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Wonderful site. Congratulations on your courage and independent spirit. Keep up the good work.

JH, Ireland, Sept. 2008

I am writing this letter while I am on a Greyhound bus near Kansas City, Kansas. I didn’t have any paper, which is why I have resorted to this scratch paper. Just ignore whatever has been printed on it. It appears to be some kind of cocktail recipe. I am riding the bus because I got into an argument with a co-driver and I got off the truck in Minnesota... The ride of this bus is smooth enough to write legibly. Whereas it is next to impossible to write while the

A couple of months later, a more conventional letter, with news of his new Mexican lesbian co-driver –

The last co-driver she had stole her dirty socks and sniffed them while he beat-off in the shower at truckstops. She got pretty angry about this and dumped him. She then obtained a list of available co-drivers. She said that I was the only white man on the list, and therefore, chose me. Being white is no guarantee of a good co-driver, but in the Mexican culture, it is considered “macho” for a Mexican man to beat his wife and cheat on her.

RL, USA, June & Aug. 2010

Thank you for forwarding my message to Simon. I just received a very nice (and surprising) package from him.

Notwithstanding, he mentioned the book he is working on (“Sex and Power”) and wants to quote from my ‘Gynaeceum’ article. This is quite a compliment to me. Simon’s work is extraordinary in that it directly identifies the operants of the female psyche. There is no other researcher that has “burrowed” to the depths Simon has in revealing these truths. He has accomplished this despite the cost of political correctness. The current mindset it seems is that men are not to talk about female behavior. Well, I share Simon’s view on this. The false deity of Lilith needs to be returned to its bottle.

E, USA, Nov. 2011

Am I talking to Simon Sheppard?

Did you get released from the hostel?

If I am talking to Mr. Sheppard, then I can confirm that I am talking to one of the greatest geniuses in human history. Yes, there are a few mistakes in his work, but he gives an insight like no other.

RJ, USA, Nov 2011

England must be a terrible place to live – worse than “1984.” America is catching up though...

Simon is such an interesting and intelligent person. I am attracted to his literature. Can’t say enough about people like Simon who are resisting the system and paying a horrible price for doing so.

LE, USA, May 2012

Greetings from Scotland comrade,

Thanks again for the booklets, I hope everything is alright. I’m mailing you mainly to offer my appreciation for your website. I first stumbled upon it a few years back, and it really lit a fire under my arse! Those are some onions my friend. I’ve been a serious student regarding the sex question for quite a while now, and I consider your writings some of the best out there.

JM, Scotland, Oct. 2012

My friend and I found your TOA to be utterly central and a magnificent extended case study that tallied with our own observations... it was largely your work that set us upon this path that has illuminated our twenties. I am 29, he is 25. Thanks to you we won’t be wasting our 30s and 40s (and our material wealth, small as it is) on divorces, child support, unappreciated gifts, pointless dates and hours of ridiculous worry and anxiety! TOA and Ludovici’s Woman: A Vindication were, for me, the most important of my sources. The title ‘Sex & Power’ of your forthcoming book seems exceptionally intruiging – sounds like just our kind of thing!

LE, USA, Oct. 2012

Your writings were a real eye opener on many things that were right in front of everybody’s faces, but nobody seemed to notice. One of those things that you can’t imagine how you couldn’t see it before you were told.

DA, USA, Sept. 2014

Although I’m certain your site has been around for quite some time, I only just recently stumbled upon it. What a brilliant mind you possess. I feel like there will be many months’ worth of “edutainment“ to be had as I peruse it.

J, USA, June 2018

My lawyer visited and we had a good chuckle over this postcard. The sender wrote, ‘Don’t let the buggers get you down! ... May I suggest you put in for a transfer to Dartmoor? Nice in summer.’

So sorry to hear about your sentence. So many people I know have had trouble, things blown out of proportion.

M, England, July 2018

Just a few lines to let you know you are not forgotten. This is a terrible injustice. The laws of our land are rigged against us. The truth has hurt them. But you can hold your head high Simon. You have honest and true character on your side. I would just like to say thank you for all you are doing for our people.

‘From a true Briton,’ July 2018

Dear Simon (AKA Mad Scientist)

No one with any sense believes you should be in prison but because our world has gone mad, at least for the present time, there are few as sane as myself. However, more and more people are coming around to the ideas you have been promoting for years. You led the crowd not followed it and that is admirable.

LC, USA, Aug. 2018

Your experience of being trapped by moronic TV programmes reminded me of a German satirical film I once saw whilst staying in Cologne way back in the 1960s. In it a West German is interrogated by a particularly severe Stasi female, wearing steel-framed glasses. Unblinkingly she tortures him by repeatedly playing “Est war, ein itsy bitsy, yellow polka, dot bikini, that she wore for the first time today,” on a wind-up gramophone. Whoever said the Germans have no sense of humour.

MW, England, Aug. 2018

I am not at all sure that Keith Rossiter is correct when he writes “We have become a nation that abhors racism and discrimination.”

Rather, we have become very fearful of transgressing the race discrimination laws presumably because, if found to have done so by a court or employment tribunal, transgressors face loss of job, and, even more seriously for professionals, loss of their career as a doctor, lawyer, journalist, lecturer etc. and, quite frequently, imprisonment.

While the race laws and anti-discrimination laws remain it will be difficult for readers to know whether Mr Rossiter’s assertion is or is not true.

Press clipping sent and by AR, England, Aug. 2018

A whole lot of people have voiced support for the case you made. Many of these folks are simple, ordinary citizens with no particular enthusiasm for politics. Let’s just say that it became obvious to many that having your freedom curtailed was just a tad unfair when you consider the decisions made about far more serious misdemeanours. I won’t dwell on the matter right now.

Very much enjoyed your article in issue 86 of H&D about ‘The Five Monkeys Problem.’ For some reason, this really chimes with me!

TA, England, Sept. 2018

6 October 2018: HMP Humber, H wing. An inmate was found dead in his cell, from the effects of ‘Spice,’ the drug that’s going round.

‘Racist’ is what the local rag calls me, in fact they call me ‘Racist Gran.’ I proudly often sign my name as such, if we all did that, it would take the sting out of the ROT.

I try to support nationalists in prison, I thank them with every word I write because I know of the bravery and honour of our dear country (that the criminals in Westminster are hell-bent on destroying), that nationalists in prison have stood up to expose their vile lies...

I haven’t had a TV here for over ten years, I got rid of it after my husband died. I just couldn’t abide the BBC propaganda, I was always angry. I feel so much better without that sickness forced down people’s throats...

I went with my daughter to Whitely. It’s a new small town surrounded by houses, that was built in the last wild and wooded area, remote, where people lived in old railway carriages and wooden shacks, and grew strawberries for sale at the lane side. All gone, and the beautiful old lanes and fields of cowslips are to be built over, I weep when I see it all, and we noticed footings in the last strawberry field for a by-pass just up the road from here and much more building, for ‘White flight’ is going on everywhere...

All these villages are under attack, for house building, nothing is sacred or out of bounds, we and our beloved country are under attack from evil. What is happening here is outrageous, we must all of us make this violation of our heritage a prime target of our very being. It is essential that we thrust ahead and protect what belongs to us, and no one else.

‘Racist Gran,’ England, October 2018

‘Sorry to hear about your present situation.’

I heard you got released from prison, glad you are outside. Welcome back, I hope all is well.

The acronym STENCH* is brilliant by the way. You know I think everything in UK will be okay as long as people go back to church. I really think people need a pastor, preacher, or priests reminding them to be decent to each other. It’s either that or the mosques at this point. Without moral law people seem to rely on the governmental law to do things and the government law can be too cold I think. Individuals might not need religion but society needs it.

K, Massachusetts, USA, Nov. 2018

* Society for the Total Elimination of Non-Conforming Humans. From an old ‘Carry On’ film seen in jail.

Hello Simon

I regard myself as an ordinary member of the general public, older than most, drawn late to the fray in total disbelief as to the complete abolition of freedom of speech imposed on our society by a psychotic alien force.

The numbers of people caught in this net on the slightest pretext are so numerous that I am unable to keep up with it all.

You make light of the events leading up to your arrest and incarceration. I would have been terrified in your shoes.

I do not pretend to have the answer to the evil that has been visited upon the whole world but I do know that if I turn the other cheek my conscience will be forever troubled.

I wish I could enclose more but there are so many in the same boat as yourself and my resources are limited.

You are a strong person. You will soon enjoy a normal life and find a way to express your righteous views without having to look over your shoulder.

BL, England, Nov. 2018

I was going through a stack of CDs a couple months ago and came across that Musigyny disc you sent me, so I was already wondering what you were up to. Now this. I don’t know whether to feel worse for you for what you’re having to go through, or for what it means for Western civilization in general.

Here in the U.S. we just had our ‘mid-term’ elections, and it never fails to amaze me how many voters opt for hate-filled communists who think that socialism and fascism don’t go far enough. Clearly, the leftist professors are doing a great job of indoctrinating the new generations, so I fear it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more of the repression that you already have in the U.K. and E.U.

I also wanted to thank you for preserving I had the good fortune of being in contact with Robert. There’s some amazing stuff there.

At any rate, I’ll try to stay current on your situation. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

G, USA, Nov. 2018

To Simon,

I liken our cultural degeneracy to a pit of quicksand: slowly pulling down those people that stand in it. Since attempting escape on your own will cause you to sink faster, you need somebody on the outside tossing you the rope to try and haul you out.

Thank you for being one of those who stood on the outside, tossing me the rope.

Without your works, I would have maintained my state of degeneracy and weakness. I am filled with gratitude and admiration for all the work you’ve done, and your willingness to resist the gynocentric tyranny for the eternal, impartial truth will remain an inspiration for me and many others.

I wanted to send this because I just want you to know that the work you have done is highly valuable and important, and I will continue to direct friends and naysayers to your site.

DS, USA, Feb. 2019

It was a pleasure communicating with an obviously intelligent sane person. If that statement sounds strange understand that most of my life I have been surrounded with intelligent yet psychopathic female-brained types of all sexes; I grew up primarily in Los Angeles, LOL (I figured this out from your writings and other sources which I have read on the internet). And since I myself am merely of normal intelligence it has been quite a struggle to make sense of it all. Truly the inmates have taken over the asylum.

I wish you well. Hopefully you will or have passed your valuable genes on to the next generation :)

EF, USA, May 2019

Dear Simon, you’re the man.

You speak the truth.

Your persecution is political – and evil.

May God bless you.

Please continue publishing.

Thank you.


MF, Europe, Feb. 2020

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