Revilo P. Oliver, a truly great scholar of our age

Survival of the Fittest

Revilo P. Oliver

Late Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois at Urbana

The few Aryans who dare to criticize the Jews are wont to wax indignant over the methods by which the aliens acquire control, which, to be sure, are immoral according to our own accepted standards of civil behavior within one of our own societies. But let us be fair and, what is more important, objective.

The survival of the fittest always has been, and always will be, the immutable law of life on this planet. Mammals that do not depend on sheer fecundity to preserve their kind (e.g., rabbits, lemmings) have but two resources in themselves: strength and stealth, the latter compensating for deficiencies in the former. Even the male lion, whom we have taken as the symbol of courage, depends for much of his sustenance on prey that his females take by leaping from ambush. The elephant is a noble animal and a symbol of strength, but he falls prey to the cunning of weaker species, such as tigers and men.

It is a peculiarity of our race – and one that the Jews regard as especially childish and fatuous – that we have an ideal of victory obtained only in a fair fight. Our racial mentality is dominated by the sentiment that finds expression in our cherished picture of Mediaeval knights, equally matched, meeting in the lists or in the storied adventures of King Arthur’s Round Table. But even in our romances, the fair fight is an ideal only as between individuals of our own race, who observe our racial standards of personal honor; and in practice our race has accepted modifications of it that seem odd to us today: for example, in the family feuds of Iceland it was considered proper to kill a man by striking from ambush, provided that one boasted of the deed and thus averted an imputation of cowardice by indicating to the victim’s kinsfolk on whom they should revenge his death.

In war, even between nations of our race, our ideal of a “fair fight” is disregarded as irrelevant, unless we hold that “fairness” includes not only physical courage, but also intelligent forethought and planning, which can be described as cunning. We admire strategy as much as courage. In the proverbial story of the Trojan Horse, we do not reprehend the deception practiced by Sinon, but rather the superstition and credulity of the Trojans, who fell victim to the Greeks’ ruse; and while we may feel compassion for certain individual Trojans who suffered for their people’s folly, we feel no pity for that people as a whole, unless we attribute their gullibility to a force outside themselves and think that their minds were darkened by the supernatural power of some god or gods. All the great generals of history have achieved their victories, not by the indispensable courage of their men, but by strategy, i.e., their ability to outwit their enemies by a form of deception. We even have an aphorism that affirms that “all is fair in war,” and we take it for granted that the physically weaker party must rely on superior cunning, if it is not to succumb. When Europeans first settled in the Western Hemisphere, they were few in number – so few that even their superiority in armament and discipline over the aborigines did not cancel their numerical weakness – and they did not hesitate to use some Indian tribes to defeat and destroy others, often exciting and always profiting from the internal dissensions of a race whose continent they intended to take from them. Such expedient deception we have always considered justified as a weapon of physical weakness against physical strength.

Now the Jews have always been physically (i.e., numerically) a weaker people. Wherever they have lodged themselves, they have been a small minority among the goyim. Even in the United States today [c. 1980], where the largest fraction of their race now resides, reasonable estimates of their number do not exceed twenty millions. Estimates must necessarily be uncertain, for when the census was taken ten years ago, the Jews forbade the “American” government to ascertain the number of Jews who openly profess their alien status by publicly practicing their religion. The Jews’ own reports of their numbers in religious terms are, as Mark Twain observed long ago, utterly preposterous, although some persons charitably claim that the figures are obtained by counting only male heads of households and reporting these as a total population, it being the fault of the stupid goyim that they assume that the statistics were compiled in the same terms as their own, which include women, children, and dependents in the total. In any event, even an accurate count of the aliens who attend synagogues would be inconclusive, since one would still have to guess the number of Marranos. A large part of the Jewish force in every country consists of Marranos, Jews who, using the chameleon-like ability of their species, effectively disguise themselves. I have often glanced through the lists of births reported by the Jews in their own Detroit Jewish News, and I could not but notice that on many days there was no name that betrayed the race of the child. The personal names of the parents and children were all “Christian” names, with some preference for names that are traditionally Scottish, and the family names all suggested British, French, or sometimes Slavic, ancestry. Those instances of the Jews’ masquerading under assumed names, it should be remembered, are all of Jews who, by inserting such announcements in their own newspapers, confess their race. Many Marranos eschew such indiscretion, and some are so adept at disguise that their acquaintances and associates are astonished when some accident or indiscretion discloses the race of a person who seemed to be an American, Englishman, South African, German, Frenchman, or other member of our own race. But even when we make every allowance for the Jews’ mastery of disguise, we must admit that they are still a minority in the United States, where they are surely outnumbered by the Aryans, who are probably still an absolute majority in their own country and outnumber the total of all the aliens in their midst, Jews, Congoids, mulatto’s, mestizos, Mongolians, and the like. If the feeble-minded Aryans, instead of subsidizing the prodigious breeding and proliferation of their domestic enemies and even importing hordes of others from Vietnam, Haiti, and elsewhere as “refugees” for the eventual extermination of the Aryans’ own children, were sufficiency intelligent and resolute, they would still have the power to expel or otherwise eliminate all of their alien parasites, among which the Jews are a small, though prepollent, minority.

Throughout history, the Jews have everywhere been a minority in the countries into which they have intruded themselves, and they have necessarily employed the weapons of the physically weak against the physically strong. The Jews have never captured a territory by open warfare and invasion: they have never been sufficiently numerous and strong to attempt an open conquest, even if they had been so temerarious as to waste their own lives to attain what they could more easily and safely attain by deceit.

It is true that the Jews’ myths include two claims of open conquest, but both of these are indubitably fictitious.

One of those stories is well known, since it is found in the collection of Jewish tales commonly called the “Old Testament” by our people. According to that myth, the Jews (with the help of their tribal deity) openly invaded the land of Canaan, ruthlessly butchered all the inhabitants and even the inhabitants’ domestic animals, and then appropriated the country they had made a bloody desert. The tale, even when divested of such nonsense as a claim that the Jews’ god stopped the sun and moon, luminous disks that were floating in the atmosphere at an altitude of about 50,000 feet, and held them stationary for a time to facilitate the rapine, is utterly incredible and no reputable historian, not even among those who profess to be Christians, pretends to believe it. The tale of armed conquest is intrinsically so incredible that Philo Judaeus, one of the ablest of the Jews’ apologists and propagandists, who, in the early years of the First Century, tried to convince intelligent Greeks and Romans that the Jews were not a menace to civilization, had to admit (Hypoth. 6.5-8) that the story was preposterous and that what must have happened was that the Canaanites voluntarily permitted the Jews to penetrate their country peacefully and set up synagogues and the rest of the Jewish racial organization, after which the Jews, of course, took over. Philo candidly admits that when the Jews peacefully penetrate a country to despoil it, they, in their own minds, naturally regard the inhabitants as enemies, but he seems to hesitate between alternative explanations of the Canaanites’ suicidal folly in permitting the Jewish immigration: the stupid Canaanites were either impressed by the holiness and superiority of their covert invaders or had their minds befuddled by the Jews’ god.

It is true that the Jews at some time obtained control of the territory that was thereafter known as Judaea, but there is no way of determining what part of the population was composed of racial Jews as distinct from the subjugated and mongrelized descendants of the original inhabitants, who, despite the Jews’ boasts, were not exterminated in war. It is possible, of course, that some nucleus of truth may underlie the Jews’ story that they captured city after city of the Canaanites, butchered all the men, butchered all the women, butchered all the children, butchered all the oxen, butchered all the sheep, butchered all the donkeys, and then relaxed in blissful contemplation of their own holiness (e.g., Jos. 6.21). There is archaeological evidence of the destruction of cities by war as well as by earthquakes in or near the time of the supposed conquest, but from what we know of the Jews’ racial habits, we may guess that after their “peaceful” immigration, they promptly started subversion and civil wars and were soon able to use one army of stupid goyim against another army of stupid goyim, so that the natives slew one another and destroyed themselves, while the Jews egged on the contestants and rubbed their hands gleefully together, much as recently they stampeded their British and American cattle into Germany to facilitate their pious appropriation of the earth that their tribal god contracted to give them.

The second story of armed conquest comes from another Jewish propagandist, Josephus, who was a little younger than Philo, and whose story (Cont. Ap. 1.75-94, 224) of a conquest of Egypt by the Hyksos long imposed on historians who did not take into account the Jews’ racial genius for forgery and deception, which is now so vividly illustrated by such hoaxes as “Anne Frank’s Diary” and the nonsense about the “six millions” of God’s Race that the Germans supposedly killed before the six million crawled into the United States and other Western nations. Whether Josephus forged the passage that he claims to quote from Manetho or utilized the work of some earlier Jew is uncertain; he relies heavily on the Jewish forgers of earlier centuries, especially the ones who assumed Greek names, much as Jews now masquerade under such names as Ashley Montagu, Lyle Stuart, and Craig Schiller, so that Josephus can pretend that they were Aryans who testified to the vast superiority of God’s Race. What is certain is that there was no conquest of Egypt by the Hyksos.

It is now known (see Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. II, 1, pp. 54-64, 288-296; and especially the definitive work on this subject, The Hyksos, by John Van Seters, Yale University Press, 1966) that the “Hyksos” were peoples, probably of several different tribes that spoke Semitic languages, whom the Egyptians indiscriminately described as “Asiatics,” and who infiltrated Egypt by gradual immigration across the Sinai peninsula, and probably never were numerous enough to form a very large fraction of the population; they were clever enough, however, to spread sedition and incite civil wars until they attained a rule over the entire nation, placing as governors in each district tributaries and stooges, many of whom were certainly or probably native Egyptian traitors, and using an uncertain proportion of Egyptians in the troops by which they maintained their dominion for almost two centuries. An Egyptian revolt finally succeeded in overthrowing the alien rulers and expelling many of them (for we may be sure that some of the aliens managed to blend themselves into the native population and escape notice). But during their control of Egypt, the immigrants incited massacres of the upper classes and promoted the mongrelization that the stupid Egyptians had themselves begun by importing black slaves from the south, and they left the nation genetically impoverished by a great infusion of both black and Semitic blood, from which Egypt never recovered.

Part of Chapter 4 of Oliver’s The Jewish Strategy, Palladian Books, 2002

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