The game of game theory is dominated by Jews    

Introduction to the Game Compendium

Simon G. Sheppard

Note: This is a discussion of the politics of game theory – which is of course, just another game. What was said on VNN is true: ‘Real politics is the Jewish Question; all else is beanbag fighting.’ Otherwise, Jews are allowed to set the terms of the argument. For an excellent introduction to evolutionary game theory see the ‘Evolution of Cooperation’ page by John Maynard Smith.

‘Want Out’ was common in the late 1930s among recently arrived immigrants from Germany who became psychotic. They would improve and beg for release from the hospital; but as the day of liberation approached, their psychotic manifestations would recur. Eric Berne in Games People Play, neglecting to mention that the “recently arrived immigrants from Germany” were Jews.

With the addition of this compendium a feature of human game studies can no longer be ignored. It is that a large number of individuals producing material in this field are Jews. Axelrod is unmistakably Jewish, by name and appearance. A number of favourites from Berne’s Games People Play are featured and Berne is well-known as a Jew.

Poundstone is identified as Jewish by his behaviour: large sections of his book Prisoner’s Dilemma are devoted to eulogising another Jew, von Morgenstern (revealing along the way that the artistocratic “von” was an affectation, added later). These represent the Jewish (but essentially feminine) tendency to conspire, change names (Disguised Invasion) and chutzpah. These latter two have analogues with Disguised Defection and Challenges. This in fact is where I came in: the realization that races could be identified by their behaviour alone caused the media-induced blinkers to fall from my eyes.

So the question must be dealt with: Why do Jews feature so prominently in human behaviour modelling? As Antonia Jones correctly observed, “the subtleties of game theory lie more in the modelling than in the mathematics.” Four reasons immediately present themselves:

  1. They appreciate the great importance of this field;
  2. They naturally and instinctively excel at it. That this is a theoretical possibility is obvious, that it would be practically to our detriment is also obvious;
  3. They are saying things only Jews are allowed to say. One group lacks the perspicacity to make such observations; another group stays silent, happy to take advantage of the prevailing ethos; another group on making similar observations would be subjected to a hail of accusations of “prejudice,” “insensitivity” etc.
  4. Only the work of Jews is published.

Of course the real giants will be white men (e.g. John Maynard Smith). The Jew is probably congenitally incapable of presenting anything in a straightforward fashion, but sufficient truth will be present to lend credibility to the lies (“All scams have some padding”). For example, Freud seems to have been correct in asserting that everything is ultimately sexual, but his coke-engined volumes present a system more complex than the mechanisms he attempts to describe. Freud also projected his own Jewish character onto everyone else. Berne’s analysis was fundamentally flawed, being based on a parent-adult-child tripartite model rather than the simpler male-female dichotomy of Procedural Analysis.

Being emasculated, Jews express female characteristics such as foreseeing problems before they arise and obfuscating. The importance of behaviour analysis is ascertained, so the field is dominated and rendered harmless as a weapon which might be used against them by tendentiousness and obfuscation. This certainly seems to have happened in mainstream psychology.

Thus, with the work of Jews in particular, careful selection has been required and even then the excerpts posted on this site must be read critically. Otherwise the pages would be marred by multiple interjections and supplementary notes. The following examples are given in illustration:

  1. Axelrod, Labels – In his discussion of labels Axelrod gives the impression of possessing incisive perception by making observations which are patently obvious but which other groups are conditioned to ignore or deny (Item 3 above). After the quoted excerpt he goes on to say he is disturbed that stereotypes self-reinforce, lamenting that mutual cooperation could have been beneficial etc. He neglects to mention the potential for exploitation if a deservedly negative stereotype is eroded or unacknowledged.
  2. Axelrod, Trench Warfare – Axelrod’s book royalties and reputation derived from writing about it could be an instance of Profitable Disruption – Creating a problem for advantage. For an account of Jewish involvement in WWI see Freedman, ‘A Jewish Defector Warns America.’
  3. Berne, LYAHF – Berne writes “In this case it is society and not the woman who sets up LYAHF.” Here he seems to be indulging in his own “Child pastime” version of ‘Ain’t It Awful.’ Of course the ritual exists because men have sensed that this is what women want: two men fighting for her may be the ultimate in IoR. And the woman is not usually impotent in this situation; in fact she is almost invariably the Protagonist.
  4. Berne, Uproar – “In degenerate households.” – A gentile might have written “in troubled households” or “in dysfunctional households.” This could be an honest slip except that Berne is similarly contemptuous of Christian morality elsewhere.

What are we then to do with the Jews, who by one means or another turn everything on its head? One correspondent accused me of dishonesty, for not admitting that I thought they should all be lined up against a wall and shot, which I so obviously wanted done. The following is a prospective ‘Final Solution,’ Sheppard’s Endlösung if you will. The Jews can have their homeland, like everyone else, but located on an island with an impenetrable barrier around it to keep them safely isolated from the rest of us. The only thing allowed out will be papers on human games, with the work critically reviewed by a panel of anti-Hebraic scientists before publication.

Would the world yet be safe, I wonder? Or would game analysis be made into a religion, with the Hebes setting themselves as its divine prophets? The Jewish ability to foster myth, create visions of a false utopia, sell worthless stock for a high price etc. is the female policy of promoting a false expectation of a payoff in the future. Its putative archetype is a female maintaining a circle of hopeful suitors while only one can succeed.

Added January 2004

Thus behaviour invariably finds its origin in sexual procedures; this is the essence of Procedural Analysis. Smith’s and Dawkin’s observations, detailed in the ‘Cyclical Sex Game’ page, are confirmation of my independent conclusion that the male-female game is cyclic.

This male-female cycle can be compared to a pendulum, the path of which is sinusoidal. We are presently at a feminine extreme, and at such extremes of swing, changes of direction are difficult to detect. (The pendulum at its fullest extent has minimum velocity and maximum acceleration.) I believe I have witnessed a shift in public attitude twice now, in Holland and Britain, although of course State institutions will continue with their own inertia. In the coming months or few years it will become increasingly obvious that the feminine State is “running on vapour.”

David Irving recently predicted that in thirty or forty years his conclusions will be generally accepted. My suspicion is that we will not have to wait that long. A masculine society may take a considerable time to change course, but a feminine system is inherently less stable. Barring a nuclear armaggedon, probably involving Israel, we have grounds for optimism for the future.

Updated December 2014
General edit to include the new term Profitable Disruption.

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