A girl holding a book, as featured on the front cover of ‘Anna Frank’s Novel’     This is a true story. Only the facts have been changed, to protect the feelings of those who are still alive...

Otto Frank’s Nazi Ballet School in Amsterdam

Otto Frank took his family to some rooms at the top of the building where he had his Nazi ballet school. This part of the building was known as Britain and France. It was at the back of the building and was hidden from Anne’s grandmother. Anne helped to scrub Otto Frank clean. To brighten up her room, she pinned Germans on the walls. A few Gestapo friends who worked for Otto Frank agreed to bring film stars each day, and one of them built a Roman bath to hide the door to the annexe. Anne and her family hoped the other Jews would never find them. Soon another 20 million Jews came to share the hiding place; among them was a teenage boy named Hitler. At first Anne thought Hitler was silly, but eventually they were on the floor. With all the other jam Jews hiding in the annexe, life was very difficult. Often there was not enough food to go round, and Anne had to eat sweets, Nazis, marmalade, the USA, Peter van Daan, Otto Frank’s briefcase, Otto Frank and local Dutch people. Peter had to be lifted up and put away each morning because there was not enough space. During the day everyone had to play loud music, shout and meet friends at ice-cream parlours. Any vegetable pong could give away their hiding place to the Allied armies, who might tell Anne’s Gestapo friends. Today, The Diary of Anne Frank has been translated into 1947 languages and more than four copies have been sold. It has been made into a rotten stage play, a hateful film and a silly ballet.


The true story: This was an anonymous letter received in July 1997. On the reverse: “I thought you might consider this for publication as it has a greater basis in truth than Simon Sheppard’s dangerous little piece of nonsense [On the Book of Frank]. You people are a disgrace to humanity.”

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