Luke O’Farrell earlier today     24th February 2008

Shoah and the Wail

Guilt-Tripping with the Heartful Dodgers

Tapping in the walls and furniture. It’s one of the tell-tale signs of an infestation by death-watch beetle. An infestation by political correctness is different. One of the tell-tale signs there is silence:

“My brother is a policeman. He says he sometimes finds himself in a minibus full of policemen outside a football ground, say, and they’re on crowd-control duty, and everyone in the bus is so nervous about accidentally letting slip something that could possibly be construed by a whistleblower as a racist remark that no one dares speak.”The Spectator, 7th February 2008

“I recently met a woman who worked for some local council in the North East. She said the place was so stiff with PC police that hardly anyone spoke in the office, terrified of being hauled up for saying the wrong thing.” – Guido Fawkes’ blog, 17th February 2008

Nicholas Sarkozy

“Guilt for ze goyim!” – the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, wants
every French child to “adopt” a Jewish victim of the Holocaust

Under PC, the rule is gag or gas. If hateful opinions aren’t suppressed, the next thing you know non-whites, homosexuals and other vibrants are being marched off to the gas-chambers. Don’t wait for hate or it’s too late! Smite the white and make things right! And the Heart of Hate is the Holocaust, the basis of the West’s new state religion of Holocaustianity. Every major American city now has a shrine to the Shoah, as the Holocaust is known in Hebrew, and in 2000 Holocaust Memorial Day was introduced to Britain’s religious calendar, symbolically capturing the twenty-first century. By not-so-immemorial custom, HMD is followed by a ritual wail from Britain’s most vibrant private militia, the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST), under the appropriately named Michael Whine. The CST’s wail is then taken up and repeated throughout the media. This year, the CST wailed that there had been 547 anti-Jewish incidents in 2007. Some consisted of no more than graffiti and could well have been hoaxes. Others were less than genocidal too – “A Jewish man was walking down a road in north Manchester when an Asian youth drove past and shouted, ‘You Jewish bastard!’ at him” – but “in at least six cases, the victims required hospital treatment.” Did you hear that? At least six. Not four or five, but at least six. It’s a special number in Jewish victimology, remember. This is one of those six cases:

Michael Whine of the Community Security Trust Guilty whites are led in chains to a Holocaust museum

Jews grin as we’re led in – Mike Whine gloats over white guilt

As the group of five Jewish friends made their way home through east London, they were subjected to taunts of being “Jewish kikes” by a gang of Asian men. For telling the gang to leave them alone, one of the five pedestrians was struck on the head with an iron bar and knocked unconscious. The attempted murder took place when, to protect his unconscious friend from further blows, Mr Peters threw himself on top of his friend’s prostrate body. According to a reported account of the incident by the victim’s stepfather: “15 or 16 more guys appeared with machetes, axes, knives and hammers. Joshua was struck with a machete over the back of the head, slicing a large area of scalp to the bone. His skull was crushed with such force that pieces of bone were embedded in his brain.” (The Community Security Trust’s Antisemitic Incidents Report 2007, issued in 2008)

That’s where hate leads, ladies and gentlemen, and Jews, as ever, get it first and worst. That’s what they’d like you to believe, anyway. In truth, Jews in modern Britain get it last and least. I did a bit of creative editing in that quote, so here are the corrigenda:

  • For “Jewish friends” read “white friends”
  • For “Jewish kikes” read “white honkies”
  • For “Mr Peters” read “Mr Payne”
  • For “Joshua” read “John”

The quote was in fact about a white being nearly beaten to death and it came not from the CST, but from the Centre for Social Cohesion. This is what really happened to a poor Jew in east London:

A visibly Jewish student was walking through east London at night when a group of attackers shouted anti-semitic abuse at him. They called him “kyke” and threw a glass bottle which hit him on the head. A piece of glass was later removed from his scalp and he was given stitches. (The CST’s Antisemitic Incidents Report 2007)

Abraham Foxman as Uncle Sam saying ‘I Hate You’

High Priest of Hate – Abraham Foxman
of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

To the CST, a Jew with stitches is much more important than a white with a smashed skull. In fact, the latter isn’t important at all. The Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) used John Payne as example of the perils of mass immigration, not as an example of how whites are suffering first and worst from it. If the CSC had spoken the full truth, it would have been called “white supremacist” and “neo-nazi” by groups like the CST. In a white-majority nation, most racist attacks should be carried out by whites, so most victims should be non-white. The reverse is true, as I described in a previous column: most victims are white, most attackers non-white. And that’s not counting all the murders, beatings and rapes by non-whites in which race isn’t a proven motive. Whites are suffering first and worst, Jews last and least, but Jews are wailing loudest and longest, with the Holocaust at the heart of their anti-white religion. The only thing Jews give away for free is guilt and the CST’s report is an excellent example. “Oh, us poor Jews!” it wails. “We’re always under attack! Poor Jews! You evil goyim must feel guilty and do what you’re told!”

But it’s because whites have felt guilty and done what they’re told that Jews are being attacked. There are three facts the CST is not anxious to put together: 1) whites didn’t want mass immigration; 2) Jews did want mass immigration; 3) the most active antisemites in Britain are immigrants. So will Jews accept any of the blame for their own predicament? Of course not. “Gag or gas” is one of PC’s rules; another is “Minorities are always in the right, the majority always in the wrong.” Mass immigration meant dozens of whites were murdered in 2007. Thousands of whites were wounded and raped too. Meanwhile, six Jews required hospital treatment. So who gets the attention of the media and politicians? The six Jews, of course. That’s Shoah biz: Britain and the rest of the West must put Jews first and whites nowhere. Look at the recent “controversy” about trips by British schoolchildren to Auschwitz, the Shoah’s central shrine. The Conservative party used the word “gimmick” of the way they were funded, rather than of the guilt trips themselves. It made no difference. The turbines of the Holocaust industry were soon at full power, churning out fake indignation and outrage:

Karen Pollock, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “We do not want to be involved in party politics. But you should not use visits to Auschwitz to score political points[, because that’s our job]. Since we have received Government funding, we have been able to offer two students from every secondary and sixth form college in the country, the opportunity to visit the former Nazi camps in Poland. Often participants describe the experience as life-changing. On their return, students use their experience to raise awareness of the lessons of the Holocaust in their schools and local communities, challenging prejudice and racism today and demonstrating how positive action can make a difference in their own communities. This is such a worthwhile project and we are very grateful for the Government’s support.”

The infamous gates at Auschwitz Jew Labour’s Ed Balls

“Never Mind the Pollocks!” – Jew Labour’s shabbas goy Ed Balls
tries to score political points about guilt-trips to Auschwitz

The Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz programme takes up to 200 students at a time to the scene of Nazi atrocities in Poland. Students also hear from an Auschwitz survivor and are required to pass on their experience and knowledge from the visit to their peers upon their return to the UK. Europe minister Jim Murphy, who has organised school trips to Auschwitz in the past and is a former chair of Labour Friends of Israel, attacked Mr Cameron’s comments. He said: “They have a lasting impact and are a poignant and moving reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust. To describe it as a gimmick is sick, ignorant and an insult to those who have perished and those who still live today with the memories of the darkest moments in human history.”

Greville Janner, spotless high priest of Holocaustianity, with Uri Geller, spotless purveyor of the paranormal

“Those evil Nazis turned my family into a spoon, look!”

Greville Janner, spotless High Priest of Holocaustianity,
with Uri Geller, spotless purveyor of the paranormal

Lord Janner, who is also president of the Commonwealth Jewish Council [CJC], said: “The idea of calling trips to Auschwitz a gimmick is quite extraordinary. It’s an all party effort. The flight that went this week had a group of Conservative MPs on it. It’s certainly a very hurtful and offensive statement for the Jewish community and I am sure that Mr Cameron already regrets it. It’s a low form of politics to include trips to Auschwitz as a gimmick.”

Schools Secretary Ed Balls also demanded an apology for Mr Cameron’s “truly disgraceful remark.” He said: “Anyone who has seen the horrors of Auschwitz at first-hand knows what a life-changing experience it is. To call the announcement I made of £4.65 million [$9.3m] to fund visits by school children over the next three years a ‘gimmick’ just beggars belief. In trying to make this issue into a matter of party politics, David Cameron has shown once again that he not only lacks judgment but also a basic sense of decency.” (The Daily Telegraph, 22nd February 2008)

Alec Guinness without an artificial nose Alec Guinness plays Fagin with an artificial nose

Nazi author Charles Dickens’ evil antisemitic stereotype –
Alec Guinness plays Fagin with an artificial nose in 1948

In 1948, soon after the war, the “Holocaust” was so little apparent that the white actor Alec Guinness could be given an artificial nose to play the role of the Jewish master-thief Fagin in a film adaptation of Oliver Twist. Sixty years later, merely using the word “gimmick” and “Auschwitz” in the same sentence is enough to raise shrieks of horror and condemnation. The guilt-trips to Auschwitz are part of a brain-washing cult run by Jews and their collaborators for goyish kiddim and designed to make them obey the Jewish line on mass immigration, anti-racism and free speech. The Jewish line on free speech is: “Shut up or go to prison, already!” Well, I don’t believe in Holocaustianity and I’m not politically correct. The PC rule isn’t really “Gag or gas” but “Gag for Gulag.” If whites allow the gagging to continue, they’ll end up under Marxist dictatorship. Jews wailed about antisemitism in 1838, when Charles Dickens created his realistic Jewish criminal Fagin in Oliver Twist. In 2008, they would have had him up in court on a hate charge. Another famous character in the novel is the Artful Dodger, Fagin’s best and most cunning apprentice. Jews like Michael Whine of the CST, Greville Janner of the CJC, and Abraham Foxman of the ADL are Heartful Dodgers, using the Heart of Hate to steal freedom from every Western nation.


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