An “extremely violent” gang is being hunted by police after a murdered man’s torso was dumped in a canal. The remains of Marvin Gentles, 28, were found in a shopping bag floating down Regents Canal in Primrose Hill, north London, on Friday. Mr Gentles, a Jamaican who had been living with his sister in Northolt, north-west London, had been stabbed and had his head and limbs cut off. (BBC News, 28th June 2005)

Yep, you can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the nigger. Far more blacks have died as a result of liberal “concern” and “sensitivity” than ever died as a result of “institutional racism”, but liberals really don’t care. What matters to them is feeling good, not doing good, and they can’t feel good by pointing out the bitter truth: that blacks are their own worst enemy. No, liberals have to pretend that blacks only suffer because of Whites, which is why they’ve been so pleased by Black Ass Down II – “Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Forget the Slaughter.” A black teenager called Anthony Walker has been murdered by “racists”, and liberals are once again able to weep and wail over “racism” and other “profoundly troubling questions about the state of modern Britain”, as the ever-sanctimonious Independent put it.

Its front page was a fine example of liberal emo-porn: two ugly black faces, one from 1993, one from 2005, above the self-righteous headline VICTIMS OF HATE. The paper then went on to wallow thoroughly in the saintliness of the new victim and the grief of his close-knit, saintly friends’n’family, before filling the opinion column with ten paragraphs of caring, sharing, “Whitey’s to Blame!” liberal prose. But there was another brutal murder that week in England that The Independent didn’t give much space to: someone called Richard Whelan was stabbed to death on a bus after trying to stop a fellow passenger harassing his girlfriend.

In fact, I couldn’t find a single word about this murder and the suffering of the victim’s friends and family in that day’s Independent, though I did find an entire page devoted to the lynching of a black in America fifty years ago. And why did the other murder not get a word of mention from the bleeding hearts? It’s easy to guess: because the victim was White and the murderer was black. And note this: the other murder, by any rational standard, was much more serious. Someone capable of murder in a casual argument is much more dangerous than someone capable of murder over “racism”, because the former is a threat to everyone, not just to a minority. If The Independent really cared about preventing death and suffering, it would concentrate on psychopathic black criminals like the bus-murderer, not White “racists.”

But because liberals don’t really give a damn about death and suffering, they ignore the bitter truth and continue to peddle sugar-coated lies. Another example: the journalist Gary Younge, one of the pet niggers on The Guardian, Britain’s other big liberal paper. After a second set of bombers had tried to keep London vibrant and diverse in terms of scattered limbs and blood-splattered walls, he fired up his jigaboo’s brain with a fresh banana and managed to keep his hands off his genitals long enough to type the following thoughtful words:

Those looking for tails and tridents on the CCTV footage of the bombers will be disappointed. They look like everybody else. (The Guardian, 25th July 2005)

You can lead a nig to slaughter, but you can’t make it think. I’m looking at the CCTV photos of the successful bombers and the wannabes right now, and what do I see? A paki... a paki... a paki... a nigger... a nigger... a nigger... a nigger... and a paki. They don’t look like everyone else at all: they look like the alien invaders they are, completely out of place in a White Christian nation.

And there’s another bitter truth liberals refuse to swallow: different races and religions do not mix, and violence is the inevitable result when you try to make them. Those Asian and black Muslims were far better off in Britain than they ever would have been in a Muslim country, but they still wanted to commit mass murder in London. Why? It’s simple: because they didn’t belong here. That’s why they hated us and why they and other non-whites are infinitely more of a threat to us than we ever were to them.

In other words, the real “victims of hate” are the White British majority who never asked for and never wanted their homeland to be invaded by fast-breeding swarms of non-white aliens. When the inevitable happens and race mixing causes violence, liberals rush to make themselves feel good by blaming White “racism” and “oppression.” They’re demonstrating their superior virtue by attacking their own race, and what really interests them is feeding their narcissism and self-regard, not helping blacks. The truth is that they’ll happily watch 100 blacks killed by other blacks and then shriek over one black killed by a “racist” White.

Well, that’s okay, but what worries me is that liberals will also happily watch 100 Whites killed by blacks and then shriek over one black killed by a “racist” White. As the clearsighted and courageous politician Enoch Powell foresaw forty years ago, mass immigration has turned British Whites into second-class citizens in their own homeland. White death and suffering don’t matter either to liberals or to the Jews who manipulate them from the shadows, and until we destroy the curse of Judeo-liberalism White death and suffering will not only continue but get worse and worse. If you don’t believe me, just watch as Richard Whelan rapidly joins Kriss Donald and countless other White victims in oblivion, while the black Anthony Walker joins the black Stephen Lawrence at the right hand of Jesus.


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