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The Jew Church Ladies

Sheppard’s account of his last (hopefully) time in jail

Part 2: From Blonking to Beatification

Published in Heritage and Destiny magazine, issue 98, Sept.-Oct. 2020

I said many times during that summer in jail that I could cope with the sentence but not the insanity of having to serve it. One correspondent wrote with a quote, apparently from Platoon (1986): “Hell is the impossibility of reason.” This sums it up. Other than that, the most shocking thing during my time inside was the TV. In British jails every cell normally has a TV, and I often wondered if the purpose of my incarceration was to give me a refresher dose of media conditioning, an institutional reprogramming period like at the end of A Clockwork Orange. Not having a TV at home, and nowadays turning off radio news whenever it comes on, I found the intensity of the propaganda shocking. The situation was exacerbated by there being almost zero library provision during my entire time at HMP Humber, an appalling situation for a prison, the result of institutional incompetence. The head governor was a woman.

Inferiority complexes

One issue I identified as causing problems for me inside was if I provoked another inmate’s inferiority complex. It hadn’t happened often during my previous long sentence (for the Tales of the Holohoax comic and web pages) but it occurred enough times to be identified. They would spread malicious rumours about me or damage my possessions out of spite. It had been a good six or seven years since I had seen the inside of a prison, and in the interim the equality dogma had taken root. State institutions, unable now to discriminate between good and bad, have become a magnet for the inferior and incompetent. Plus, Gresham’s Law applies, not just to money: ‘Bad drives out good.’ The prison staff weren’t all bad of course, otherwise it would have been unbearable. I was told by one officer, “Talking to you is always a pleasure Mr Sheppard, you’re a gentleman.” He was one of the few remaining ‘old school’ officers, who are usually ex-Forces. He suddenly disappeared and I suspect he quit the job before I was released.

This time I found I could provoke the inferiority complexes not just of other inmates but of members of staff. Two women with an inmate assistant, who was a Moslem convert and in my opinion mentally unstable, blocked me from having a prison job.

Equality religionists can regard even an implicit claim that some are more able than others as a personal affront. It could be that their professed goal is actually secondary. Rather, the Church Lady’s devotion is to the purity of the objective, and her faith in that grand goal is symbolic of her virtue. It is the goodness of the objective which is the important thing, not the objective itself. The heretic is not challenging the goal so much as the virtue of the believer. Thus the new religion plays upon female insecurity. This hypothesis is consistent with the phenomenon of “virtue signalling,” though anything is possible when obviously dissimilar things are deemed “equal.”

The Church Lady sees the hallowed goal as justifying her actions. Freed from traditional Christian constraints, these willing victims of religious mania will use any argument and any means in pursuit of their illusory goal. Moderate they are not.

Chesterton’s Fence

Chesterton can be quoted, with his allegory called Chesterton’s Fence: the principle that changes should not be made until the reasoning behind the existing situation is fully understood. Women were denied power for thousands of years for good reason. Many of the traits detailed here are essentially feminine: e.g. using any argument that suits their purpose; dismissal of logic; treating facts as offensive; absence of limit; taking everything personally. It is inevitable that this influence, when unchecked, extends to men too.

With no prison job, being in a cell for twenty or so hours a day reminded me of hut life, as was common in former times. Beside the railways one can see the remnants of platelayers’ and gatekeepers’ huts today. In the heyday of steam, a platelayer, responsible for the track, was situated every couple of miles. Similarly gatekeepers manned the gates of rural lines where maybe only a handful of passenger trains and a couple of goods trains passed each day. The gates were kept closed to traffic and opened by the gatekeeper, who was on call day and night. Many men, especially if single, would have lived in these huts, which were little but a shelter with a coal stove. My grandfather had an old watchman who lived in a similar hut at the back of his yard, so I have personal knowledge that men lived this sort of existence. Being in a cell, mercifully on my own most of the time, reminded me very much of it. Though it was always remembered, now I had running water, electric light, a TV and eventually, a wind-up radio. The high point of my day was watching a 1967 episode of The Avengers

Screen violence

Coming back to the causes of men being imprisoned, some years ago there was active debate about what effect the constant diet of violence in films and TV might have. This is hardly mentioned nowadays. I met a couple of inmates who had been imprisoned for “one blow too many.” Violence had taken place, with reason, and they had gone too far.

It’s true that we don’t usually go around engaging in the orgiastic violence which is the stuff of Hollywood action films, throwing each other out of windows and so forth. It is possible however that once violent action is triggered, the Hollywood template is the model which is imitated. Media influence comes into play once the violence threshold is crossed, greatly exacerbating an already serious situation.


An important lesson, which was shared with a select few, was how imitation takes effect. All humans imitate to some degree of course; it can be difficult not to. However, in specific instances, we can divide people up into imitators IMs and non-imitators NIMs. How it works in practice is this. Suppose, in a particular role, one IM is employed alongside eleven NIMs. Then the IM will imitate, and there will likely be no discernible difference in behaviour between the IM and the NIMs. Now progressively increase the proportion of IMs. As the influence of the NIMs diminishes, shortly the IMs will revert to kind. This reversion to natural traits occurs whenever a multiple exists.

It’s comparable to going abroad: a person on their own has a sensitivity to the new country, while a multiple of Britons together will go around in a ‘British bubble,’ constantly comparing the country they are visiting to their homeland. This effect is glaringly obvious in the ethnic enclaves of Britain.

‘Blonking’ is supposed to be a term used by cameramen, meaning ‘putting blacks on camera.’ Possibly the earliest instances were in old James Bond films, where Blacks were placed conspicuously in the background to associate this with sophistication, i.e. to be cosmopolitan is to be sophisticated. I remember seeing an old episode of Coronation Street in which every scene in the Rover’s Return, in several different parts of the pub, had the same Black actor standing in the background.

Subsequent to ‘blonking,’ perhaps first manifest in the Bond films, there were two intermediate stages, though they overlap. There is the ‘Black voice of moral conscience,’ where a non-white character will remind a wayward White of the error of his ways (this resurfaced in Jan. 2019 in a widely mocked Gillette ad.). Secondly there is the ‘Negro saves the world’ genre, of which Independence Day (1996) is probably the original.

Insulting our intelligence

Many of the plot-lines and scenes insult not only our natural instincts but our intelligence too. A plot might have a White couple having a baby, and apparently the only one the film crew had to hand was dark-skinned. So we are supposed to believe that the Mestizo or otherwise dusky child we are shown is the couple’s progeny. This singular phenomenon goes back quite a way, possibly the earliest being a 1988 Steven Seagal film (Above the Law). A more recent example was Transporter 2 (2005), a high-budget film with an apparently Mestizo child of White parents. In this case careful editing only leaves glimpses, tending to subliminal, of the child. In a sane world these scenes would be regarded as risible.

It seems that TV companies simply cannot get staff nowadays. Us lazy, work-shy British steadfastly refuse to do unattractive, low-paid menial jobs like TV-presenting and newsreading. Then, practically every couple in the adverts consisted of a White female and coloured male, this often in the almost subliminal form forewarned by Vance Packard in his famous books The Hidden Persuaders (1957) and The People-Shapers (1977). Many of these deeply offensive images would appear only fleetingly in the background. There was virtually no respite from it – it was unrelenting. This constant promotion of miscegenation is too consistent to be anything but deliberate, genocidal propaganda.

False stereotypes

Non-whites are routinely cast in positions of authority over Whites. Hardly an opportunity is missed to further weaken White racial consciousness and pride. Immersed in these media portrayals, one would never imagine that in Africa, for example, there was no writing and no civilisation before contact with Whites a couple of hundred years ago. When the media first started casting women in positions of authority over men, actresses were seen to strut along with exaggerated swaggers, an example of what I term EBIAR, Exaggerated Behaviour in Alien Role. Here at least was something on the screen which reflected reality.

The common contemporary motif appears to be ‘Saintly Negro’ (others have used the term ‘Magical Negro’) and this is another instance of what I call Artificial Media Role Models, AMRM’s. Here a false stereotype is being instilled in the public consciousness. This trick goes back such a long way that Dickens made one a target for derision, with his mocking of the ‘Noble Savage.’

Religious delusions

Nowadays such false perceptions have acquired an intensity symptomatic of religious fervour. The detachment from reality is so widespread that it certainly qualifies as mass-mania. Delusion to this degree cannot be sustained and my belief is that our people will look back at the present time with embarrassment and a determination that such lunacy never be repeated. One problem is the disproportionate record of the current era, because now, suddenly, it is all capable of being easily and indefinitely stored (i.e. digitally). However the hope is that if Whites survive the next few decades, then we will look back at the current situation in the same way we now regard witchcraft trials and the Victorian fixation with onanism. The actual extent of these past irrationalities is exaggerated I think, because probably people were less impressionable then and certainly society was more disconnected. Many different beliefs and practices would have existed. Now however the mass media provides a means for social manipulation of unprecedented range and power.

Due to media portrayals, women, and apparently even some men, really believe that a woman could prevail if it came to an actual, no holds barred, physical fight between a man and a woman. Those choreographed Hollywood scenes where an athletic female is able to fight off multiple men are accepted as plausible! This is a serious detachment from reality, which is psychosis. Though it is certain that when the time comes that practical ability, or physical force, or real innovation is needed, female illusions will crumble.

One wonders whether all those dystopian films Hollywood has produced over the years were simply to get us used to the idea. Youngsters in the fifties and sixties thought their grown-up world would have flying cars, space travel and a clean and wholesome society, not the mess we live in today.

Capitalism and communism

Wise nationalists have been saying for years that “Capitalism and communism are just two sides of the same shekel.” What we have now, in our dystopian present, is the worst of both worlds. We have an intrusive State typical of communism, with mass surveillance, an arrogant and often incompetent bureaucracy, and uncompromising suppression of dissidents. Flipping the shekel, the form of capitalism now in effect involves a constant suck of wealth from the people who actually make things work, the producers of knowledge and wealth, to a tiny number of oligarchs already rich beyond comprehension. Everything is being subsumed into giant cartels and our countries and people are burdened with trillions in debt.

This iniquitous duality is summed up in “Privatise the profits and socialise the losses.” A bank or company’s profits increase the wealth of private individuals, but when losses are made, it’s called “Too big to fail” and the government, i.e. the taxpayer, picks up the tab. Except it’s not our money that is now being spent, but our credit-worthiness, since government activity is now almost entirely based on debt. Money is actually being borrowed to give away in foreign aid!

When governments create money out of nothing, it is hidden taxation. The existing money in circulation is devalued. Inflation is increasing the money supply, and higher prices are merely the consequence of that. Thus when money is created which does not represent an actual increase in wealth, people need more money to live and the purchasing power of their savings is diminished. This process of currency debasement takes time to feed through, so only those close to its source are the ones who benefit.

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