The Answer – Justice

An Australian Prisoner of War and Witness in the Small Fortress, Terezin Concentration Camp, in 1945

Excerpts from the autobiography of Alexander McClelland (1920-2010)

While in England McClelland visits the Anne Frank Exhibition in Exeter and is not impressed. He considers the effect on the young children attending such events as inciting racial hatred. ‘Where Death Wears a Smile’ is shown in Germany as ‘Forgotten Prisoners’ despite McClelland’s efforts to draw attention to its inaccuracies. He recounts some suspicious events which have taken place.

Laws prohibiting ‘racial hatred’ and the like are invariably passed as a result of Jewish pressure. McClelland’s description of the ‘Anne Frank industry’ as promoting racial hatred illustrates how this group projects its traits onto others to accuse them of something they are far more guilty of themselves.

Anne Frank Exhibition a hate industry

I was standing at a news-stand at Charing Cross railway station when I saw a headline, ‘Witnesses of War Crimes sought.’ It was the Jewish Chronicle of 17th February 1989.

One of Australia’s leading legal figures was in London this week to search for and interview potential witnesses for the War Crimes Trials in Australia. He was Mr Robert Greenwood the Director of the Australian Special Investigation Unit set up in 1987 by the Australian Attorney General. This amazed me because this unit was set up two years before the Bill had been passed to conduct War Crimes trials in Australia, considering almost 500 cases. Most were concerning allegations of multiple murder.

Mr Greenwood met Home Office officials and briefed them on the legislation passed in Australia. I could not help but notice that one of the prominent chairmen of the Jewish Welfare Board in England was a Mr Geoffrey Greenwood, who was Jewish. It was quite obvious Mr Robert Greenwood QC in Australia was also Jewish. One interesting fact I have noticed in my research since 1973 in England is that all the people who interrogated Germans after World War II were always Jewish. The Americans were Jewish and the English were Jewish. And now, of course, the people who would be prosecuting alleged War Criminals in Australia would also be Jewish. I myself personally couldn’t see how any of these people could get a fair trial under the same set up as they had at the Nuremburg Trials.

The Jewish Chronicle of 28 January 1989 had an item of the Anne Frank Exhibition at Exeter. I had been curious to see what the Anne Frank exhibition was like. I decided to go there the next day and investigate it because I had check out many things about Anne Frank and they just didn’t make sense. Also, the year before in the Jewish Chronicle dated 29 July 1988, in Foreign News – ‘Anne’s Letters to be Sold,’ they showed you her handwriting. I had already had a good look at the Anne Frank book and the books by people who claimed it was fake. And I thought, well, I’d give the people who had produced the Anne Frank book the benefit of the doubt. In the photograph in the Jewish Chronicle of 29 July the first thing I noticed was the handwriting, supposed to be by Anne Frank from Amsterdam, was slanted towards the left, where a sample in the book out of her original ‘Dear Kitty’ diary, slanted to the right. So that made me think Anne Frank must have been a very remarkable little girl that could write slanting both ways, which according to handwriting experts is impossible.

I arrived in Exeter by train, via London. It was a bitterly cold day – ice everywhere – I stayed overnight at the Telstar Hotel. I was determined to see the Anne Frank exhibition the next morning. I went to the exhibition with my samples of Anne Frank’s writing and I put it above a copy of the original Anne Frank manuscript – her diary. Any copy by a modern photostating machine will turn out perfect black and white copy, even from an old newspaper original. But this copy of the Anne Frank diary obviously had been put under different treatments to make it look old – it was a copy of the original, but they went to a lot of trouble making it look as if it was the original – which I thought was a little odd.

I looked at the exhibition. It showed you one synagogue in Berlin – how it was before Kristalnacht and after Kristalnacht. That particular synagogue must have been destroyed in bombing during the war, not during Kristalnacht at all, because the building was made out of stone and it was shattered by high explosive bombs which does not happen when a building is burnt out.

I saw quite a few children going in and out, and I thought I’d ask these kids what do they think of it. So, I must have asked close on twenty of them what they thought of the exhibition. They ranged between 10 to 14. Every one of those children shook their head in disbelief like someone back home had been bowled out for a duck at cricket. These children said the same thing. “Oh, they’re terrible people, aren’t they?” I said, “Who were terrible people?” They said, “The Germans.” Well I had this close on twenty times from different children, they all agreed on one thing – the Germans are terrible people. I thought “Good Lord, someone has to stop this Anne Frank business,” because lots of the stuff in there I knew – through my research – was false. And also, this handwriting attributed to this little girl – there was a little girl called Anne Frank. But what about the many hundreds of little English girls who were killed in German bombing, and the countless French, and all the other children in Europe who lost their lives in WWII? The children went into the Anne Frank exhibition in Exeter with open minds. They all came out with the idea that there was no good Germans. This was promoting racial hatred which I am very much against. Promotion of racial hatred will only bring more fear and hatred and promote further wars in Europe, which no European wants.

This exhibition had a controversial start. The Exeter Mayor, Counsellor Michael O’Callaghan, refused to speak at the opening allegedly because the display was too political. I agreed with him 100%. An interesting thing – the Anne Frank Journal, published by the Anne Frank Centre, Amsterdam, sold at the Exeter exhibition, had some interesting photographs, for example ‘Concentration Camp Liberated’ – it happened to be one of the work kommandos attached to Dachau. They were all healthy, no starvation, and obviously pleased that the war was over for them.

It claimed that during the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, plans were made to annihilate the 11 million European Jews. Nearly 6 million Jews were killed. An interesting thing in my research – I discovered that way back in 1942, Dr Gerhardt Riegner, who was representative of the World Jewish Congress in Geneva sent telegrams to Sydney Silverman in England, and Stephen Wise, a Jewish leader in America, saying that there were three and a half to four million Jewish people in all German-occupied territories. This was when the Germans were as far as Moscow – the most their borders extended. Someone has got their figures terribly wrong. (Also on photo 200, it shows people at this assembly camp – also the Anne Frank Journal had a map of Europe with all the concentration camps in it, and it says the “most notorious concentration and death camps – 6 million – 90% of those Jews in German-occupied countries of Europe were murdered in what has become known as the Holocaust.” Well, if there had been 11 million as they claimed on page 120 in Anne Frank in the World, there would have been a lot more than 6 million. The figures they give in the Anne Frank Diary are complete rubbish that make no sense at all.

When you do research, as I have done for the last 27 years of my life, you realise the rubbish that is promoted as historical truth by a small group amidst our communities whether it is in America, or England, Europe or Australia.

On page 120 of Anne Frank in the World booklet, shows you a photograph of Westerbork – the Dutch camp – which shows you people waving goodbye, standing beside the railway lines with no sign of a barbed wire fence. The interesting thing is that instead of the people being in cattle trucks as they claimed, they were in ordinary passenger trains. They had their heads and arms out of the windows waving goodbye to their friends at Westerbork. What had happened to the cattle wagons they claimed the Germans always put the Jewish people in?

The Anne Frank industry was just a money-making racket. What confirmed that was on 20 March 1989 when I received a full resume from the Anne Frank exhibition in Amsterdam. I had rung them by phone and given my name as Mike Murray because if I had given my proper name, I do not think I would have received anything back. Anyhow, on 20 March 1989 I received a package from the Anne exhibition and it said: “Re: Exhibition – Anne Frank in the World 1929-1945: We hope you can help us to bring this international exhibition to Sussex. Copies of the exhibit have visited more than 85 cities and five different countries.” It had all this on how many people had visited, mostly children, every one of these visits, including Exeter where I had visited it – 12,000 children had seen that exhibition, so 12,000 children came away with nothing but fear and hate for the Germans – that is promoting a racial hatred. Also there was a contract for me to sign, 8,500 English pounds was the rental fee. I was amazed, because they claimed that they’d shown this to 87 places all over the world – 87 times £8,500. Also at these exhibitions they have boxes out for more money. It all goes back to Amsterdam.

Down on the island of Crete, I questioned quite a few Dutch people and asked them about the Anne Frank exhibition. They all rubbed their hands – a money business. But it is also a racial hatred promoting business which has to be stopped by someone, and the sooner the better. We do not need young children impregnated with hatred in the world we live in today.

It is interesting that most of the exhibitions in England had been at Church of England cathedrals dotted all over the country. Each Church of England cathedral has promoted racial hatred and paid £8,500 to Amsterdam to do it. When you stop to think – it’s odious. What sort of religion is this? Not the teachings of Jesus Christ. (pp. 309-311)

Never mind the facts, we’ve got our script

I was advised in early November 1989 that ‘Where Death Wears a Smile’ the documentary about Walter Steilberg and myself in the Small Fortress of Theresienstadt was to be shown on German television. I asked my friend Frank to write letters to the four main German newspaper offices in London. The programme was to be shown in Germany as ‘Forgotten Prisoners – Australians in Terezin.’ I pointed out in my letter that there was no mass murder of Allied prisoners of war. We were not forced to eat human flesh. Most of the alleged facts in this documentary are unfounded.

I gave them an address and phone number where I could be contacted. I never heard anything from any of the German newspapers. But on 15 November, ‘Forgotten Prisoners’ was shown on all television stations at the same time. It was very interesting how a certain ethnic group can get such coverage for their message of hatred and that is all that documentary was about, the Australianising of the Holocaust, as the evidence I discovered in Dortmund irrefutably proved there had been no murder of 40 Australian POWs by German SS troops in 1945. (p. 316)

Racial hatred

In the Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1990 – “The President of the Council of Western Australian Jewry Mr Doran Ur was given a police escort when he left a public meeting in Perth. Mr Ur, member of the Western Australian Multi-Cultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission, was one of the main speakers on the need for legislation against incitement to racial hatred.”

To me the strange thing about all this talk of inciting racial hatred is this: the documentary ‘Where Death Wears a Smile’ successfully Australianised the Holocaust with the fictional evidence of the murder of 40 Australian prisoners of war. What would this be classified as? To me it is pure, 100% racial hatred. And the people responsible should be exposed and the sooner the better in our country, Australia. (p. 320)

Near-miss in 1996

I took a bus back to Sydney, and stepped out onto the centre island in Eddy Street. As a policemen later told me, it is a one-way traffic zone, with only buses and taxis allowed. I checked the traffic: nothing coming for 150 metres. I stepped onto the road, with my heavy bags of documents. Out of the corner of my left eye I saw something red, coming very fast. He flew past me, missing me by a miracle. He drove straight through the red traffic lights, then turned left out of sight. Maybe it was just dangerous driving on his part, but I could not forget the advice I had been given by a Cretan before I last left Crete: “People who don’t listen to advice...” – then he made a gesture as if he was holding a hand-gun. Being in the infantry in WWII the message was quite clear. It is difficult to forget the numerous pieces of advice I had been given during the last few years regarding my health, or the annoying habit someone has of draining the oil out of my Kombi (with not a drop spilt on the ground), or the loosening of the wheel nuts – which does not happen accidentally on a VW. (p. 343)

Documents stolen in 1997

On return to the place where I was staying in England I went to the cupboard where I kept my documents. I was stunned to find that the green folder with my most important documents was missing. My specialist books on the same shelf had not been touched. Nor my camcorder on the shelf below. Luckily for me I had taken the most irreplaceable documents to Australia with me. Over the years I had had many thefts. But none so important as the contents of that green folder. Luckily I had photostats of those lost documents. (p. 350)

Quoting Cicero

I started on Crete a rat control programme, which was very successful with the four-legged species which spreads numerous diseases. The Athens News headlined my efforts ‘The Pied Piper of Crete.’

I now turn my attention to the two-legged species which are much more dangerous. The spreading of racial hatred, particularly when they force-feed their evil message, claiming it to be historical truth, through the local libraries and school libraries. There would be a queue of volunteers a mile long to punish a person who put poison in children’s school lunch. I personally cannot see the difference between such a poisoner and those who poison the brains of children and parents with racial hatred.

The reason I write this book is to open the eyes of my fellow Australians to the fact that, unknown to them, our country Australia has become the number one nation in the world promoting racial hatred, via a documentary, originally called ‘The Greatest Nazi Hoax,’ later changed to ‘Where Death Wears a Smile,’ “which successfully Australianised the Holocaust” world-wide, and the book Stoker. Both were conceived by people claiming to be Australians. Who are these people? I call them traitors to the Australian way of life. I believe they are covered by Cicero’s assessment of the traitor:

‘A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely. His sly whispers rustle through the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

‘For the traitor appears not as a traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of society; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.’ (pp. 357-358)

The Answer – Justice was originally published by HRP in 1998 with an incorrect ISBN. In 2013 it was renotified with a valid ISBN, 978-1-901240-23-8.

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