This really, really happened. Photographic evidence from the film ‘Salon Kitty,’ a completely true and faithful account, accurate in every detail.

Those Evil Nazis

Wicked German Crimes Against Humanity

Killing People for Having Armpit and Pubic Hair

Using Human Hair for Stuffing Chairs and Making Clothes

Using Human Hair to Make Booties for U-Boat Crews

Collected by Carlos Whitlock Porter

IMT 7 p.433. Nazis ordered inmates to remove their armpit and pubic hair, and killed them if they did not comply.

IMT 19 p. 506. Using the hair of inmates to stuff chairs and make clothing.

IMT 20 p. 353. Using human hair to make booties for U-boat crews.

What is astonishing about the Holocaust is not that it is false, but that it is ridiculous. There must be a Black Hole in the Universe filled with gas vans, pressure vans, portable ovens, portable bone grinders, spanking machines, human mattresses, human socks, boots, shoes, saddles, slippers, gloves, purses, wallets, books, canvases for painting dirty pictures, millions of documents and forty or fifty thousand tons of crude ashes and bone fragments up to two inches long.

There is a constant assumption that Germany was an underdeveloped country like the Central African Republic, where nobody ever saw a mattress, a pair of socks, a bar of soap or a pair of underwear. The Germans were extremely sophisticated chemists synthesizing millions of tons of oil, rubber, gasoline, edible fats and oils, and fibres every year. They invented Nylon with the Du Pont Company in 1938 and called it Perlon.

It is almost superfluous to add that Negro hair can be felted but that other hair cannot.

Carlos Porter

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