Women seem to think that their sentiments and opinions are as important as men’s. They are mad – or to use the proper term, psychotic. They have lost touch with reality.

The reality is that everything females use, from their beauty preparations, the electricity that arrives at the wall, and the device it powers, to the freedom to roam and not be dragged off and ravished, has come about through male efforts. Men have provided all these things for them, the exceptions being so few they can safely be dismissed.

Then it seems that females take the power that males provide and use it against them.

There is a good evolutionary reason for this; it is probably the reason humans have evolved so rapidly. But evolved we have, and women are in cloud-cuckoo land if they think their imitation of men is the real thing. It isn’t, and female tendencies which have been refined over millions of years aren’t going to change anytime soon.

The female perspective is toward relationships, especially as concerns children, and it is an arrogance to apply this limited outlook to wider society. Plus, so much has changed that many female instincts are simply not appropriate any more.

Women use power only to obtain more power, and they are creating a society which is favourable only to themselves. The irony is that even this won’t make them content. It certainly creates unhappiness for everyone else.

Men should tell them where to get off.

Female behaviour is only normal when they want something. Much of the time, to prevent others, especially males, getting what they want, their behaviour is abnormal. Mutating a handle to a signal, for example by ignoring a greeting or someone who is known, is abnormal behaviour. Not turning up to an agreed rendezvous is transforming a handle to a marker in a process similar to that of a thief marking his victim. A spouse denying the other sex is mutating a handle request to a marker.

The basic handle state is knowing someone’s name. Then calling the name is the handle request; responding to the call is the handle response. Females prefer signals and tokens because they are ambiguous and manipulative, while males prefer markers and handles because they are unambiguous and often involve the wealth that he creates. Thus females seek to weaken handles and markers. All inventions are markers: the inventor has made his mark upon society.

Criminality involves transforming a handle request to a marker. For example, a loan of money establishes a handle state; the request for repayment is the handle request; repayment is the handle response. Failure to repay could be due to fraud or default, and the defaulter marks the lender by inflicting loss on him, financially and psychologically.

Simon Sheppard, May 2014

In March 2014 a 25-year-old woman posted an online video of herself having an abortion. It may be cited as illustrating:
  1. That female behaviour has no inherent limit;
  2. The contemporary gestures and endearing mannerisms females employ to define and absolve their actions;
  3. Female lack of secrecy (e.g. compulsive confessions);
  4. Signalling to camera;
  5. Attention-seeking.

Deranged woman smirks as she aborts a baby on camera

Relieving the dismay, a fabulous parody appeared –

Super parody of the baby-killing attention-seeker

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