Revilo P. Oliver, a truly great scholar of our age

A Unique Mentality

Revilo P. Oliver

Late Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois at Urbana

The racial mentality of the Jews is so different from our own that we can only draw inferences from observation of their conduct and such of their statements as appear more or less candid and worthy of belief (e.g., Maurice Samuel’s excellent You Gentiles, New York, 1924), but we must remember that all forms of life instinctively and necessarily make the preservation and increase of their species their highest purpose, and if vampire bats were capable of reason, they would undoubtedly describe their furtive blood-sucking as a righteous exercise and identify as diabolically evil the various animals (including men) who in one way or another interfere with their noble exercise of their god-given right. No species could think of itself as evil. As an ex-Communist once reminded me, “You must remember that when Communists betray a nation or murder innocent people by the thousands, they think of themselves as highly moral individuals who righteously obey a higher purpose.” We may be absolutely certain that whatever the Jews do as a race, no matter how vile and dastardly it may seem to us who suffer its effects, seems to them just and righteous – as indeed it is, if we consider it objectively in terms of the biological law that makes survival and increase the highest law of every species.

The great strength of the Jews and the bond of their racial cohesion is their religion, which, in the widest sense, is an unlimited faith in the absolute superiority of their race, for, as Maurice Samuel reminds us, Jewish atheists, who deride a belief in supernatural beings, worship the Immortal Jewish People. Beyond this, we cannot be definite, for doubtless there always has been the widest gamut of personal belief, and there is every evidence of wild and grotesquely emotional fanaticism among the lower classes, as among the rabble that was stirred up by the numerous goëtae and self-appointed christs in the first century B.C. and the First Century of our era with perennial outbreaks of insane violence; and many Jewish sects have bizarre notions that must be sincerely entertained, as, for example, by the Polish Hasidim, who mated their male and female children as soon as they were puberate to raise the birthrate to the maximum for the express purpose of exhausting God’s stock of good Jewish souls as soon as possible and thus forcing him to bring the world to an end sooner than he intended. But such vagaries among the excitable and irrational lower classes have really little significance for the racial faith. On the other hand, when one turns to the literate Jews, one cannot confidently distinguish between what they believe and what they deem expedient to profess. Fighting between various Jewish sects has often been violent, bloody, and viciously inhuman, but seems not to have been so much over doctrinal differences as over the ambitions of leaders who were ruthlessly slugging it out for power and wealth and used a religious peculiarity to recruit and excite their private armies. And at the limit, we have no assurance that the psychological process that we call ‘belief,’ and distinguish from hypocrisy and mendacity, occurs in the Jewish mind, which may not distinguish between truth and falsity in terms of some objective reality, as Aryans do even when the reality is merely a product of their imaginations; so far as we can tell, indeed, the racial mentality of this alien species may, by a psychological process beyond our understanding, think only in terms of what is good for the Jewish People, the Divine Race, and may only simulate, in discourse with our species, our distinction between what is objectively true and what is not, much as we train animals by teaching them lessons in terms of their mental conformation.

Our minds boggle when we try to understand such statements as Rabbi Solomon Goldman’s “God is absorbed [sic] in the nationalism of Israel... He [God] creates the world [sic] in the Hebrew language,” Dr. Joseph Kastein’s “It was not God who willed these people [the Jews]... It was this people [the Jews] who willed this God,” or any one of a hundred comparable statements, which seem to us to be the ravings of madness, but are only typical of the Jewish mind, which, we must remember, has regularly, throughout history, outwitted our race. We, of course, often remark that men create God in their own image, thus stating a psychological and anthropological truth, and what we mean by that statement is that gods do not exist, but are mere figments of the imagination, and if a man of our race, having thus affirmed his atheism, were then to profess belief in the divinity and reality of a god or gods, we should rightly adjudge him insane; but it is obvious that the Jewish mind sees no illogic in worshipping a god it has knowingly created – in worshipping its own image in a mirror. That is insanity – we cannot honestly call it anything else in our terminology – but it is the insanity of a species that has successfully preyed on all others for millennia and is now achieving ownership of the entire earth.

If we are to be both fair and objective, we must bear in mind the difference – perhaps an enormous difference – between the Jewish mentality and our own. When we consider the Jews’ religion and describe it in our terms, we attribute to them, explicitly or by implication, such hypocrisy as we see in our clergymen today, and we are tempted to convict them of a conscious dissimulation that is odious to us, but we must remember that what seems repugnant to us seems good and righteous to their peculiar mentality.

Part of Chapter 6 of Oliver’s The Jewish Strategy, Palladian Books, 2002

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