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The Science of Sex

Base and Spoiled Female

An excerpt from Section 30 of

The Tyranny of Ambiguity

BASE AND SPOILED FEMALE, BSF.2 A Base and Spoiled Female is unrestrictedly allowed to act upon the dictates of her emotions. It is the ambition of every female to be so spoiled, because such females have the freedom to indulge their impulses. Increasing numbers of females are attaining this goal, at least during the ascendant half of their reproductive period. Base and Spoiled Female must not only be financially supported, kept warm, fed and so forth, but also continuously amused and entertained.

Any involvement by a male with Base and Spoiled Female will be to his detriment, for it to be otherwise will require inordinate skill and dexterity. (Some males are also capable of expressing BSF characteristics.)

ORIGIN OF BASE AND SPOILED FEMALE. Base Female is the mould from which all females are cast; she is morally corrupt. Spoiled Female is her outward expression after being allowed excessive licence. Some females, such as the DF type, are likely to be slower on the uptake than other females but all will ultimately take advantage of such licence in an environment where it is available.

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS OF BASE AND SPOILED FEMALE. It is explicitly stated, lest any misunderstanding exist, that the ultimate instinct of the female, and the one which BSF will generally seek to satisfy, is to have babies. The female who does not desire babies, whether consciously or subconsciously, has become extinct.

Single mothers are an example of BSF: they indulge themselves with a baby regardless of the consequences for the child. It is the principal responsibility of the female to control conception and ensure that the male she uses to conceive a child will remain to perform the fatherhood role that is necessary for it. This self-evident truth and many others are ignored by BSF, with the sole motivation that it allows her to satisfy her base emotions.

Base and Spoiled Female will go through a male’s papers and private belongings to gather information about him if the opportunity presents itself. She will answer the door or telephone only if she feels like it. BSF is quick to complain of boredom or discomfort, and will be the first to point out that one of a group maintains an advantageous position over the others (a trivial example being that one has not bought a round of drinks). She will unselfconsciously announce to a group that she wants a boyfriend for a long-term relationship even before she has consulted her intended target.

BSF is uncompromisingly selfish and gives the appearance of having no perception of male sensitivities and needs. She wants to be contacted “On the psychic telephone,” proposes giving the next letter of her name on each chance meeting, or refuses to give her name and then flicks her hair in the male’s face. BSF is, or seeks to be, totally capricious: “I don’t make appointments, I just go along as I feel” and “Feelings are never wrong” are typical claims of the genre. They thrive on attention: several times I concluded that the proper response to Base and Spoiled Female, and the only remaining sensible option, was to ignore her. However perhaps no other policy better ensures failure for the male.

Almost everyone can learn to get along with each other if they put some work into it. This philosophy is anathema to females, and especially to the Base and Spoiled variety.

RECAPITULATION OF PROPOSITION 2. The status of the female is proportional to the status of the male she can attract.

LEMMA 3 FOR THEOREM 2. Base and Spoiled Female (BSF) perceives her status as being proportional not to the status of the male she can attract but to the status of the male she can reject.

DISCUSSION. Base and Spoiled Female is merely following her purest and strongest instinct: to increase the cost of sex. Females, if they are allowed to fall into the habit of following their instincts, cannot help but reject approaches from males. No male will be good enough; all will be flawed. Only when a male has been elevated to the status of Paragon by the tribe, for example via television, will Base and Spoiled Female acquiesce to a male who is honest. The dynamics of BSF’s behaviour is a potential explanation why the harder males try, either individually or collectively, the less likely he is to succeed.

DISCARDING IoR. Since the female can endow IoR with great significance, there has to be some mechanism by which IoR can be discarded. If a situation were to arise in which, quite coincidentally, high IoR occurred, she might be obliged to enter into a relationship, a situation which for the female is most unsatisfactory. If there is high IoR but the female finds reason not to take the male then she will indulge herself in discarding the IoR. (Applying the earlier analogy for Spoiling at a public auction, she discards the component which was removed because she has found some flaw or other reason not to purchase the item from which it came.)

TENUOUS FEMALE GRASP ON REALITY. Amsterdam females universally believed that they were not, nor should be, under any obligation to provide sex if they did not feel like it. This is cited as an example of a certain tenuous female grasp on reality, because if males worked only when they had the inclination everything would grind to a halt in about five minutes. The police may not come if there was a crime, an ambulance might not arrive if someone was injured, nor would the fire brigade be certain to attend if there was a fire. It may be argued that males fulfilling such roles are merely satisfying their instinct to work, much as a female satisfies her instinct to place markers by tidying up or mending her male’s clothes, but there was the undeniable truism that a male who followed many of his aggressive and sexual instincts would very rapidly find himself removed from circulation.


2. Base and Spoiled Male is one who copulates, fights and kills whenever the whim takes him. Needless to say, any male acting in this way will very rapidly find himself incarcerated.

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