Why Work?

Simon Sheppard argues that the ‘Protestant work ethic’ has passed its sell-by date

Written while obliged to stay in a probation hostel in York after being released from prison. Published in Heritage and Destiny, April-June 2012
      Old image from the Library of Congress, ‘Work Promotes Confidence.’ True, but it also makes the super-rich even richer

What’s the point of working? All you get is grief, practically all the money goes straight out in deductions and housing costs, and our taxes are used to finance insane policies, even to further Britain’s national decline.

It’s said that only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. The tax burden in Britain is enormous, yet most of the spend is completely wasted. Even worse, much of it does more harm than good. Britain’s decline has been so consistent that the process cannot possibly be accidental. Greater forces are at work, in which politicians are merely puppets. The sooner the current perverse system of fiat currency, usury and perpetual debt collapses the better, so do your bit for your country and sign on!

We pay tax for completely unnecessary overseas conflicts, and funding corrupt regimes in third-world countries under the guise of foreign aid. Foreign aid is taking money from the poor in rich countries and giving it to the rich in poor countries. Politicians like to parade themselves at international meetings and trumpet their largesse, but it’s very easy to be generous with other people’s money. Many of their audience privately think they are fools, but all they have to do is humour them to receive oodles of dosh.

From De Golly he say, Enoch was right!

Our tax makes the super-rich richer

The tax we pay maintains an economic system based on perpetual debt. Britain borrows money from wealthy countries like oil-rich Saudi Arabia, and repays it at interest, so by working and paying tax we are making already fabulously wealthy people, like the Saudi royal family with its hundreds of princes, even richer. In many cases our politicians’ mad globalist policies result in countries selling back to us mass-produced goods which we invented in the first place. Britain has accumulated so much debt over the years that the cost of servicing it defies description. In a TV interview Nick Clegg revealed that our national debt is costing the country £100million per day in interest, an amount so huge that it is almost beyond comprehension. Britain’s national debt is such that the interest payments alone – never mind repaying the principal – is twice the cost of the country’s entire legal infrastructure, including running all the prisons.

Official figures posted on the Guardian website for 2010-2011 show debt interest payments of £43.9b, while the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Crown Prosecution Service combined spent £20.5b. Total expenditure was £691.67b. Meanwhile the total amount of tax collected by HMRC was £446b.

Billions are given away in foreign aid (in 2010-2011, the Department for International Development spent £7.69b, or £21m/day), yet even more is handed over to EU bureaucrats. This bloated federalist regime is so arrogant and cavalier with our money that it continues despite having failed to balance its books for the last 14 years. Billions of euros have evaporated into thin air, or more likely, the back pockets and secret bank accounts of crooked politicians and functionaries. In any normal organisation this state of affairs would cause gangs of financial administrators, lawyers and police to descend upon it. Yet our treasonous politicians continue to defer to it.

UK debt interest payments 1993-2012, estimated to 2018

Feathering bureaucratic nests

It is a truism that bureaucrats create more bureaucrats. The Church of England is a perfect model, with record numbers of bishops and other high clergy presiding over virtually deserted churches. Similarly with the NHS, the more administrators there are, the less efficient the organisation becomes. The last thing a bureaucrat will do is fire himself – there is always someone further down, probably someone actually doing the real work, to take the hit. In government we have EU politicians, Westminster politicians and yet another layer in the Scottish and Welsh assemblies all producing nothing but hot air and making life more complicated and costly for the rest of us.

What we are suffering is a Marxist revolution in slow motion. Perhaps one reason the EU bureaucrats in Brussels can get away with billions missing from their accounts every year is that the EU police force they’ve created is totally immune from prosecution. It’s like the soviet state, with a superstructure of bureaucrats who sit pretty while everyone else – the proletariat – has to struggle. At least in Soviet Russia the bread was plentiful and price-controlled. Trouble is, the bureaucrats had cake, and plenty of it. Several British regions now have levels of public sector employment matching the soviet system. Such a regime has to rely on bribes of inflated salaries, bonuses and cosy sinecures to maintain the status quo. Hence bankers are allowed to get away with giving themselves million-pound bonuses and inane TV presenters sign multi-million pound contracts.

Ordinary TV viewers have no comprehension of the enormous cynicism behind people like Noel Edmonds, who hosts a game show offering “life-changing money” as prizes. Many contestants are lucky to get away with enough for a decent new car. But while Edmonds is puffing up the prizes for the lowly (and secretly despised) viewers, he and ‘celebrities’ like him are earning that average prize every single week. No wonder they look smug.

Image courtesy of the Sun newspaper, 17/11/2013. Noel Edmonds laughs all the way to the bank

Keeping workers compliant

Newspapers regularly rant about “dole scroungers,” “benefit shirkers” and the like, but the press is owned by a tiny oligarchy of media moguls who have become immensely rich playing the system. These oligarchs – many of them foreign and all of them Zionist – are quite happy to inspire the ‘worker caste’ to uncomplaining effort while they flit between countries in their private jets and treat politicians as the paid stooges they really are. Except it is us that foot the politicians’ wages and all the other costs associated with them, including their absurd expenses claims. The big payoff for politicians comes after they’ve left office. If they’ve been loyal, they may get a grossly inflated advance for a book that hardly anyone will buy, and invitations to lecture at American or Chinese institutions for which they are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a pop. A conservative estimate is that Tony Blair has amassed over £20m since he left office.

People on the dole are supposed to be abashed, but actually according to modern economic theory having a significant number of people permanently unemployed is a perfectly acceptable and reasonable condition. Britain is considered to have a ‘structural unemployment’ level of one million. This serves (extrapolating from economic theory) to drive down wages and enforce conformity on those who are in work. The mass of unemployed motivates the workers to greater obedience and subservience. Keeping misfits and the overly independent out of the employment pool with a fortnightly giro is regarded as the necessary cost of a submissive workforce.

The real crime is that this bloc of misfits, eccentrics, people unwilling to take orders or fit into a rigidly defined slot in the workplace are precisely the sort of people who in former times invented practically every modern amenity we use today. Now those inventions are being produced by cheap foreign labour and imported, undermining what little remains of our manufacturing base. In a sane society many of the people now regarded as unemployable would be inventing, developing and flourishing.

Voracious conglomerates

For those unwilling to toe the line, hardly any opportunity remains for old-fashioned, independent self-employment, almost all having been taken over by voracious conglomerates or displaced by imports from the Far East and elsewhere. The divide between compliant workers and the rest, who live a life of leisure on the dole, has widened. In addition to structural unemployment there is transitional or ‘frictional’ unemployment, consisting of workers in-between jobs or retraining for new technology. A third category of unemployed consists of the victims of a recession or depression who are eager to work but cannot. Before the industrial revolution there was zero unemployment – during periods of economic downturn people never became completely redundant, they only worked less because demand for their labour had diminished.

Actually the most cosseted bloc of ‘dolies’ living on state handouts are lawyers. The Legal Aid they collectively receive is £2.1b annually, about £6m/day. The forms they fill in and submit to the government are effectively just glorified benefit claims: it is dole for the middle classes. Lawyers are the state’s foot soldiers, indeed their official status is ‘officers of the court.’ The same can be said about the armies of bureaucrats who do little but make work for themselves.

A story exists – the author is unknown, though it’s the sort of thing Kurt Vonnegut might have written – of a society which collapses because ultimately everyone of working age is either in prison or employed keeping them there. With record imprisonment rates, security guards in every supermarket and thousands employed watching CCTV screens, this once futuristic scenario begins to approach reality.

Putting these enormous sums in context, the total annual bill for Jobseeker’s Allowance is currently £4.5b, while the expenditure on state pensions is a whopping £69.78b which, rounding up, is seventy thousand million pounds. Perhaps the fiercest criticism that can be levelled at those claiming unemployment benefits is that, when it comes to sucking on the government teat, they are rank amateurs.

Banksy graffiti beside a Royal Mail sorting office in London

Petty rules

One disadvantage of being on the dole is the petty rules which exist, such as having to declare any earnings over £5, which is then deducted from benefit. This means anything over £5 earned disappears. It is a rare bird indeed who will declare the odd £10 or £20 earned under these terms, so the practical effect of this petty regulation is to make everyone dishonest. Thus the real function of the rule is to make crooked politicians feel better about all the expenses scams and fiddles of far greater magnitude they have been perpetrating for decades. By encouraging millions to be dishonest, they salve their own corruption.

Then there is the requirement that claimants declare their savings, property and even the cash in their pockets when they make a claim, but never their car. There would be no problem at all claiming dole with a brand new, £200,000 Lamborghini parked in the drive. This is because the motor car is the ultimate tax generator – in its purchase and for every mile travelled, much of the money expended is taken in tax.

‘Work ethic’ now an anachronism

Work has many advantages. A regular schedule and social environment are a great benefit and often essential for well-being, as is a sense of self-worth. But the traditional ‘work ethic,’ where we feel we should work to earn our daily bread, has been rendered obsolete by deliberate social policy. It exists now only as a vestige, to make workers feel superior to the unemployed and suppress their demands for higher pay lest they join them. Now there are a hundred applicants for every vacancy, with another fifty Eastern Europeans close at hand eager to do the job for half the money. Actually this is an understatement – not long ago a butcher advertised for an assistant and received 245 applications, including several from graduates holding law degrees. Once here in Yorkshire a CV was demanded for a tractor driver’s job, and many educational and official placements require a “commitment to equal opportunities” statement to be signed – effectively an oath of allegiance to the new religion of political correctness.

The Establishment claims to believe in market forces and free competition but when they were disadvantaged by it, and higher wages were being demanded for menial or otherwise unattractive jobs which had become hard to fill, the government opened our borders to admit cheap labour and undermine those demands. That, they are loath to admit, has led to enormous costs of keeping large immigrants’ families in benefit, health care, and additional crime (plus increased crime by native Britons due to reduced social cohesion). These are extra costs the taxpayer is now being asked to pay. That our politicians are incompetent is certainly being too kind, and the general working public is expected to bear the cost of their malfeasance. It wouldn’t be so bad but they actually seem to be getting better at making things worse.

So why work?

So why work, when doing so is to keep a pampered legion of parasites in the comfort to which they’ve become accustomed? Unless there is an opportunity to make real money, and live completely free of debt, you’re better off on the dole and living contentedly within those modest means. Better that than stacking shelves for Tesco which, on current trends, will be the only work available soon anyway.

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