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Race Games

Spot the Balls

Simon Sheppard

We assume that the basic requirements for survival, such as food and shelter, are present. Then we add three basic requirements for males: that all males, of whatever human genotype –

  1. Wish to impregnate females;
  2. Possess racial (or at least tribal) awareness;
  3. Seek to perpetuate their kind.

Item 1 is elementary and needs no further elaboration. By item 2 is meant a sense, or consciousness, of a distinct racial identity. Item 3 requires that the genotype has a survival instinct, just as the individual has a self-preservation instinct.

Without these requirements, the genotype expires. If they are absent, according to the elementary precepts of evolution theory, the genotype would inevitably have become extinct at some point in evolutionary history. This is as certain as one cannot have a eunuch for a father.

The observation is made elsewhere that non-Occidental males express female characteristics. (DRoFC, the Double Reinforcement of Female Characteristics, being practically the only mention of race in the Procedural Analysis system.) This being so, what male traits do they actually have? The full title of the game is ‘Identify the Masculine Traits of the Non-Occidental Races.’ Or, rather more succinctly –

Spot the Balls

We say that non-white males express female characteristics. What male characteristics do they exhibit? Some suggestions are made, with the reader being invited to add to the list.

How do we to determine whether the trait is masculine or feminine? As in all of PA, we ask whether it is beneficial for the proliferation of male or female genes. Sometimes this may not be altogether clear, but only the Divine knows all the answers.

Genotype      Masculine Trait Notes

Chinese Lack of squeamishness At the West Lake Restaurant in Beijing, the Chinese actually eat testicles! (What might be the evolutionary origin of squeamishness?)
Egyptian Sense of humour Males use humour to alleviate neurosis and distribute information. Female humour seems to be either at someone else’s expense or consists of amusing anecdotes inspiring endearment.
Japanese Very conscious of hierarchy; importance of personal honour Using as a model the military, which is certainly masculine. In a masculine environment one has to face the consequences of one’s actions.
Negroes Territorial; aggressive However, females express the ‘work ethic.’
Jews Competitive Possibly the only masculine trait.

The Game

  1. Extend the table above, according to your own observations.
  2. Is there a human genotype, the males of which express no other masculine traits (besides Items 1-3) whatever?

Another Game

Game Two is closer to home and similar to the old joke about Heaven and Hell:

In Heaven In Hell
  • The police are British
  • The cooks are French
  • The engineers are German
  • The administrators are Swiss
  • The lovers are Italian
  • The police are German
  • The cooks are British
  • The engineers are Italian
  • The administrators are French
  • The lovers are Swiss

The associated race game is ‘The Saving Graces of the European Races.’ It is a simpler game than ‘Spot the Balls’ but nonetheless may be amusing and even instructive. Thus:

European Race     Saving Grace

British Sense of humour. The British can laugh about anything.
Dutch Arguably, hypocrisy. If the Dutch practised what they preached they’d be extinct already (and it may already be too late). If they do survive as a distinct genotype, it will be largely due to this feature.
French Food and the “Oh La La!”
German Efficiency and formalising everything – five minutes after a German parks his car on the pavement there will be designated areas where it is officially sanctioned. Everything must be correct, bearing the relevant stamps and markings. This of course makes a nonsense of the claim that Germans systematically murdered millions of Jews without keeping records.

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