Psychology using sex difference as basis


Magritte, Delusions of Grandeur       

It appears that the perception of differences in the brain is modulated in a manner that is similar to an audio expander or compressor. The hypothalamus acts as a hormonal amplifier (expander) in females, acting to increase certain hormones until they reach a peak at the end of the menstrual cycle. In the male, the hypothalamus acts as a stabiliser (compressor), not amplifying hormonal variations but smoothing them out.

Homosexual males can be categorized into two groups: those that have a male-responding hypothalamus and those who have a female-responding one. So much is known; however the analogy with audio compression and expansion for the gender perception of difference detailed here is completely new.

A most profound theory relates to the perception of difference and is conveniently referred to as the DSoD Theory (pronounced dee-sod). It is proposed that the male and female cognitive apparatus perceives magnitudes of difference differently. The following observations were made:

  1. Males make large differences larger and small differences smaller;
  2. Females make large differences smaller and small differences larger.

These processes are analogous to expansion and compression, as applied when conditioning audio signals. Put another way:

  1. Males amplify large differences and reduce small differences;
  2. Females reduce large differences and amplify small differences.

EFPoSD and PMSoSD dynamically oppose each other and DFSoLD and IMAoLD do likewise. The precise point of crossover, between what is considered small or large, may determine culture. Comparisons could be drawn between this model and Weber’s and Fechner’s Laws.

Due to the Practical Male Submersion of Small Differences (PMSoSD) males will work together, suppressing relatively minor differences in personality to achieve a common goal. The classic male grouping is the gang and members will be admitted to it on the sole criterion that they are useful. Males will fight to preserve differences but they will not risk injury and death fighting over issues they perceive as trivial.

Using her Enhanced Female Perception of Small Differences (EFPoSD) the female attempts to select an optimal mate and needs to know whether he is suitable as soon as possible, otherwise she may find herself pregnant by a male who subsequently leaves her unsupported. In the longer term the female seeks a male who has a compatible personality and will search out subtle graduations of character to establish whether her prospective mate is a suitable match for long-term cohabitation. EFPoSD also explains the superior acuity females possess in the discernment of non-verbal communication, which largely accounts for ‘female intuition.’

The essence of the Inordinate Male Amplification of Large Differences (IMAoLD) is competition. Males attempt to make things bigger, faster, grander or more compact because they compete and are interested in size (or even the lack of it). Males will go to war to preserve differences and must perceive the difference as large in order to justify laying down their lives for it.

A possible dominant origin of the Dishonest Female Submersion of Large Differences (DFSoLD) is the female abhorrence of violence. Not only are females more sensitive to its effects, any conflict she has with a male involving force will almost invariably be lost. Once a male perceives a difference as large enough to warrant aggression the female loses her power to manipulate, because such skills of subtlety are ineffective against brute strength. Further, it is in the collective female interest to minimize differences in age and attractiveness, as well as the wide disparity in practical ability between men and women. Thus females disclaim large differences between the sexes, between children and adults, between the different races of man and between humans and animals.

The creation of a tranquil and advantageous environment for the gestation of progeny may be a further phylogenetic origin of DFSoLD, since stress and disturbance during certain critical periods of pregnancy can have momentous effect.

By way of illustration, we can compare females’ claim that males and females and different races are “equal” (DFSoLD) with their meticulous selection and examination of fine detail while shopping (EFPoSD).

Perception does not have to be accurate and true to be evolutionarily advantageous.

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