Getting shot on the way down, and being so brainwashed as to not know what's going on.     

Fourth Generation Warfare

Simon Sheppard says that undeclared psychological war is being waged

Published in Heritage & Destiny, issue 77, March-April 2017

Sometimes we need to be reminded of some of the less pleasant aspects of human nature. Spitefulness is often forgotten about; it’s not something we like to dwell upon. Being nasty, malevolent, jealous and resentful. It is unfortunately true that inferior and inadequate people can feel threatened by the superior, because it highlights their own deficiencies. This sentiment, this unpleasant sensation, can move people to destroy a superior thing just to alleviate their sense of inferiority. A beautiful thing may be destroyed merely to mitigate their discomfort at being unable to create such marvels.

Most of us do not have a chip on our shoulder, so we are largely unaware what an advantage it can be not to be born with one. Of course in grievance politics having such a chip can be exploited for great profit, but it is not advantageous to a society generally.

Now it’s said that whoring is the oldest profession, but that’s only because it can be called a profession. Warring is even older. It is unfortunately true that when a person or population achieves something valuable, a resentful person or population is tempted to take it from them. This has been going on since time immemorial. Probably before women had licence to exchange sex for money. Or money even existed.

And, let’s not deny: one beautiful thing humankind achieved, which had to be protected from marauding, jealous hordes, was fair skin and hair. Especially young women with fair skin and blonde hair.

Waging war, and especially defending against it, was not an occupation in ancient times, for the simple reason that everyone was involved. That is, when their place was attacked, every able-bodied man took up the fight. The shepherd, the mason and the scribe all forgot their differences and rallied. If they did not, the men would be killed, or sold into slavery at best, and their women would be made to copulate with and serve their conquerors. This was the situation in the early days of warfare, and human nature stays pretty much constant, only changing in the ways it is expressed.

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Generations of warfare

What is now known as warfare’s first generation began at the end of the Thirty Years War in 1648. At this time warfare became a monopoly of the State; States waged war against each other. Battlefield organisation developed into lines and columns as the troops fought in close order. They even took turns firing on each other. Tactics were ordered from above, as if it were a chess game.

As time passed military institutions became highly regimented, with professional soldiers, but the battlefield became increasingly chaotic. The second and third generations of warfare arose as solutions to the problems of having a strict military command structure in a disorderly battleground.

Second generation warfare was the invention of the French during World War One. It is summed up in the maxim “the artillery conquers, the infantry occupies.” In 2GW discipline is highly valued, time is unimportant, and synchronisation of forces is achieved by centralised command. Orders are unquestioningly obeyed.

Third generation warfare, alternatively called manoeuvre warfare, was developed by Germany about the same time. In 3GW local commanders are encouraged to take the initiative, employing speed and surprise, sometimes even disobeying orders. During WWI, German forces frequently prevailed by being able to rapidly deploy while the French were still standing around waiting for orders from above. However 3GW didn’t reach its full embodiment until the mature deployment of the tank, specifically, the German Panzer Divisions.

Which brings us to the present day and the development and shocking features of fourth generation warfare. It was first described by William S. Lind and a group of US military officers in the October 1989 issue of the Marine Corps Gazette. In this new pattern of warfare the forces are no longer formal armies, as in the previous modes of warfare. There is no clear distinction between combatants and non-combatants. State armies are organised to fight other State armies, not the new weapons of terrorism, immigration and psychological bombardment.

Fourth generation warfare has three components: physical combat, mental attitude, and moral outlook. In 4GW, note, actual physical combat is the least significant component. Yet more surprising, note further, moral outlook is the most important component. This is an excellent summary of 4GW by Brandon Smith:

The essence of the most advanced form of warfare is the ability to defeat an opponent, or a population, without having to fight at all. Instead, the master tactician seeks to influence his opponent to surrender without fighting, or, to influence his opponent to destroy himself. This is accomplished primarily through propaganda, subversion, asymmetric warfare (terrorism and insurgency) and most importantly, co-option.

In fact this theme draws together three of my previous articles, ‘Words as Weapons,’ ‘Women as Weapons’ and ‘Agents of the State.’ I was unaware of the concept of 4GW then. In the redefinition of words, claims are made to the moral high ground (component 3). Smears are used to demoralise the enemy, undermining his belief in victory and will to resist (component 2).

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Constant cries of ‘racism’

So this is what is happening with the constant cries of “racism” and “injustice” we hear today. Any and every perceived slight or instance of “discrimination” is not just a power-grab, but an advance in the battle for the moral high ground. Their demands insist: “Our side is in the right, we are the victims of your malignity.” Taken to its conclusion, the outcome is that we will surrender the hill which is our last stronghold to the advancing enemy without a literal shot being fired. But they are volleys still: they are salvos in the new way of waging war.

Politicians and the media have been agents of the enemy for a long time, while others have been co-opted to further the enemy’s causes. Thus women and police have been manipulated to aid and execute the enemy’s objectives. The police have been appropriated as enforcers of political correctness while teachers have become indoctrinators. Student demonstrators and activists, a.k.a. social justice warriors, are the shock troops. Almost all are oblivious to being financed and encouraged by the likes of Gerald Ronson and George Soros in furtherance of a recognised globalist agenda.

Whatever our individual faults and failings, our kind is born with qualities others cannot hope to match. The enemy cannot abide our superiority, which is obvious to them but which we have been conditioned to deny. Their weapons are novel but they are weapons nonetheless. This is the truth of the matter. We are at war.

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