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Psychology using sex difference as basis

The Evolutionary Origin of Some Female Characteristics. Early Glossary of Procedures (1)


An elementary starting point in Procedural Analysis is to label everything either masculine or feminine; then we have a two-player game with each player adopting opposing roles (the ‘Game of Opposites’). For example, if the male instinct is to compete, the female policy is to conspire.

Procedural Analysis is not concerned with individuals particularly but with the distinct male and female evolution strategies, e.g. some males express female characteristics and employ female strategies.

Business is a masculine activity and the classic male grouping is the gang; members will be admitted to it solely because they are useful. In this analysis any non-business activity is sex: the only practical result of social relationships is reproduction and this, sex, is paramount in evolution theory. The ‘score’ in the evolutionary game is the number of progeny that result.

Many female procedures have evolved to compensate for the greater physical strength of males. Another female policy is the intensification of male breeding competition, because this was evolutionarily advantageous.


Moving closer to a target prior to making an approach.


More evolved; a subsequent stage in the evolution of a procedure; for example, Approach Displacement evolves to become Response Displacement. By defining each stage in the evolution of a procedure its phylogeny can be traced.

Affection Beneath, AB

The theme underlying the caretaking and protective instincts is that some debility or vulnerability must be present in an object for affection to be inspired. Females appear to seek to monopolize Affection Beneath.

Ambiguity of Intention, AoI

The capacity to maintain a relational transaction, such as an incidental conversation, without it being interpreted as an approach. If males have no Ambiguity of Intention for example, every comment will be regarded as an approach and every proposal will be interpreted as a sexual one. Females appear to seek to monopolize Ambiguity of Intention.


Going up to a target and making an Approach Statement.

Approach Displacement (F)

Conversing with another person as a substitute for approaching a target.

Approach Statement

The first words spoken on approach.

Avoidance of Risk (F)

Pre-menopausal females are always gravid (laden with eggs). A strong evolutionary strategy in such a state is to avoid risk. See also Risk Disencumberment.

Collective Expression of Individual Charactistics

The proposal that characteristics in social animals must be present at both the individual and the collective level to be evolutionarily viable.


Unambiguously moving a relationship into the emotional, sexual domain (e.g. the first kiss).

Conspiracy (F)

In the Conspiracy strategy, females instinctively act together to intensify male breeding competition, raise the cost of sex and enforce monogamy. One expression of this is the forging of ‘unholy alliances’ between people who have nothing in common except a common enemy. The enemy is usually, if not invariably, masculine. The opposite strategy to Competition.

Control of Information (F)

Imagine a scenario in which a tipsy employee makes a pass at his boss’s wife at a Christmas party. If it were related shortly afterwards it might be passed over amid the joviality of the season, but if instead the information is withheld until the man is considered for promotion some months later, and the wife then divulges an exaggerated version of the incident, the employee may not be promoted but dismissed. This example illustrates how the costs of sex can be dramatically increased by the control of information. (All of the costs of sex can be incurred, in full, without physical sex taking place.)

Creative Transduction (F)

Generating or inventing a problem for the purpose of blaming someone else. This important procedure serves to induce false guilt in males and incapacitate them (cf. Transduction). Fake hate crimes are dramatic examples of Creative Transduction, some incidents being documented in Laird Wilcox, Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America.

Females create problems and then blame males. The more powerful the female, the more trouble she will cause.

Debasement (Advanced Disclosure) (F)

Making personal revelations derogating oneself and others. The information may or may not be authentic. (Debasement is Advanced Disclosure and this construct is proposed as a more consistent model for the False Memory Syndrome.)

Disclosure takes place when a female divulges secrets (about former relationships for example) immediately after sex. This serves to reinforce bonding. Disclosure is then advanced to become Debasement, testing a male’s loyalty before physical sex takes place. Then as sex becomes increasingly notional, Debasement becomes progressively so too. Proposed further examples of this mechanism are a) false claims of sexual abuse in childhood and b) the exaggerated confessions of former sinful lives by religious converts. It is noteworthy that in each case of Debasement it is not only the confessor who is being debased.

Diminishment of Self

Any emotional or psychological diminution of the individual.

Disclosure (F)

Divulging secrets immediately after physical sex.

Disguised Purpose

The actual purpose which the Diversionary Purpose is undertaken to facilitate.

Dispersive Procedures (F)

A category of procedures serving to dissipate and neutralize normal male reactions such as anger or surprise. When a female says ‘No’ to some trivial request ostensibly in jest, this can be a precursor to the refusal being made in earnest.

Diversionary Purpose (F)

Ostensibly pursuing one objective while actually seeking to accomplish another. A good example of this is females going to college for the real purpose of finding a suitable partner. It facilitates the acquisition of the best possible mate.

Double Reinforcement of Female Characteristics

The observation that males of non-Occidental races possess (by Occidental standards) female characteristics and employ female procedures.


Exaggerated Behaviour in Alien Culture.


Exaggerated Behaviour in Alien Role.

Emotionality (F)

Once something is placed into the emotional (female) domain it becomes difficult to regard it rationally and impartially. Perception then becomes considerably more susceptible to manipulation by females.

Enhancement of Self

Any emotional or psychological uplifting of the individual.

Evolutionary Viability

A strategy is evolutionarily viable if it is advantageous and heritable. Any organism seeks to minimize its cost and maximize its benefit, with the ‘goodness’ of a strategy being measured according to its efficiency in proliferating the gene. If a strategy is advantageous and heritable it can reinforce and spread. This is equivalent to ‘heritable advantage.’


The influence of an individual female on a male, particularly the effects of physical sex. A male is said to be feminated. The feminated male is sexually sated; he has control of sex, or at least the illusion of having control of it.


The collective influence of females on males. One or more males males are said to be feminized.

Handle (M)

A request which evokes a fixed and predetermined response (e.g. calling someone’s name, having an arrangement to meet, being able to touch or hold someone). Many handles are implicit. It is proposed that all transactions can be analysed in terms of signals, markers, tokens and handles. Males prefer markers and handles while females reinforce signals and tokens.

Illogicality (F)

Confounds males, permits the costs of sex to be increased, inspires males to sublimation and recourse to logical activities such as machines and science.

Imitation (F)

Obscures the essentially sexual nature of females: it facilitates the optimal female policy of Disguised Defection. Disguised Defection permits the highest payoff, the Temptation payoff, to be taken not just once but repeatedly. It is also utilitarian, especially in times of emergency.

Even a monkey can be taught to eat with a knife and fork.

The female imitates the male in order to disguise her defection from her natural functions.
    Even a monkey can imitate    

Immaturity (F)

Forging of successful relationships with children, which are then better-adjusted and thus likely to produce a greater number of offspring themselves.

Imprecision (F)

Fosters ambiguity and engenders familiarity, compensating for females’ timidity (e.g. “I don’t like numbers”; using diminutive terms).

Inability to Egress (F)

The evolutionary costs of sex for females are enormous compared to those for males – many women could formerly expect to die in childbirth or during attempts to induce abortions. In contrast, the male can simply walk away. Therefore it is in the female interest to defer resolvement, and especially consummation, for as long as possible. If a relationship is unconsolidated the female can rapidly change her allegiance (tergiversate) to a superior partner. It thus facilitates the acquisition of the best possible mate.

Inability to Sublimate (F)


Indirect Invocation (F)

Complaining to or invoking the authority of a third party without directly confronting the second party directly (e.g. calling the police without first asking an unwanted person to leave). It exploits male protective instincts, avoids confrontation and raises the cost of involvement (i.e. raises the costs of sex).

Induction (F)

Evoking a feeling or set of feelings in another person. This is classified as female because anything involving emotions is in the female domain.

Indulgence of Romance, IoR (F)

A mechanism involving uniqueness or some intangible ‘specialness’ which has evolved in females to limit sex and promote long-term bonding.

Inverted Proclamation of Enhancement, IPoE (F)

Advertising that an approach has been made by ostensibly complaining about it.

Inverted Transmission of Diminishment, IToD (M)

The instinct to indicate, invertedly and often non-verbally, that a rejection of some kind has been delivered (e.g. a male smiling in response to a rejection by a female).

Loquacity (F)

Teaching language skills to children.


Women want the right to do everything and the obligation to do nothing.

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