Jews en route to a British-run camp in 1947 Another Sealed Train – British troops guard a train-load of Jews at Hamburg docks in 1947. The British authorities were attempting to enforce their mandate by limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, in the interests of the indigenous population. These Jews had been refused entry and were en route to a camp at Poppendorf.Wherever they go, whoever they deal with, Jews cause discord and disaster.

‘On the 9th August 2004 Michael Whine wrote to the Chief Constable of the Lancashire Constabulary indicating that a pamphlet entitled Tales of the Holohoax had been received by the Blackpool Reform Synagogue. A corresponding complaint was made to the Western Division Police HQ in July 2004. Michael Whine invited the police and CPS to consider prosecuting the publishers under Part III POA.’

How Jews had Simon Sheppard Imprisoned

It transpired as the first verdicts were read out that the jury had elected the only ethnic member, a Muslim woman, as their foreman. This was evidently their idea of a joke, as they avidly watched for Sheppard and Whittle’s reaction as she stood to deliver the verdict, revealing herself as the foreman for the first time. (She was later discovered following two of our supporters around Leeds town centre, eavesdropping on their conversation.) One intrepid member of the jury held out for several days, but was obviously browbeaten into submission by the others.

Of course no-one is suggesting that Jews are anything other than the most wonderful, loving and kind-hearted people, as well as stalwart defenders of free speech.

Posted October 2011

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