Preinstalling Windows NT 4.0 with SP6

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Simon Sheppard

Sorting some loose papers which had come out of storage I came across a single-page print-out, ‘Preinstalling Windows NT 4.0 with SP6.’ It may make the work done on SETCPUID redundant, but such is life. The document I think is from a MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) CD.

A “distribution share folder” is just a directory, though one often shared over a network. A number of queries arise from these instructions. Most pressingly, is SP6 integrated into NT4 before the fatal CPUID check? From what I remember, an $oem$ directory is created and used during a normal NT4 install. Plus, are there circumstances in which unattended installation requires two optical drives? Present circumstances do not permit me to resolve these questions so the Microsoft document is reproduced verbatim below. I have indented the Alpha-based parts for clarity.


This document provides the information and instructions necessary for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system builders to complete the following processes:

For more information about installing Windows NT 4.0, see the Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Resource Kit.

Preinstalling Windows NT 4.0 with SP6

By using the standard Windows NT 4.0 OEM preinstallation tools and methods, you can preinstall Windows NT 4.0 with SP6. This process automatically installs SP6 during Windows NT 4.0 Setup. If you want to preinstall Windows NT 4.0 with both SP6 and Internet Explorer 5, see “Preinstalling Windows NT 4.0 with SP6 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5,” later in this document.

When SP6 is preinstalled, the following events occur:

      Main Directory      

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