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Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males


In this short article I wish to detail the phenomenon, which many nationalists and others will surely have noticed, of the female tendency to favour immigrant males. During my investigations into human behaviour, documented in my recently published book The Tyranny of Ambiguity, I surveyed this phenomenon, sitting at the side of a Dutch shopping mall with a clipboard. Its essentially female origin was confirmed and moreover, the trait appeared to be common to females of all ages and social classes.

No doubt many individuals have advanced their own theories as to the origins of this behaviour but the reality is that the sources of it are complex: no single explanation suffices. Although the policy of the mass media is Malign Encouragement, encouraging an opponent to pursue an adverse policy (Table 1), this phenomenon cannot be the product of media influence alone. One technique is to promote artificial media role models (AMRM’s; successful businesswomen, swaggering female police officers and the like) but to a large extent the media encourages detrimental traits and behaviours which already exist. I shall therefore list a number of elements which have been isolated, with the actual origins in each case being a mixture of one or more of these components.

Table 1. Policy Choices for a Protagonist
MINIMIZE OWN PAYOFF Loser Pure altruism
MAXIMIZE OWN PAYOFF Malign Encouragement Perfect symbiosis

The following discussion derives from a new system of human behaviour analysis proposed by this author called Procedural Analysis (see Table 2). It is not claimed that all females prefer immigrant males, but that it is the female policy. Here we deal not with individuals but with male and female policies, according to whether the policy or procedure serves the furtherance of male or female genes.1 For example, the optimal male policy for the furtherance of his genes is to impregnate as many reproductive females as possible. The optimal female policy is to secure a single, long-term mate of exceptional fitness who will stay with her and provide for her while she rears children.

Table 2. Basic categories of procedure
SIGNAL (F) A gesture, particularly of sexual one serving to attract a mate The Accident Signal, which is a prompt for male aid, from a relationship and progeny may result
MARKER (M) An unambiguous indication of involvement Talking to someone; buying someone a drink; a female mending or ironing her mate’s clothes. Primoridial marking is leaving scent
TOKEN (F) When one thing means another An invitation for a cup of coffee; traditionally, it is an invitation to share in the ritual of its preparation, and to talk
HANDLE (M) A request which evokes a fixed and predetermined response Calling someone’s name. A condition in which handles are issued (e.g. being married) is called a handle state

The male/female game is the game of opposites: the male instinct is to compete (maximizing fitness) while the female instinct is to conspire (raising the cost of sex, enforcing monogamy). Applying this simple yet powerful and most important of all, accurate model, the male instinct is to be racist (because it is males who fight to protect territory and to retain the racial integrity of the tribe), so therefore the female instinct is to be “anti-racist.” Similarly the female instinct on seeing a mixed race couple is to smile approvingly while the true, deep male instinct is homicidal.

In an environment where male influence is strong, females will conform to male expectations; but in a society where masculine influence is diminishing, race-mixing by females will become increasingly prevalent. This is plainly evident in areas where there is a high proportion of coloured immigrants. Those females who would not enter into this behaviour (and the majority would, given the opportunity and an environment that is amenable to it) are actually exhibiting a masculine characteristic.

Ten Reasons Why Females Prefer Alien Males

It is noteworthy that none of the following components are transient; they are not mere whims of fashion. The following list of origins was arrived upon:

  1. Malleability. Immigrant males are generally more responsive to signals and easier for females to manipulate. (Darwin: “It is generally admitted that with woman the powers of intuition, of rapid perception, and perhaps of imitation, are more strongly marked than in man; but some, at least, of these faculties are characteristic of the lower races, and therefore of a past and lower state of civilisation.” Descent of Man, 2nd ed., p. 858.) Further, some immigrant males have been observed to deliberately play on their docility (e.g. Negroes making “baby eyes”), which the female finds appealing and to which she responds.
  2. Affection Beneath. The underlying mechanism by which caretaking instincts are inspired is Affection Beneath; it is obviously inappropriate to seek to protect something or someone that is more powerful than you. Females seek to monopolize Affection Beneath. The immigrant’s reduced status (accounting in part for his malleability), which many whites deny but which is plainly apparent to him, is allied to Affection Beneath. All the obstacles which females place in the path of their own males, and they are many, can appear to magically disappear in the case of an immigrant male because of AB.
  3. First and Second Level Psychic Assaults (see Table 3). The second level Psychic Assault involves males of alien race, the first level Psychic Assault does not. The coloured male provides the female with the ability to Psychic Assault at the second, most potent level. This is such a powerful weapon that the female cannot resist progressively exploiting it. Clearly there is a role for the first level Psychic Assault in providing an impetus for sublimation, by which males redirect their sexual energy to the production of high art, science and the like, but the second level Psychic Assault appears to have no redeeming features whatever. It might be suggested that by introducing foreign genes the female is furthering an evolutionary dynamic, and re-masculinizing the race, but this argument is invalidated by the Double Reinforcement of Female Characteristics (DRoFC): the notion that non-Occidental males naturally possess female characteristics. Even some Occidental males can express female characteristics (e.g. homosexual males, monogamous males).

    The second level Psychic Assault is capable of arousing intense distaste in males, however subconsciously that sense has been submerged, and this is another method by which sex can be limited and its value raised. The female policy is to raise the costs of sex, the male instinct is to lower it. By the second level Psychic Assault the male is confounded and rendered yet more susceptible to manipulation. It is one of many procedures which the female executes personally but with considerable benefit to females generally (the Conspiracy policy). She derives satisfaction from following her instincts in this way and by further depriving her own males of sex she is collectively increasing female power and the control and influence they can exact.

    Females’ explorations with immigrants, which may initially be for novelty, become a self-perpetuating cycle. After the period of novelty has passed, only immigrant males allow females the level of control and increased latitude to which they become accustomed. Put another way, the revulsion this and their other behaviour (deriving from their increased power, Item 1) arouses in their menfolk becomes such that only immigrants will put up with them.

  4. Release from neurosis. The female finds the immigrant’s less neurotic nature attractive because it satisfies her longing for a release from neurosis. (Neurosis is defined in this system as the condition which arises when one stimulus evokes two or more responses, and is obviously associated with the production of high art, science and the like.) It is comparable to one of the reasons for the female affinity for animals, the clarity and unambiguity of their signals.
  5. Maintenance of heterogeneity; IoR. Another likely factor is that a female taking an immigrant male is a short cut to IoR (the Indulgence of Romance, a mechanism evolved by females to raise the costs of sex and promote long-term bonding; for IoR to be invoked some intangible ‘specialness’ must be achieved). In ancient times females would have had much less control over their choice of partner, many having been promised to a male since childhood under an arrangement (even a tacit one) with her family. In these circumstances it was incumbent on the female to introduce different genes to prevent excessive inbreeding, say within the confines of a village or small town. A male from a remote area would seem foreign and attractive to her and would also, having navigated a considerable distance on foot, or possessing a horse, be likely to be exceptional, an alpha-male. Such a union would be evolutionarily advantageous for her, and considerable effort might be required to extricate herself from her existing commitments. She may also be in competition with other females of her settlement having the same objective. The male in these circumstances, although perceived as foreign, might only have travelled a few dozen miles and would be of the same basic stock as she. Now, however, females apply these instincts to males who come not from scores of miles away but thousands, and are of completely alien stock.

    One report, which is unverified, is of Celtic women dancing naked on a hilltop while their menfolk battled a challenging tribe below. Whatever the outcome, the women could be confident of being ravished by the victors. For the female, two males fighting for her might be the ultimate in IoR.

  6. Guilt. It has been stated that atonement is necessary for former colonial sins. This is a pretext, a decades-old guilt-trip and an application of Proposition 8 of PA, that the female will use any argument, however ridiculous, if it suits her purpose. If there is female guilt requiring absolution its origins are likely to be rather more obvious. At best this argument is an application of another female characteristic, the Inability to Egress (e.g. avoiding resolution, a hatred of ultimata; it facilitates the acquisition of the best possible mate). It is also an attempt to judge these supposed former sins, which took place amid a background of barbarity, by modern standards.
  7. It is an expression of Vicarious Generosity. Giving away, often enthusiastically, something which is not one’s to give. Everything the female is for, biologically, is given away. By corrupting her blood-line, hundreds of thousands of years of genetic lineage is destroyed.
  8. It constitutes a Challenge. This is a blatant form of the Challenge Signal. Challenges demand a response, and can be a subconscious appeal for subjugation. Proposition 2 of PA states that the status of the female is proportional to the status of the male she can attract.
  9. It weakens and distributes a marker. The marker is the involvement of belonging to the same folk. Females prefer signals and tokens, because they are ambiguous and therefore manipulative, while males favour markers and handles because they are unambiguous and often involve the wealth that he creates.
  10. It weakens a handle. The handle is the expectation of pairing with a member of the same folk.

Table 3. Formal definition of the Psychic (or Mental) Assault
  1. The Psychic Assault is a political manoeuvre. The female manipulates the male into a position where she could have sex but refrains from doing so.
  2. She maintains and perpetuates the male in a state of arousal or false expectation.
  3. She scores points to bolster and satisfy her ego.
  4. She evokes images of granting sexual favours to another (the more perverse her selection, for these purposes, the better) but grants them to the male or males in her audience either rarely or never.
  5. She quits from a male suddenly or prematurely, because she prefers to Assault rather than engage in a proper relationship.
  6. She grants and withdraws sexual favours to a male with whom she is involved in a relationship without logic or reason.

There may be an unresolved issue as to why women appear more willing to be submissive to an immigrant than would be the case in a relationship with a white man. This may be accountable by reference to Item 6, combined with a psychologist’s observation that females express guilt concerning their behaviour towards other females, children and animals but never in respect of their actions towards males (also bearing in mind DRoFC).

Male Instincts Regarding Mixed Race Couples

Examining (as always) the situation in evolutionary terms, for the male on the individual level, a female he supported who bore a visibly different child would likely be ejected from the cave or dwelling, if not from the entire tribe, and thereafter she would be left to fend for herself. (Protecting herself from such an eventuality is a likely origin of Vicarious Generosity.) The male might even have been supporting older members of her family and he would feel entirely justified in giving short shrift to a wife who gave her favours to another.

On the collective level, millions of males have suffered brutal deaths in battles fought to preserve differences; all those who had been left to perish at the scene of some bloody battle, after receiving a sword in the stomach or a grievous wound with a blunter weapon. After such costs have been incurred by his forebears the sight of one of the females of his tribe making herself available to a male of a strange and different one is an affront.

For a white male and an alien female there is a slightly different situation. Firstly, there is Affection Beneath to consider, and this is the reason why this circumstance is less abhorrent to the instincts than the opposite case. Nonetheless such a union is a feminine expression of DSoD (“Dee-sod”; see Table 4) and its prevalence, which is much less common than white females with alien males, evidence of feminization in any event.

Table 4. Components of the DSoD (Dishonest Submergence of Difference) Theory
AMSoSD: The Actual Male Submersion of Small Differences
EFPoSD: The Enhanced Female Perception of Small Differences
IMAoLD: The Inordinate Male Amplification of Large Differences
DFSoLD: The Dishonest Female Submersion of Large Differences

It is important to appreciate that females are not naïve in sexual matters and particularly in the matter of sexual selection. Sexual selection is absolutely essential to her being. Many behaviours which are learnt (i.e. acquired) in the male are inherent in the female; this explains the many and varied sexual aberrations in males, such as fetishes. The female is regularly reminded, by menstruation, of her reproductive function.

While the male excels at manipulating things, the female imitates him. To the female, relationships are sex and it is her natural domain, so males will often imitate the female. (This and a male need to express Affection Beneath largely accounts for white male/immigrant female couples such as men with mail-order wives.) Although the immigrant is a successful invader, he is evidently not so by his masculine prowess and females who choose a mate of alien race know precisely the extent of their betrayal. This accounts for the often extreme reaction they give when criticism is implied. A female taking such a partner is the sexual-political equivalent of the nuclear bomb (cf. the etymology of bikini).2

Females and the Laws of Nature

When male animals fight, they usually fight for territory. They may fight virtually, and only posture and threaten, but it is still a struggle for dominance. The loser retreats, surrendering his claim on the territory. The point is that in nature, females come with the territory. A male that dominates a territory also dominates, controls and mates with the females within it. In human society, the fact that females have language and intelligence only enables them to employ specious arguments to justify their actions, as in the case of the alien takeover of our territory.

Being humans, we are capable of acting against our instincts, but following our natural drives is our “default mode.” To defy them requires effort, which we will prefer to avoid. Happiness generally results from following our instincts, almost by definition, and the pursuit of happiness must certainly be the leading human activity.

It gives me no satisfaction to say this, but there is not much wrong with females that controlled, restrained physical force would not correct. The female has evolved numerous mechanisms to compensate for her physical weakness relative to the male. If the male is denied the ability to respond with force (or at least, the tangible threat of force) he is at a disadvantage and simply cannot counter females’ natural manipulative skill or, more apposite to this discussion, retaliate for the supreme insult he is delivered. Thus we have the situation where a white female can flaunt her relationship with a Negro or other immigrant male in a public or semi-public place (such as a pub or bar) with the male prohibited by law from responding. The institutionalised favouring of immigrants, and legal protection of females from a natural masculine response to their excesses, is indicative of the Super Feminine State or, as it may otherwise be known, ‘Big Sister.’

If their behaviour is unlimited, females are capable of firstly, making their own males into an underclass, for example by their wholesale preference for alien males, as can readily be observed in areas with high immigrant populations. Secondly, they are capable of taking their race to the brink of, if not beyond, extinction. These are critical flaws for which accommodation cannot be countenanced.

Woman is the human reproductive animal, and all her instincts are concerned with raising the costs of sex, securing a mate and child-rearing. Giving her power to apply these instincts to wider society is not appropriate. The sexual behaviours of women, and Vicarious Generosity, point to a feminine source of the original problem of mass coloured immigration.

1. Note on definitions: In this system a policy is defined as a set of procedures; a procedure will be capable of being expressed mathematically. Use of the term strategy is problematic because in mathematical game theory a strategy is defined as a complete specification of what an individual will do in any situation, which for humans is generally unattainable. The Protagonist in game theory is the player who starts the game.

2. The bikini was so named because its effect on males was compared to the effect of the nuclear bombs being tested at the time at Bikini Atoll.

First published in the November 2002 edition of Spearhead magazine under the title ‘Why many white women prefer non-white males.’ This title is slightly incorrect however, since the phenomenon has been reported to occur elsewhere, for example in Japan.

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