This really, really happened. Photographic evidence from the film ‘Salon Kitty,’ a completely true and faithful account, accurate in every detail.

Those Evil Nazis

Wicked German Crimes Against Humanity

Killing People for Sleeping in their Underwear

Killing People for Wearing Dirty Underwear

Implausibly Huge Quantities of Underwear

Collected by Carlos Whitlock Porter

IMT 7 p.434. Killing people for sleeping in their underwear.

IMT 7 p. 435. Killing people for wearing dirty underwear.

IMT 7 p. 588. Over a million sets of underwear, and that was just a fraction of the total.

Annotated images from the ‘Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal’ volumes are from The IMT was held at Nuremberg between November 1945 and October 1946. Porter is also the author of Japs Ate My Gall Bladder: Phony Atrocity Tales of WWII.

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