German WWII propaganda leaflet aimed at Allied troops, ‘While you are away.’ The reality was even worse than depicted    

Love, Sex and War

John Costello

Introduction by Simon Sheppard

Costello makes many pertinent observations of the association between war and sex. Shedding many fundamental tenets of civilization in a ‘total war’ with the spurious argument that ‘the end justifies the means’ has resulted in the loss of much of what Britain and America were supposed to be defending.

‘There is a wide-ranging association of war with sexuality, complex, intricate, intimate and at every level.’ A. L. Rowse as quoted in Love, Sex and War

Love, Sex and War is most appropriate for featuring on this site. Indeed a major problem is the sheer amount of the material worthy of quotation. Hardly a page is turned without meeting another insightful passage, detailing the astonishing civilian and military behaviour which can occur during wartime.

World War II was a climactic period of accelerated change and the book ties together a number of aspects of Procedural Analysis with the Revisionist flavour of this website; specifically, the notion that the Allies were the good guys and the Axis the bad. According to PA, WWII was essentially a war between the masculine and the feminine; in Nationalist terms, it was ‘a brother’s war.’ For example, the wartime song ‘Lili Marlene’ was a favourite of soldiers on both sides of the conflict. If WWI was when the rot set in, WWII was its consolidation.

See the DSod Theory, especially ‘Females make small differences larger and large differences smaller.’ Thus British men were sent to decimate their closest cousins, the Germans, while many of their women copulated with Negroes in their absence. The German propaganda leaflet which is used as a motif for these pages was not only accurate, it was an understatement. Americans were sent to kill their cousins too: the ethnic German component in early North America was such that German almost became the national language.

Reverse side of a German WWII propaganda leaflet aimed at Allied troops, ‘While you are away’

Allied propaganda was and continues to be more dishonest: Costello’s book makes gratuitous reference to “the Nazi evil” (p. 356) and claims that Hitler started the war (p. 362). At the end Costello is revealed as a rampant male feminist but the last chapter is so incongruous that one wonders whether it was added at the insistence of a tart in the publisher’s office.

One of the most astonishing revelations is the degree to which war increases female libido. In Britain, a fashion raged for having sex in doorways and against walls (‘wall jobs’) due to a widespread belief that pregnancy would not result from having sex standing up. This shedding of female inhibitions might in Britain be attributed to the bombing of cities and a ‘live for today for tomorrow we might die’ philosophy, but no such excuse existed in America or Australia. No bombs were dropped there. Just a single, isolated attack took place, Pearl Harbor. Nevertheless, the same phenomenon occurred, to the extent that many GI’s contracted VD from teenagers even before they left their homeland.

Another important lesson to be drawn from the book is that no women are to be trusted – none, not one, not any. Compelling evidence is provided of the recurrent, compulsive attraction women have for foreigners, findings which are confirmed in Smith’s When Jim Crow Met John Bull. Costello provides two accounts of royalty – an English titled lady (probably a Baroness) and an Italian princess – entertaining prostitution.

At one point (p. 298) Costello seems to imply that neurosis is the ‘White Man’s Burden.’ This is traditionally attributed to Kipling, the burden of teaching Christianity to Negroes. That the White Man’s Burden is neurosis, which leads to sublimation, was precisely my own conclusion, and the origin of the science, technology and high art which is peculiar to Western civilization.

The accounts are variously amusing and shocking: many are a telling reminder of the ugliness of war, and ‘total war’ especially. Shedding many fundamental tenets of civilization with the spurious argument that ‘the end justifies the means’ (PA, Proposition 8, Corollary 1) has resulted in the loss of much of what Britain and America were supposed to be defending.

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