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Shame on you! I received the latest parcel by mail and you once again wrecked my evening for after opening it I remained at home reading your delightful expose on women. Thanks again for the CD – you are a GENIUS! I had planned to place my ample protoplasm into a whirlpool at the YMCA last night (forever thinking of Archimedes’s pneumatic discoveries for the King of Syracuse), but offered up that simple physical pleasure for the more intensive psychic orgasm of reading your tract. Never in my fifty-odd years of relatively blissful experience and ignorance on this insignificant Zionist dominated planet have I ever devoured such fifty pages of printed thought. Your succinct and typically British-humorized booklet is without doubt the BEST offering on that topic EVER written, and believe me, I am most, most parsimonious with these words. You have encapsulated all of culture, civilization, the true understanding of history, the nature of anthropology, etc., etc., etc. in only fifty pages. The thousands of pages by the racist, bigoted, anti-Gentile Sigmund FrAud pale into petty insignificance in terms of your foray into the understanding of the bio-psychology of the "weaker" sex.

You also... Shame! Shame!... made me ring up several friends, hundreds of miles from my home, at considerable financial pain, just to read them some of your comments to them. All frolicked until they fell from their chairs to the floor! I will be ordering more copies of your tract, and your big tome for my own selfish consumption, in order to send the women “message” to them. Two of my friends who have already been neutered by their female paramours told me they would love to read your booklet... but in SECRECY for fear of having what little manhood they have left totally exiled from the warm, pink body orifices they have for so long enjoyed!

DL, USA, December 2002

I’ve been thinking a lot about the theories about women that are to be found on Heretical, and for many months I was trying to show to myself a correlation between the state of feminine sexual development (masculine, feminine, asexual) and the degree of her manipulative tendencies, but I’ve kind of let it fall to the wayside. I find that the more I test your stuff, the more it holds water.

I picked up Beyond Good and Evil the other day, and reading the preface had to laugh. It starts: “Supposing truth be a woman – what?...” and then goes on to say that philosophers, when most dogmatic, have had little understanding of women, and hence, how can they know about truth?

MD, USA, January 2003

The quality of your publications is outstanding; no two ways about it, outstanding! Thank you so very much for the material you have sent me...

When bombs were going off here there and everywhere, we found our name mentioned among “right-wing extremists.” Lot of rubbish!

Security Police were grabbing anybody with any “apartheid” baggage like Gaye Derby-Lewis. Apparently she had some Boer War relics on her wall not licensed, so they nabbed her, and included her son’s revolver which they found alongside her bed. Her son was in Canada at the time, and the license was in the house, but she was not permitted to fetch it. She was kept in a cell over the week-end and was made to sleep on the concrete floor... Another “extremist” was arrested for having unauthorized ammunition in his house: it was a World War II artillery shell, empty and polished, he was using as a doorstop. Another friend was nabbed because he was in possession of a revolver he was in process of purchasing from a friend, but he had not as yet acquired a license for same. His friend testified to this while the fourteen valiant SP’s were combing his house for further contraband. He was hauled off to prison and left to share a cell with several Blacks. Fortunately a policeman friend found him a separate cell...

Compare that measure of diligence with what a friend told me. His daughter, 25, with whom he and his wife had been staying, woke up one night to find four Blacks in her room. She was alone in the house. She played it cool and feigned sleep while they emptied her purse, and then moved out of the room. Immediately she locked the door and phoned the police. Half hour later she phoned again, so they scolded her for being rude to them. Happily, she escaped without any personal harm done. They were professionals, and got what they came for: R20,000 worth of electronics. After an hour the police arrived and wrote the details on a form. The insurance people asked Ian if he had done anything unusual lately. He told them nothing apart from having called in a removal company to move them to their newly acquired house. “That’s it” the man told him. The gangs have ‘watchers’ who case the joints where they are called in to work and report back with all the details. And the police dare not touch them, otherwise, if they escape the bullet or the knife, their families become potential victims, or their houses go up in flames.

Treason is the reason! The mad fools who betrayed us to these creatures have disappeared back into the woodwork from whence they came and draw large pensions and receive the Nobel Prize.

What grates me is to see your fair land being overrun, while the same breed of politician proceeds to ruin your land as ours have done here. Why do we allow it? We know they are traitors; yet we pay them, and stand aside while they proceed under the protective care of security forces to slay our sons in stupid wars and despoil our genetic pool with aliens, waste our money on exiles, and destroy everything our fathers built and held dear.

TN, South Africa, January 2003

Just a note to say thanks for CD. It’s brilliant. I DJ at the weekend, quite often playing chill-out’s and back rooms. I can’t wait to twist peoples heads with this as soon as the opportunity arises. If you have anything else like this, or come across it then please be so good as to let me know. I would be very interested.

NM, England, March 2003

God damn you!!!

Up till now I thought I was the only man left on earth who could claim to be privy to depths of the female mind!! I was the one who first drew the connection between female energy and totalitarianism back in ’93!! I also drew connections between the female mind and subjectivist philosophy.

And here I am, dropping onto your site by chance only to discover you have systemized the whole damn thing!!! I was going to write a book you bastard!!!!

My sincere compliments on your material. You have gone much further than I have in your reflections and the material is gold. I was just kidding about the book...

Its just so uplifting to be vindicated. But to be vindicated so thoroughly and from sound premises is great. Be assured I will plow through all that you’ve written...

My best friend shares my views, he asked me “Why is it that within any system, it’s always the females that are the most fanatic about following the rules?” I answered that any female acts from neurotic impulses, a strong, authoritarian system provides the containment she needs. He was happy with the answer, although it was only half-baked. Two days later I stumbled onto your site. I emailed him a quote from All About Women. He hasn’t stopped raving since, he called me today after being on the net all night.

BK, USA, November 2003

Simon, I took a look at your website after you sent me the link, I am afraid that I cannot host this material on a shared server, I will give you the time you need to make other arrangments for hosting. I will be happy to give you a full refund.

As I am quite sure you know that the majority of people may not hold the views that are stipulated on your website, and I am quite sure that if it became known that I was hosting such material on one of my servers, my business would be harmed. You will need to seek hosting services elsewhere, I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you, but if you would have read my TOS/AUP or have asked me to take a look at your site before you signed up this could have been avoided.

Web Hosting Co., USA, November 2003

I received the package yesterday, thanks a lot! I read the booklet [All About Women] immediately and I must say that it is very valuable source book concerning the feminism issue. I think that I have read most of it from your site before but I’m old-fashioned so prefer the paper version. Then comes the CD [Musigyny] it was really fun and I almost shit in my pants! Keep on same heretical way,

RL, Finland, January 2004

Dear Simon,

I have spent several fascinating hours reading your articles and the others on the site. It’s deeply satisfying to have many of one’s own observations and beliefs repeated in an intelligent, erudite way. But whither? Whither white men? Will the pendulum ever truly swing back, or are we doomed to extinction, betrayed by our women as they practise miscegenation in ever increasing numbers?

NM, England, February 2004

Just wanted to drop you a line and say what a fascinating website you have. I have just started perusing it and am finding it filled with a wild and strange mixture of extremely interesting and entertaining articles. Keep up the good work and never give in to the censors!

BS, USA, February 2004

Listening to your CD right now, thank you, it’s already making me giggle. I can see how you aim for a er... select audience. But that’s good, like I said, my moral-o-meter is fried. I laugh at things that should make my eyes roll back in my head.

(Oh wow ‘Kinko the Clown’ is fantastic LOL.)

If you do manage to send me the comic that would be wonderful but please don’t put yourself out...

(Why you lesbian! You damn freak! Hah! Excellent.) See now, this is what I’m talking about! This is amazing! I’m buying you a pizza.

You’re not going to stalk me? Well now I’m really disappointed. Not even a few razorblades through the post? A few suspicious fluids in a baggie? Hmmm.... I guess I’m losing my touch ;-)

I hope your comic is pretty risqué. I get the distinct feeling you’re sitting somewhere grinning and thinking I’m going to get offended at some point. Come ahead! I can guarantee I’ll laugh. I’m the one who gives the feminist books to the women and tells blonde jokes to the men, and sits back to watch the sparks fly. I don’t take just one side, where would be the fun in that?

Anna, England, March 2004

Hello from the Colonies,

I’m about halfway through “The Neo-Nazi Squatter’s Guide to Pulling Dutch Jailbait,” sometimes published under the title The Tyranny of Ambiguity. Although I’ll withhold full judgment till I’ve finished, I did want to tell you it’s one of the more provocative things I’ve read lately. You’re certainly an interesting specimen; and your book is certainly an impressive example of self-actualization – a “triumph of the will,” if you will. Frankly, I think you’re a bit nuts – yet I’m still glad you’re out there doing what you do...

I hope my [earlier] e-mail didn’t sound like damning with faint praise – or even praising with faint damns. Your book is highly interesting, it keeps me reading (even if I’ve had to take a break for the moment, to tend to unrelated matters). And I am, as I tried to indicate, impressed that this was all done by an individual working alone, rather than teams of tenured researchers, publishers, etc. As a one-man operation myself, I appreciate the sheer work that must have gone into researching, writing, editing, and then publishing, a 500-page non-fiction hardcover, with no support-system easing the way for you. I also appreciate the fierce honestly that clearly goes into what you write – irrespective of whether I agree with the conclusions you reach. In an age of the dishonest and the dumbed-down, The Tyranny of Ambiguity is happily neither. If anything, it’s so densely packed with information and insights that it will probably require more than one reading...

Has the phrase “cockblocking” made it to the UK? It’s when two or more females are out in a club together, and a male is targeting one of them. The target’s girlfriend, jealous at not getting the attention, will deliberately thwart the male’s chances by spiriting away her friend on some flimsy pretext, such as a non-existent party they must be leaving for. I first heard of cockblocking in a mid-90s ‘zine called Skin Trade, which was put out by a couple of LA longhairs who liked to attend heavy metal/Industrial concerts/clubs, hit on hot chicks, occasionally take them home, and then write about it all afterwards. It wasn’t a great ‘zine, and their approach had little of your science and rigor (their taste in music was questionable, too). Yet they did occasionally report female mating behavior, Southern California division, with a rancid lucidity. And, in cockblocking, they took a practice we’d all witnessed, and put a name to it. The concept of cockblocking has now reached the point where talk-radio “shock jocks” here regularly debate the problem of “ockblocking” (which is as close as the Federal Communications Commission will let them get to the word without pulling the station’s license).

AP, USA, June 2004

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but in February 2003 I ordered The Tyranny of Ambiguity off you. I love the book, but gave my copy to my brother. So, I just ordered a new copy for myself today.

JI, Canada, July 2004

I have received my order, but Customs Canada has opened the parcel and confiscated the booklet High Treason and two comics titled Tales of the Holohoax.

The reason for detention was “the following goods have been detained for determination of tariff classification as they may consititute hate propaganda. You will be notified in writing of the decision.”

From what I understand from others who have had their goods confiscated, if they are not returned they will be burned by Customs Canada and they will send me a bill for the cost of the burning. Sounds to me like Farenheit 451. I will let you know of the results, thankfully you have already sent me a couple of copies of that fine comic book that made it through.

Finally I have something to write to the ‘Letters to the Editor’ of my local jew-owned newspaper.

Please do not think that this is a complaint for your shipment, you did nothing wrong and I appreciate your courage to expose the evil force.

GP, Canada, August 2004

Note: Britain has very repressive “Race Laws” but no law relating to “Holocaust denial.” Tales of the Holohoax is likely to be considered illegal in those countries where suppression of truth has advanced to the extent of making criticism of the Holy Hoax unlawful. We will, however, send it anywhere (under plain cover!) if you order it. The comic is certainly lawful in Britain and the USA.

Your theories on male/female relationships are awesome!!!! I have not, nor will I ever, see another more complete, less biased (like other theories that are generally watered down either by or for women, either by, or for slower, less intelligent audiences) than yours. Not only have I learned a lifetime of interesting basic relationship psychology, I have also been able to confirm, through you, some already basic concepts I had been thinking upon...

Your information is excellent, and VERY informative. I will NOT forget any of it, and will struggle to understand as much as I can. However, please note that according to almost every female I have ever met, I, as a male, am not smart enough to do anything but rut like a bull on occasion, and sleep and eat. Of course, right after they say that, generally, they want my money for a new pair of shoes (HAHAHA, sorry, I couldn’t resist). And yes, I have heard that about men so often it hurts me, though what is infinitely worse is the caliber of men I keep seeing that understand not even a little of women, nor even try to.

Yours in the Great Male Sexual Revolution,

GK, USA, September 2004

First-class web site!

Re: Sod’s Laws, you forgot Knecht’s Law of Maximum Distress, which subsumes Murphy’s Law.

“The Universe will arrange its behavior to make you – personally – experience maximum distress.”

The trouble with Murphy was that it stated that what can go wrong will go wrong. However, I found there were times when the fact of something going right would actually cause me maximum discomfort. In those cases, events would, indeed, invariably go “right.” For example, if the wheel on your car is about to fall off, BUT you are also about to run headlong into a brick wall – the wheel will inevitably stay on just long enough for you to successfully run into the wall – because the latter is the maximally distressing event.

Yours truly,

WK, USA, November 2004

The Musigyny CD is brilliant – I’m gonna have some fun with this one! A DJ “must have.”

GA, England, March 2005

I feel incredibly lucky to have obtained All About Women before those pesky policeman came along and harassed you. Your writing has opened my eyes and changed my life. I hope to have the opportunity to read your other work. If there is anything I can do from here to assist you please don’t hesitate to ask.

JE, USA, April 2005

Greetings Simon,

I have just recently read about your court case and subsequent incarceration at the hands of Brit-ZOG on the website run by the late, great, and much missed Robert Frenz of And also (but I forget where) of your latest raid by the British piglice this year.

You have my utmost respect for your uncompromising stand, and any reservations I may have had about you in the past have been dispelled.

I wish you the best, and good luck, for you are a better man than me. I do not have the courage or ability to do what you are doing in defiance of ZOG. I do what I can, regarding spreading information, but I am not in your league.


DB, USA, May 2005

I’ve been scratching my head for years trying to figure out why I see so many attractive white sluts with (usually the most gruesome) niggers. I’m seeing this more all the time. The info on your site pretty much explained it and conveyed to me that my homicidal reaction is normal. Thanks again for the great site.

DQ, USA, July 2005

I think of you as Henry Miller armed with Darwin and a scalpel. Amsterdam is probably not far from the decadence of Paris during the Depression. Many hookers, drifters, Jews, masculinized women. Though of course the social (or sexual) climate was still different, easier to navigate, less conducive to neurosis.

Anyway, you have a point, that such a study has not been done because men are not inclined to turn the knife against themselves for the sake of knowledge: and in this you are Nietzschean. Wagner wrote a very good essay on Jewry, ‘Know Thyself,’ which says as much in the title and the first paragraph. It is available online, if you have not read it already.

And I must contest any modesty, TOA is truly great.

ML, USA, September 2005

In January I was surfing the internet trying to make sense of a (then) recent personal destruction of my sanity at the hand of (what else) woman when I surfed into your Tyranny of Ambiguity webpages. Those words of wisdom helped me regain my sanity. I’ve since moved on and simply now avoid women.

At that time I also just browsed your other webpages about Jewish Persons and (cough) thought you were (cough) a paranoid racist nut... poor soul... too bad... the women’s stuff being absolutely brilliant and absolutely true.

Simon... I owe you a profound apology. Turns out you were absolutely RIGHT about the Jews too. Here in the USA our ZOG congress is passing a “hate speech” federal law. Me even writing this to you will soon be a Federal Felony. A new American television series called Commander in Chief has the Jewish actress Geena Davis starring as the first woman President.

You nailed it:

Note that Jews promote feminism via the media, particularly by the use of artificial media role models (AMRM’s: empowering females to further act against males by giving them dishonest stereotypes to emulate is another form of Malign Encouragement). Like supports like; females conspire (act together); ‘the gene is selfish.’ Because of their emotional and impressionable natures women are a complete pushover for Jews to manipulate, so it is in the Jewish interest to deliver as much power to them as possible. Jews support women and women support Jews; but while females’ optimal policy is Disguised Defection, the most advantageous policy for Jews is Disguised Invasion.

Man-to-man... I apologize Simon. You nailed it.

BA, USA, October 2005

You have big balls making a site like that. While I do not agree with much on it, neither do I naively accept what is poured into our heads from biased and fact-free text books and mass media. Good luck with your efforts. I hope your right to free speech is as protected as pro-black and anti-white speech is so very much admired by the average intellectual.

‘Forms of Child Abuse that Big Sister Doesn’t Get Excited About’ is quite good, and its subject is truly a shame.

Take care. Long live our people.

DE, USA, January 2006

Thanks to your site I got no work done today.

The website you run is one of the best websites as far as content that I have seen in a while, or perhaps ever. I can’t stop reading all of the hilarious yet so true articles. You have so many interesting things on women that aren’t usually found elsewhere on the net. So far I haven’t encountered many sites with so many points I agree with.

AK, USA, February 2006

Simon Sheppard would like to publicly thank the many correspondents who contacted him offering support and practical assistance following the second police raid in April 2006.

Thanks for making these publications available. They’re much appreciated. Mind you a couple of years ago I would have classified you as a brainwashed moron, but now I think I was the brainwashed one.

KM, Britain, May 2006

Order received this morning. Thank you for the extra copy of High Treason and the ‘Tax on This – Tax on That’ leaflets.

All About Women I feel is the best of the bunch, probably because of its humorous elements. Pages 20 (Hazard Alert), and 46 (The Orders of Big Sister) are laugh out loud funny. Page 36’s listing of Sexual Signals is very intriguing. I am terrible at spotting these, so it is nice to have a list. When reading through the list I can’t help but think what a great I-Spy book they’d make!

Your website is eclectic and thought-provoking, good enough to earn a place as a permanent fixture on my Internet Explorer’s links toolbar. Keep up the good work.

EI, Britain, September 2006

I’ve just discovered your site, and read a few of your articles. As someone who’s studied people for years, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t done so as scientifically as you, but most of what I’ve learned corroborates your writings. I think you’ve missed something, though, and I think that factoring it in will enable you to come closer to a solution to a problem you’ve so eloquently stated and described.

It’s a young girl’s bond with her father, and the deliberate destruction of that bond to lay the foundation for the chaos you’re analyzing.

Piaget stated clearly, “Children remain virginal out of love for their parents. First sex is the transfer of the father-daughter bond, and the more powerful the bond, the more carefully she picks the man she transfers it to.” He went on in that vein for some time, showing over and over that both sexes get their sexual identity from their father, and that they learn to deal with the opposite sex from him.

My own experience is exactly that. The better a girl’s bond with her father was, the more “sane” she is from a male’s standpoint, and willing to work toward win-win scenarios identified in some of the matrices you’ve laid out. When I was a young whoredog, and discovered this fact, I’d skip the flirting, and just ask a girl, “So, tell me about your Dad...” The more vitriol or disdain that produced, the more surely she’d cooperate with her own long-term degradation for short-term fun; that is, the quicker her knickers would hit the floor.

Starting with the destruction of the obligations of nobility in the Middle Ages (an idea of “fairness” only known to the white race on anything like a large scale), the state began separating fathers from children. From that came feudalism, which laid the foundation for the evils of Corporate Capitalism, in which, instead of working his own forge for his own family, a man had no choice but to work someone else’s steam-powered machinery for THEIR family. That began the final phase of the destruction of women’s sanity; girls need their daddies, not just home in the evenings, but during the day in the field near the house where he can be found at any time to tend a bruise or give a hug, and where his constant presence, sight, and smell would drive into her marrow the idea that she is safe and loved.

The separation of families from their livelihood was purposeful, I believe, and started far longer ago than anyone realizes.

I’ve seen modern families in which men turned their backs on the forces trying to pry them out of their homes, and their daughters grow up sane, willing and able to use their minds to tame their natures, and to work toward win-win situations with their men.

They also would never think to take a man of a color different from the Dad they love. It just wouldn’t occur to them; he’d have all the wrong cues of sight, scent, speech, character, the works. He’d simply never be a candidate, because he doesn’t match the mold.

The women you’re seeing have never had a “mold” built into them which a man must fit in order to be loveable, so they have nothing but evolution to go on. And, of course, ZOG is there to give them the weapons to turn what would be a minor internecine conflict into a society-destroying war.

Because I admire the depth of intellect you’ve put into your analysis and explorations, I offer you this, in the hopes that you’ll not only continue to define the problem in ways that more and more people will understand, but offer solutions they can use.

JD, USA, September 2006

I picked up the bill for someone who left suddenly – someone who was sent to an Austrian extermination camp. Extermination of opinions, that is.

I really appreciate your website, and have read a lot, though far from all.

Women and immigration is similar to Republican/Democrat support of immigration in the USA. The Reps accept Mexicans in large numbers, since it boosts the economy/gives them cheap gardeners and nannies, while the Dems accept it because they think it will give them voters. On a slightly longer timescale, immigration is bound to rip the southern US apart. But in the short term, “everybody” is gaining.

Doug Casey: “We are living in an awkward time in our history, it is too late to change things but too early to line up all the politicians and shoot them for the mess they have made.”

Good luck

JI, Norway, November 2006

Dear Simon, I am a woman who has bought into feminist lies and propaganda for far too long. Now I have found your website and my eyes have been opened. We have done you wrong! I am ordering every one of your books. I feel all choked up and stuff, and fighting back grateful tears as I think of you, my hero, a humble and courageous man, sacrificing your body for research, so men can forever be set free. You are the savior of men and confused women who do not know what is good for them.

Not to mention, that you are so cute, handsome, and sexy! Where have you been all my life? I have booked a flight to London. Where the hell is Hull?

KS, USA, March 2007

Your site has provided me with hours of informative and interesting reading. Of course, in this crazy, wacky world of ours, NO ONE can be right ALL the time, but for the most part this site has proven to be quite incisive and correct. That is, as viewed by my unconventional perspective. It takes one to know one!

The truth is out there, but most folks would rather stay in their comfy, cozy existence and ignore that “troublesome” truth.

Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work.

DK, Canada, June 2007

I always check the site for new updates. Luke’s stuff is good too. I feel for you guys, it must be hard keeping it all going.

I am keen to read TOA though, I think you have some amazing insights. The gynaeceum article is one I often explain to people, but not many people understand it very easily, and women especially go on the defensive. Also the signalling stuff is really cool, much better than the advice in Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus etc. I also see Path-Crossing behaviour from Pacific Islanders here quite often, it’s like they are programmed to do it. I expect it now and try to avoid exhibiting the standard white response of slowing down slightly to allow them space. It’s really amazing how predictive your thesis is...

I’ve just finished reading your book, so I guess this warrants an email. Firstly, well done. This book is very powerful. I’m not sure if the knowledge helps me personally, but it was a very good read, especially the second half.

I only noticed a couple of small deficiencies in the layout of the book. Perhaps when introducing new people their code names should have been in bold or whatever, I would have liked to know who was new on the scene, and who was described in a previous chapter. Also, it seemed to be rather monotonous (not boring, by any means), but perhaps if it was divided into parts it would be easier to digest. The feeling I got was that the first half was just in chronological order, and the second was more formalisation of the results. Perhaps a more definite division would help, even if it was chapter-by-chapter. That said, you should be proud of your efforts, and nitpicking like this is an indication that: A) The book is nearly perfect and B) If it was improved, it would be a bona-fide masterpiece.

Things I know relevant to the book:

COLLISION SIGNAL: I heard a woman on the radio once say that she found her husband by purposely ramming into his car in heavy traffic, so that she could talk to him. She married him eventually, but had never told him that it wasn’t “an accident, meant to be, etc,” because she thought he would not like that particular fact! I suspect that most men would think it was cute, and be flattered by her efforts in reality.

INSTITUTIONALISED FEMALE CONTROL: By law in NZ, whenever a woman goes to hospital for any reason, even if just an ingrown toenail, she must be asked three questions:

  1. Has anybody hurt or threatened you?
  2. Have you ever felt controlled or always criticised?
  3. Have you been asked to do anything sexual that you didn’t want to do?

TRANSDUCTION OF GUILT: This should be explained and emphasized more in a future edition. It is central to female control, in that it prevents males joining together. This works for the multicult as well. They can steer arguments in a very Jewish way, such that you always end up looking like a latent homosexual, misogynist, nazi, serial killing, racist pig if you try to take any of their ridiculous arguments to its conclusion. You cannot win. I’m thinking of discussions in public, at parties in small groups, where she can force you to end up ostracised, especially if you cannot back up any of your arguments. Of course, she never needs to back any of hers up, except maybe by resorting to emotion and transducing guilt. “How would you feel?,” “How can you say that?” “That’s terrible!” etc.

By the way, my female flatmates hate your book, from what I can tell so far. I don’t care, I liked it. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

JM, NZ, January 2008

Yes, yes and finally. This is what I’ve been looking for, not actively (as I didn’t expect to find such a collection of literature even on the internet), but I have always wanted to find a site like yours. Predictably it’s British-based not American. Full credit must go to you and your contributor(s).

You have written the thoughts that go through our heads but which we cannot articulate. I did information sciences at University but the only real value in my degree was the sociological studies I elected to take. While considered to be a scum of the earth department I learnt much about critiquing, although my grades were unbelievably low as I never took an apologetic leftist viewpoint. Surely you could write in a far more complex fashion but you have made your ideas accessible to all. I will be making sure a few of my friends read up.

I see many deceptors before Jews but they are always at the very bottom of the barrow or groups emulating their model for exploitation of humankind. Of course, the perfect criminal never gets caught.

Occidental living for the white male is to be alienated by a hypocritical society, while both funding it and creating the technological platform upon which it is built. And occasionally that whole notion can even make me feel slightly unwell.

I’m not one of the great thinkers, but I am a thinker and as I struggle to understand what is truly happening on a macro level and a micro level, you have helped me.

I’m sure you know that Wikipedia has a page on you, which I read with interest and disgust. Its very un-objective and I’m laying a complaint about it very soon.

With sincere thanks for the ten years plus you seem to have put in, long before I found you and your resources.

RH, NZ, February 2008

This is a terrible case. I consider the Heretical Press one of the best sites on the internet. I love its Englishness, humour and irreverence, and believe it is one of the most enlightening on the net. Clearly the Jews do too.

JB, England, May 2008

See ‘Not So Land of the Free’ for the next developments

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