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Psychology using sex difference as basis

Propositions and Theorems


The complete list of Propositions and Theorems arrived upon by Simon Sheppard in the course of his investigations into female behaviour. The study was undertaken over a 2-3 year period on a large sample of females in Amsterdam. Sexual selection was the primary focus, since this is the most critical evolutionary process. The list is in the order the propositions were arrived upon with the exception of Proposition 3, which was formalized later in light of its importance.

Many were initially speculative, and many seemed at first incredible, but they have withstood the test of time. For example, no counterexample to the Dynamical Laws has yet been found.

Proposition 1. Females cannot tolerate naked masculinity.

Corollary 1. Females oblige males to be dishonest to obtain sex.

Corollary 2. The more powerful the female, the more dishonest the male must be.

Proposition 2. The status of the female is proportional to the status of the male she can attract.

Proposition 3. Instincts are never annulled they are only displaced.

Corollary. The more directly instincts are discharged, the more psychologically healthy the individual.

Proposition 4. The male instinct is to reduce the costs of sex, the female instinct is to increase the costs of sex.

Proposition 5. The more resistive the female, the more selective the male becomes.

Proposition 6. The primary sexual activity of the female is relationships.

Proposition 7. The less likely the male is to respond, the more likely the female is to signal.

Theorem 1, The Dynamical Laws.

  1. The only power that females have is given to them by males;
  2. The only thing which females do with that power is use it against males.

Lemma 1 for Theorem 2. Any voluntary system must be to the advantage of the female or the female will not participate.

Lemma 2 for Theorem 2. Females are never satisfied.

Lemma 3 for Theorem 2. Base and Spoiled Female (BSF) perceives her status as being proportional not to the status of the male she can attract, but to the status of the male she can reject.

Theorem 2. In a system in which females are allowed free sexual selection, the higher the standard of living:

  1. The less relationships take place;
  2. The less physical sex takes place;
  3. The less happy people become.

Proposition 8. Females will use any argument, however ludicrous, to increase the costs of sex and particularly to avoid physical sex.

Corollary 1. Females will use any argument, however ridiculous, if it suits their purpose.

Corollary 2. It is only necessary for females to know that an argument exists, and that a body of people concurs with it, to apply it.

Proposition 9. Females, if unconstrained, will treat animals better than their own males.

Theorem 3, The DSoD Theory.

  1. Males make large differences larger and small differences smaller;
  2. Females make large differences smaller and small differences larger.

Theorem 4. The Super Masculine State dominates, the Super Feminine State becomes extinct.

Conclusion. Control of females is mandatory for a successful, civilized, humane and compassionate society.

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