The spoof header of a letter received while in jail

Some of the Testimonials Received While in Jail and In-between

Christmas is one of the opportunities still existing which give men the chance to reflect whether they possess a clear conscience, and whether they can look themselves in the mirror without feeling ashamed.

We do not need to justify ourselves to anybody, except to our own conscience. People who permit themselves, for their personal gain, to be made use of, will with certainty one day pay for it. On the other side (of the grave) there is neither heaven nor hell, but there is an invisible court, that awaits all of us of the present life. Do not believe that you are, during this festive season, alone in your prison cell, while the others are free and in festive mood. Because the only ones who are really free are those who have the courage to state freely their opinions without any thought for the consequences.

With this in mind, I wish you much strength and even more, conviction, so that you may soon have this unjustified imprisonment behind you. Hope is the certainty, that an undertaking is correct, whatever the actual outcome. Also know at every instant, that you are not alone.

Christmas greetings

Austria, Dec. 2009 (from German)

Mr Sheppard,

You’re not alone, all freethinking people are with you, for us you’re a hero. The truth will finally win and tyrants will receive their deserved payment.

Slovenia, Jan. 2010

Dear Simon,

I just wanted to send you a message of support. I think it’s wrong that you’re in prison. Keep your chin up. Remember, if you can stay strong they’ll never be able to break your spirit. Loads of people wish you the very best, I’m only one of many. Cheers mate, and good luck with everything. Free speech!

MR, UK, Feb. 2010

Dear Mr Sheppard,

Thank you for being so brave in the protection of our civilisation. You are an example to those who lack the determination to confront our mortal enemy. I hope your suffering comes to an end soon. You are in my prayers. Thank you again.

EB, UK, 2010

View of a rooftop in Seattle, August 2010

Dear Mr Sheppard,

Please find enclosed a small token of support for informing me, via your website, of the political reality of the country these days.

I’ve read your articles over the years and fully agree with you. My own personal experiences confirming much that you have written.

Your trial and imprisonment have awakened me to the truth. I’ll keep my letter short as I’m not sure what can or should be discussed in the present situation. However I hope your period of detention passes quickly and you are in good health.

All the best

RB, UK, Dec. 2010

On the front of a small envelope containing a £20 note

Mr Sheppard,

Thank you for defending free speech as you did. Good fortune to you.

UK, 2010

Just in case you don’t already know this news: Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolph are free. Like you, they are heroes for our cause of truth and justice. A terrible injustice has been perpetrated against you by clever criminals who have corrupted the legal system using deception and trickery.

RL, USA, May 2010

Daniel 12:2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

Some who have down through the ages sought for the truth however unpopular it may have been in their generation.

And others that have been in positions of power and prestige but have dishonestly abused others during their lifetimes.

And they thought that they had got away with it all.

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

All the lies, deceit, cruelty and injustice that was done in secret that brought great suffering on others.

One day your courage and love of the truth and your honesty will be richly rewarded, much to the shame of your persecutors.

You have the heart of a lion, and are greatly respected and admired.

We are praying for your early release.

South Africa, May 2010

Hi Simon

Congratulations on your quasi-freedom [release on licence to a bail hostel]. Re. Orwell, I remember the day in 1969 when the first CCTV camera was put on a NYC street. I thought “Here it comes.” Good luck with your writing.

JG, UK, July 2011

I’m glad you’re (nearly) free and especially happy to see that you’ve retained the brilliance of mind and tenacity of spirit that oppressed (but unbroken) heroes summon when the shit hits the proverbial fan. Bravo! ... With luck, you’ll soon be free to let your brilliant mind take you wherever it needs to go. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

MG, USA, March 2012

Yes, the sexes are mainly at odds. In my youth, a husband was called “a 50-year meal-ticket.” Women were husband-hunting. As some observed, it was a long-term prostitution arrangement. Short term was on a pay-to-play basis. Author and social critic Philip Wylie addressed this battle of the sexes in Generation of Vipers, in which he observed how women used their sexual organs to achieve power over men. This game does not change, even if it may be enhanced by technology, which does change, as you observe...

During my period of publication on, I received various ‘resumes’ free of charge: (1) I was “a fugitive FBI agent.” (2) I was an agent for the CIA and/or KGB. (3) I was a pen name for Robert Frenz of FAEM. (4) I was not a real person, but a committee of former Gestapo officers. (5) The latest has it that “I am a real person, a former CIA supervisor for Mossad hit-teams.” This need not be a kosher conspiracy, for the blightwing is sufficiently deranged to concoct such mischievous nonsense. Some say I should write my autobiography, but I reply that my detractors are far more vivid and imaginative, so they can write it for me.

As you note, the Internet is a Babel of disinformation and irrelevant personal opinions, all free to voice their peculiar insanity, as maybe in Hyde Park or Bedlam Insane Asylum. A professor of mine said that there is no lack of information, for the sheer volume thereof requires an army of intelligence analysts to find the grain amid the chaff.

ET, USA, Aug. 2012

Mr Sheppard –

As always, I support your right to freedom of expression! I am deeply appalled by the continuing harassment of those who oppose the current regime – they resort to harassment and the false arrest/imprisonment because their political stance is utterly illogical and unjustifiable. Their only recourse is to brute force, itself a refutation of all they ostensibly stand for, all they are. You are a hero of Europe, of England and one day will be fully honoured as such. Keep fighting, never doubt that we – your supporters – are out here and are thinking of you and your heroic sacrifices!

I see you were reported to the police because your writings were offensive to mixed-race couples. There’s a mixed-race couple in my neighbourhood, an insult to all Europe – can I denounce them to the authorities? Not yet! (Wasn’t so long ago that one could!)

AS, NL, Feb. 2013

Postcard from a female supporter, Sept. 2013

Dear Mr Sheppard

I cannot see just handing a leaflet to people for assessment constitutes a crime. It wasn’t as if you were asking them to buy it. When I first worked in a library we prided ourselves on our impartiality. I well remember telling a borrower who objected to a certain magazine I agreed with her but we had to hold all opinions in our stock.

Hope you soon get released.

LG, UK, 2013

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