A leaflet distributed by Simon Sheppard on the theme, Kill Yourself Now!

Explanatory notes:

  1. ZOG: The Zionist Occupation Government, the current regime.
  2. Exterminationist: Someone who believes in the “Holocaust.”
  3. Bread and Circuses: During the Roman occupation of Britain the Romans concluded that the populace only needed bread and the occasional circus to keep them content and remove practically all risk of rebellion.
  4. Blonking: A cameraman’s term for putting Blacks on camera, as is evident in contemporary TV.
  5. Rip-rap: rip-off rap; so desperate are they to put Blacks in front of a microphone even those who can’t sing are so privileged. People are actually paying money for this rubbish, yet further evidence of the enormous influence of the mass media.
  6. Lib-lab-con: E.g. (in Britain) Liberal-Labour-Conservative pseudo-politics, in which each party says essentially the same thing, because all serve the same criminal masters.
  7. All that tricky legislation: In all cases written and pushed into law by Jews.
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